Yoga Corporate Stretch and Stress Less at Conferences and Events

Corporate Group Yoga by Thrill in Sydney, Manly, Parramatta to the Gold Coast creates balance, mindfulness and positive energy flow into meetings or conference group events. The best way to have delegates and staff stress less.

Kick off your conference meetings and events with a modified Yoga stretch and breathe session. We lead your staff, employees, managers and clients through a positive energy chair yoga warm up session. Or supply soft yoga mats and onto the floor.

How to stress less and deal with information overload at Conferences and Events? EA’s, PA’s and event managers want to know the secret behind taking in as much information as possible during conferencing for their clients and delegates. Here we share with you that having an awakened body and open mind is a key strategy.

As a result Thrill has developed and facilitates group ‘Corporate Stretch’ breaks throughout conferences and meetings; relaxing tense muscles and bodies whilst clearing stressed minds.

Thrill Yoga supplies all the essentials : Mats, Music, Aroma Therapy and great teachers and instructors that lead your group through an inspirational active or relaxing soft yogi session.

Corporate Stretch Yoga on the beach and in conferences venues for groups

Corporate Stretch Classes are matched to your conference themes and outcomes. As quiet and reflective Team building activities. Or for Active Vitality, Mindfulness, Dealing with Adversity and Embracing Change. The most popular sessions are focused on Finding your Balance then Step Out and extend your Comfort Zones.

Thrill organises corporate conference retreats for small and large groups of staff to be rewarded holistically. Looking forward to hearing from you to re-energise teams.