Virtual Team Trivia Fun On-Line Hosted Team Building Games

On-Line hosted Thrill fun Virtual Team Trivia Action Quizz and quizzes for 10-1,000 staff engaged and connected virtually.  
Thrill will custom build Trivia content for specific content categories. Developed for your business, staff, corporate team building or fun group event. 
100 Questions and related fast thinking response.

Topics with cool Trivia Questions and fun facts, pop trivial insights.
On-Line Trivia Questions can be based on any subject area.
Custom created and curated for your teams, team bonding play and enjoyment. 
Topics can include but are not limited to…
  • staff wellness
  • employee mental health
  • teams physical health
  • employee exercise
  • nutrition
  • eye sight
  • movement
  • laughter
  • connection
  • nature
  • environment
  • travel
  • geography
  • sport
  • movies
  • music
  • risk vs reward…
+ briefly debriefed / discussed to gain clarity and purpose 
+ with a bonus round
+ points for action / response. 
Participants: for everyone
Staff will be randomly divided into 2-100 teams to share and compete 
Each will develop their own unique team name and call sign – buzz in!
On-Line Trivia Can be on your teams platform – zoom or our linked software.
1-1.5hrs as required (longer sessions available pro rata) 
Prize  value to be nominated and mailed
suggested extra cost of $25-$50 + gst  (includes postage or online link)
for winning team members and or Novelty / on spot special prize.
Cost: upon quoting 
To set your Thrill Virtual Trivia Date and book please complete Trivia Action Station Enquiry below.
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