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Tiffany & Co Team Building Case Study Integrating Values

Tiffany and Co is our latest Team Building Case Study in Sydney.

On Monday 27th March 2017 thirty two energetic, excited and talented Tiffany staff embarked upon an adventure through Sydney that would change the way they see their customers.

Wonderful leadership, heart felt donations to help others less fortunate were delivered to Oz Harvest vehicles on Pitt St Sydney.Tiffany and Co team development activities Sydney

An artistic creative expression of learning more about the customer of the future was explored and delineated.

Leadership skills were explored and practiced with the staff embracing the concepts of thinking on their feet.


Drawing on Core Cultural Values Tiffany & Co focused on integrating their organisation’s 5 cultural values by Thrill activities

* Think BoldlyTiffany Team Values celebration in Sydney
* Lead with Passion
* Do the Right Thing
* Be Brilliant Together
* Honouring The Customer

Tiffany Honours OzHarvest.
The Tiffany and Co. teams took to the streets of Sydney – deciphering clues to locate special venues. Honouring The Customer – selecting the right foods for disadvantaged people.
Practicing leadership skills. Teams pitched in working exceptionally well together to achieve great results.

Isn’t it time your business dedicated your peoples energy to worthy causes.

Thrill was impressed on how Tiffany & Co. Implemented their Values

Focusing on building an inspiring team Identity. Team building can be a crucial element of successful teams that truly believe in their products and customer services.

Tiffany & Co put their heart and their people to the test yesterday in Sydney. Starting at the conference venue, Thrill staff fired up concepts to engage and inspire teams creatively.creative team building

Facilitating team development activities which incorporated and bring to life business values with increased staff integration as well as effective leadership activities.

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