Thrill team builders and facilitators provide exceptional Communication based Team Building Activities, professionally designed for improving staff inter-relationships.

Decrease staff and employee issues with conflict resolution training that is enjoyable.

Are you seeking ways to help your team communicate better?  Is your team experiencing conflict?  Thrill facilitators are accredited, qualified have over 24 years experience to implement experiential hands on ways to have your team improve their attitudes.

Communicate with Staff more Effectively by Employing Thrill team Development Facilitation 5 Program Levels For your Staff Training Onsite or Offsite Experiential Learning Corporate Team Training Communication Activities

Choose from:

1. “Communication Starter Development” Package. 

This introduction package is a great way to establish awesome communication platform for newly formed teams.  Using valid and reliable staff training tools, find out what makes the team tick, how they prefer to take in information, make decisions, and collaborate together therefore improving workplace efficiency, effectiveness and cohesion.

2. “Keeping Staff Motivated” Package. 

Designed with high performing, pre-existing and established teams in mind. This package helps teams explore the possibilities, strengths and supportive structure for continued success.

3. “Communication Breakdown” Package. 

This hands on workshop has been created for teams experiencing staff inter-personal conflict in the workplace.  Discover a common ground with practical applications and rewarding take-aways.

4. “High Stress Workplace” Package. 

Is your workplace highly stressful.  Ever witnessed a colleague just “not themselves”.  The High Stress Workplace Package sheds light on how personalities can respond in high stress situations. As well as providing excellent anti-stress solutions to return to equilibrium.

5. “Crisis, Chaos and Conflict Resolution CCC” Package. 

Crisis, Chaos and Conflict immediate resolution training programs. Thrill accredited facilitators work directly one on one with your staff to immediately deal with the issues and find suitable resolutions to get your business and projects back on track.  We train your staff in self control procedures that effectively mitigate the current issues and look for ways to improve their functionality for your workplace to run smoothly.

Why not make your next team development activities fun, whilst addressing the communication undercurrents of the team?

Almost never have I ever known a team that has not had to manage conflict, personality clashes or harsh words or thoughts between colleagues. This is a normal and natural reaction within groups of people.

Thrill Communication Team Building Activities includes using valid and reliable profiling tools to give feedback and insight. Allowing individuals and groups to create a team space built from respect and understanding.

Each Workshop Package also includes experiential activities. Its time to try new effective strategies before taking them back to the workplace.  Thrill facilitators are there to support you each step of the way.

Ask us about our Thrill “Valued Continued Client Support Packages” available…. Phone: 02 9630 2222 and speak with Michelle Chapman. A Diploma HR, Accredited and Certified MBTI Facilitator and Practitioner in MBTI Step 1 and Step 2.