Kayaking Parramatta RiverPaddling Parramatta River, Sydney’s Flooded Main Street to Burrangaroo 7 miles from Manly

Konrad a Parramatta local also manages Thrill team building events and Bushsports Australia has embarked on another Sydney urban adventure. This time, paddling the full length of Parramatta River in a day. From Northmead to Manly; It’s not a race. It’s a fun, yet serious paddle along a wonderful stretch of river that links Sydney councils and communities. Now it has some new residents, Dolphins and a NZ fur Seal.

Dolphins play in The Parramatta River Meadowbank, Rhodes and Silverwater Bridge

I met a fisherman at Silverwater Bridge on The Parramatta River who said he saw a pod of dolphins chasing fish. I didn’t believe him initially. Another fishermans tale perhaps. But he was 100% right! Incredible. Here’s a you tube clip uploaded by a local with his son capturing the moments. Love the kids explanation that these were indeed dolphins and not sharks. Now Adelaide is not the only location in an Australian City that has a population of Dolphins.

Inspired by participating in Our Living Rivers in Sydney and regularly paddling Lake Parramatta, Berowra Waters, Hawkesbury – Nepean Rivers, Narrabeen Lakes, Hacking River, Woronora River and Georges River around Sydney “I decided to set a personal goal and share the stories of the people that have a passion for adventure in our city of Sydney”.

Over the past 30 years paddling Lake Parramatta and Parramatta River, Playing Canoe Polo in the murky waters and living along Hunts Creek and working for ALS tradetest. “I have witnessed beautiful birdlife, nasty run off and effluents, invasive weeds. Damaging industrial practices dumping pollutants, incredible loads of rubbish, bad odours. Yet still had fun paddling for fitness and the joy of exploration”.

Kayaking the entire Parramatta River from Northmead to Manly Wharf and Aquarium Completed in less than 6hrs

Date: Sunday 5th August 2015 was completed as a Trial.

Next Date: Sunday 22nd August 2015 – Join us!

6.30am Paddle the Parramatta Park Section from the Flying Fox Colony where Toongabbie Creek connects with Darling Mills Creek and officially becomes Parramatta River. 4 challenging portages are required to get past Parramatta Park weirs and causeways. Various kayaks may be used in this upper section to navigate around the natural sandstone sections in Parramatta Park – Cumberland Hospital. As well as the weirs, bridges and causeway to Charles Street.

8.00am Depart: From Silverwater Bridge

Stopping for a paddle rest at:

  • 9.30am Cockatoo Island – possible Cider and Bratwurst or Bacon and Egg Rolls with a Muffin for a nourishing morning tea.
  • 11.00am Burrangaroo next to Darling Harbour cooinciding with the grand opening of the recreation facilities.

Kayakers and Sydney Surf Ski paddlers are welcome to join in.

More supporters and land crew to carry kayaks and surf skis are required and appreciated to make portages safer and easier. Prior to this Sydney urban paddling challenge there will be paddle training at Lake Parramatta on Tuesday mornings from 6.30am-8.00am. With 1 longer paddle session on Saturdays or Sunday mornings. If you would like to join Konrad paddling the Parramatta River, complete the Paddling Parramatta enquiry and contact us.