Thrill presents a series of awesome range of facilitated Fun Ice Breakers and team building Games for adult groups and business teams to Play. In Sydney to The Gold Coast’s hotels, meeting, training and conference venues. Our range of learning through Play programs, are designed to bring out the best in everyone.

Thrill staff are fun games and ice breaker presenters. Experienced team activity instructors that bring the challenge of accomplishing games – secretly bringing people together enjoyably through the power of play!

Team building Games by Thrill

Bringing abundant energy and enthusiasm to motivate your staff that provides a series of Icebreaker games and activities that will Engage your Team of People

  • playing – we turn up with a bag of 10 games ready to play
  • communicating – the activities aid natural and spontaneous positive communication
  • learning – from childhood we learnt to play through games
  • being entertained – is the art of being happy without even trying
  • engaged – natural curiosity with simple games presented that evolve into grand fun for all
  • energised – endorphins flow and people glow
  • connecting your team dynamically.
  • laughing

We travel to all businesses, venues and offices to deliver our Thrill experiences and services throughout NSW, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and QLD.

Tried and Proven Facilitated Staff Team Building Activity Fun and Games for your People to Play Indoors or Outdoors Fast or Slow, Short or Long!

The range of team building exercises we supply for corporate team building are the best group games we can muster. All ice breaker activities and games are tried, tested and proven to get people laughing and enjoying participation together.

The THRILL difference is that we help teams break down barriers.

Open up communication channels and establish new paths of inter connectivity through the tried and tested best team building technique we know.

The secret, we call it Games that Teams Play.

Change the most dysfunctional, at war teams directly at your office, local park or in any conference centers.

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We suggest activating a business employee cultural shift. How? By Playing these Games For Healthy Team Interaction

  1. Impulse team game, alerting both hemispheres of the brain to fire on command.
  2. Trading places. Finding space on the team, making changes in record time. Terrific for learning people names, whilst revealing their characteristics.
  3. Win – Win – Win Succeed through cooperation to create a cooperative winning team all based on the premise of a simple hand shake.
  4. Moon Ball. The ball is the nucleus of the group, the faster and higher the ball is passed the more points are accumulated.
  5. Team-up-Tag. Fantastic fun to create team coordination between the human chain lines.
  6. Biff-the-Boss. The best example of this was on the Simpsons. For Full on armoured contact sports or Biff The Boss, call us 02 9630 2222.
  7. Flip the Chook. Laughter is spontaneous due to the sheer ridiculousness of the game.
  8. Mojo. Teams are round up to enjoy a new twist with hula hoops. Did we mention we love Hula Hoops. They are great to have teams step or jump through them. Make the Hula Hoop Hover and start a game of human quoits.
  9. Mystery Games. Naturally we can’t give every detail of our skills away here. But, get us with a group of people and we will be playing space invaders, Pac-Man and crazy great fun ideas that we make up on the spot. Adapting the rules so everyone can participate.
  10. Fire in the Hole for an explosive finish. Guaranteed to bond teams and leave them laughing.

Finish with a winners and awards and presentation available at your selected venue.

Yet best value corporate team bonding experiences in Sydney.

Learning through Play with Interactive Game Events for All Teams In Sydney to The Gold Coast from Small Businesses to Large Corporate Groups

Corporate team building games Sydney

Played for small teams of 10-20 employees to medium sized businesses of 20-1,000 staff. To our largest corporate family fun carnival events with up to 3,000 participants. Suits all abilities and ages from children of 5 years to adult games even at 75 years.

Ideal for social groups experiencing fun together with friendly competition. We harness your energy and direct it at conference break outs. Or as a special event for corporate team building exercises, entertainment and celebrations.

30 minutes minimum, 1.5-3 hours is ideal.

Excellent Games activity and equipment.  

Locations Conducted from Sydney to Brisbane, Surfers Paradise and on the Gold Coast.

– in fact everywhere, Australia Wide. We have a range of excellent conference and team building venues where Thrill can Coordinate your Conference providing our Professional Conference Organsation and Event Planning skills for events All over Australia.  

Looking to get people to know each other better.

Break down barriers that we naturally put up.

Chinese whispers games to play

Its time to Thrill your team. Select every sort of games for;

  • Get To Know You Games GTKYG
  • Icebreakers Activities for Business and Corporate Groups
  • Developing or integrating or introducing a new team and team members to the business
  • Corporate Parties
  • Events of all types
  • Socialising
  • Meetings
  • Networking
  • Presentations
  • Incentives
  • Rewards

Participate in modified sports that are safe, low impact, high in fun and involvement factor. The format can be in a round robin, rotation, league or knockout, so nobody misses out.

An icebreaker is an activity, game, or experience designed to create conversation and promote connection among participants. Join instructors Konrad Lippmann and Michelle Chapman to explore how to successfully use icebreaker activities. That strengthens teams, stimulates creative thinking. That will help teams move forward from conflict with a path of resolution. Discover the psychology behind how and why icebreakers work. Find out how to choose the right icebreaker for different group types and sizes.
Examine different icebreakers designed to get an event started. Helping new team members to connect and integrate into the team. Learn how to facilitate great icebreaker exercises and be brave in leading others through change.

Icebreaker Learnings Through Setting Goals and Objectives

  • Build a community in teams
  • Improve and use solid psychology foundation of icebreaker activities
  • Activities to break the Ice for Virtual teams and Online Teams
  • Icebreakers to stimulate existing teams
  • Exercises for new teams
  • Icebreakers for specific outcomes
  • Remembering and Learning names correctly – rather than Hey you!
  • Trust-building icebreakers and Respect Building in Teams
  • Igniting and Creating the Spark of Engagement that Enhances Creativity and Productivity
  • Facilitated Activities for addressing and/or resolving conflict

Here are 3 Tips to Team Building Games Success

Tip #1
Selecting the right games can make a dramatic and positive impact for your team at a functional cost.

Tip #2
Encourage everyone to join in and actively participate in the experience. They will benefit from being motivated, physically moving, stimulating happy endorphins and start smiling naturally. The difference from start to finish is amazing.

Tip #3
Reward the positive behaviours and keep the energy levels going with regular game sessions. Each game session, change the leader who explains and referees the games. You will be amazed at the different leadership styles.

Contact The Games Masters Thrill on T: 0459 1111 29 to book your reconnect connection team games package.