Furniture For Families CSR Charity Give Back Team Building Activities for Groups Helping Families and Communities in Need

Furniture For Families Staff Engagement Team Building is a wonderful  CSR Charity give back and help charities activity this Christmas.

Designed and facilitated for staff, corporate groups and business teams, expos and delegates helping families affected by Domestic Violence and people in dire need.

Ideal for 15 – 1,000 staff to participate all at the same time – helping others across all locations.

Thrill coordinates, hosts and facilitates charity help corporate and group events with up to 1,000 staff united to a greater help for families this Christmas.

Excellent quality tools, quality IKEA furniture, skilled builders and facilitators guide your staff training.

Helping Flood, Violence, Poverty, Financially Affected Families by Building quality essential furniture items.

Supporting less fortunate, disadvantaged, homeless, youth off the streets, crisis and domestic violence affected families.

We make no judgements – we seek to help families with your support where ever we can.

Furniture team building CSR activities that provide a Beam of Hope for Families with Thrill team builders. Giving back and helping a family this Christmas.

Furniture For Families in crisis. Flat Pack Build with IKEA furniture is Conducted professionally and collaboratively with charities and families in need of your help.

Have your staff engage and participate in professionally facilitated team building activities.

Your team of helping staff will be building hands on the tools. Engaging, interacting, hands on problem solving, accomplishing, sharing stories, learning about ways in which ‘their actions, helps others’.

Thrill coordinates the help CARE projects with logistical event planning.

Facilitating the teams building, assembling and charity donation of the furniture. Team building activities and Inspiring Event Ideas. Get a quote from Thrill Events We implement quality meaningful communication and collaboration activities. Bringing about practical support to families through partnership charities, resulting in smiles for kids, mums and dads.

Variety Children's charity receiving gifts and Toys for disadvantaged kids with local Sydney and Melbourne business staff training that is more rewarding and collaborative.


It is said that, “Charity begins in the home” lets connect staff to help making homes a secure and lovely place to live.


People care about flood and bushfire affected families and finding appropriate ways of helping. Thrill Charity CSR Building with businesses Giving Back programs, can be large scale corporate events for 100-1,000 delegates.

To smaller teams of 10-50 staff investing their staff training, Ikea building / Flat Packed Furniture assembling.

That makes that difference.

Ideal for business and corporate groups looking to demonstrate innovation and a  level of CARE for others.

Help build stronger communities, supporting less fortunate families and children in meaningful, respectful ways.

Building Furniture for Charities that Support Flood, Fire, Domestic Violence impacted Families in Sydney, Central Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane

Flat packed furniture challenge team building staff activities with mining and trades staff to get more connected and engaged

Invest in Thrill ‘CARE’ team support principles.

Caring. Adaptive. Responsible. Events Team building activities and Inspiring Event Ideas. Get a quote from Thrill Events

    • Providing professionally trained accredited staff that facilitate the charity team building processes
    • Skilled furniture IKEA and Flat packed builders supported by staff instructing and guiding the furniture building event
    • Quality Safe building tools, equipment and materials are supplied
    • Flat Packed Ikea furniture that charities have requested that their clients and recipients desire and need
    • Selected charities may be in attendance to receive the furniture 
    • Charity staff share their stories to gain a better understanding of where the furniture you build will be put to use by local families
    • Thrill organises delivery of furniture items built
    • Creative personalised donation message cards designed by your team.


Thrill team events proudly supports Westmead Children's hospital with Toys 4 Kids for The Sydney Children's Hospitals Network. Charity team building begins with staff teamwork.

Cooperatively unpacking flat packs straight out of the box.

Utilising IKEA furniture supported by skilled technicians.

Providing team building exercises that focus on the 4 c’s: Cooperation, Community, Collaboration and Communication.

THRILL Thanks over 500+ Previous Generous Corporate Team Building Clients for their investment into Staff Training That Supports Charity Causes


  Gen Re Charity Team Building Activities Funriture for Families hosted and facilitated thankyou for support and staff investment by THRILL

Experience counts from 15-1,000 participants to large group events with 100’s of staff and delegates of all abilities.

Impact off site meetings, having everyone getting involved in giving back and building for community causes.

Thrill focuses on corporates and companies or businesses that are ready to sponsor or invest in giving back to charity events.

Your results make a positive impact in the local community.

Original in concept. Personally rewarding staff training exercises. Team building activities and Inspiring Event Ideas. Get a quote from Thrill Events

Thrill Focuses on Building Quality Furniture for Homes and Supporting Families in Need by Donating Your Staff Training to Make a Real Difference Today


Act for Kids Charity Staff Team Building activities created and facilitated by Thrill events for business and corporate groups that care for communities

Thrill charity team build services are Mobile to all locations. Business or Corporate Offices, Warehouses, Parks, Resorts, Conference Centres and Venues.

Meeting spaces, Boardrooms, Community Halls, Convention Centres, Hotels and Resorts. From Cairns to Brisbane, to Sunshine and Gold Coast.

Surfers Paradise to Byron Bay and Central Coast. In Sydney’s CBD conference venues to the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley and South Coast and in Melbourne.

There are families in need of furniture.

A new IKEA kitchen dining table and chairs, bamboo cupboards and an entertainment unit makes a +ve impact.

Thrill staff love facilitating a wide range of Corporate Socially Responsible CSR Charity Team Building activities.

Team Building Case Study with AB Mauri Staff helping Families that were Flood Victims
AB Mauri invested in a Thrill Charity Team Building Activity to integrate staff that normally wouldn’t get the opportunity to interact with one another. At the same time they were looking to give back to community. Choosing to donate the items to Brisbane’s flood victims that were still ‘doing it tough’ in the aftermath of the floods. With the help of the Salvation Army. The furniture built with Thrill facilitation in Parramatta was trucked up overnight and donated to families impacted by the Brisbane floods. Brilliant outcomes in a partnership with Thrill. Thank you AB Mauri – your staff are legends!

More Ideas, Extras and Options to Equip, Empower and Grow TeamworkBridging The Gap family support charity in Sydney based in Western Sydney and helping families in crisis to Equip, Empower and Grow more independently Teams nominate the desired furniture for houses that they wish to build.

  • Cupboards, Shelving Units, Cabinets, Beds
  • Children’s Desks + Kids sized Chairs
  • Tables and Dining Room Sets that encourages an environment of discussion
  • Bedside units and clothing Wardrobes for houses that do not have built ins.
  • Student Chairs, Organisational bins and Storage Systems
  • Family Entertainment units and more

Ask your HR and L & D team, How many families can you assist with your staff training exercises?
Thrill works with many charities that directly support local communities and families.

  • Salvation Army
  • Red Cross
  • Barnardos
  • Life Start
  • Randwick
  • Westmead Children’s Hospital as well as
  • Mission Australia
  • Bridging The Gap Family Support Charity.

We match the team building outcomes, values, behaviours, culture, leadership and activities that will inspire and motivate your employees to give their best.

A Charity Furniture Building Staff CARE Rewarding Team Development Program Starts Here Medtronic Staff Team Building Furniture for the Smith Family and Families throughout Sydney. Gifted and donated for flood affected families.

* STAFF ICE BREAKERS Take your team through a series of fun challenges rewarded with flat packed furniture building materials and tools. Teams complete their first challenge. Special guests and Key note speakers match and focus on the specific outcomes and objectives.

* TOOL TIME Time to build; strategic planning, preparation, design and building. Teams utilise materials provided to build the Desks, Cupboards, Kitchen Tables and Chairs that they are assigned. Taking exceptional care to ensure no bolts, screws or joiners are left over!

* PUT TO THE TEST Furniture is then put to the test to ensure alignment, stability, rigidity, reliability and sturdiness.

* GIFTING Teams gift their creations to a worthy cause or charity. Many families live day to day without the essentials like a bed to sleep in. Cupboards to put their possessions. Businesses and their staff realise the reality of how building furniture for families do make a significant difference!


  • Toys 4 Kids 
  • Billy Carts
  • Go Karts
  • Kitchenettes
  • Work Benches
  • Build a Bike

Have the recipient charity or family in attendance to receive the furniture. Or Thrill team events can organise to have the IKEA furniture picked up, delivered and installed directly.

Outcomes and Results benefiting from Professionally Hosted Furniture 4 Families Corporate Group and Conference Event Services

Team building activities and Inspiring Event Ideas. Get a quote from Thrill Events

  • Benefits your staff and teams interactions
  • Helps families, communities
  • Reinforces a caring culture
  • Harnessing the strengths of teams building cooperatively
  • Effective communication,
  • Understanding of the role of leadership
  • Forward planning
  • Working together to accomplish a shared goal
  • Problem solving collaboratively
  • Decision making effectively
  • Team Building Results immediately visible and tangible
  • Positive experience for all staff, employees and recipients
  • Rewarded by the recognition of building for worthy causes

THRILL furniture for families charity team building activities are adapted to suit all locations.

  • At your offices
  • Directly transported to a selected family or charity organisation
  • Australian family charity representative attend to receive the gifts built and provide a finishing touch
  • Gift cards with positive messages to accompany the furniture items you have built.

Champions of helping give back charity staff team building together supporting communities and domestic violence affected families

Discuss rewarding charity team building activities that actively helps families in need.

Ideal for managers and EA’s event planning fir meetings and conferences, off sites where engagement of staff matters.

Invest in charity team building and staff team development problem solving activities.

Make a real and positive contribution to local communities.

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