Searching for quality teacher team building activities and team development to build as well as maintain staff relationships within your school, university or educational facility?

COMMON FOCUS areas Thrill Education will address: 
Teachers professional development training
– Fun  – Further Building staff relationships  – Working Together  – Middle and Secondary  – Connection between 2 schools, Faculties and staff Intentionally.  

All teachers require to work within teams. Just as any corporation, manager, business and community does. Once a teacher is qualified to teach, then utilises their skills to educate students. The thought of further personal development training in teamwork is forgotten. Throughout studies the teachers role is to learn content, curriculum and teaching subject delivery skills.

Teachers Team Building and School Staff Training Activities for St Sebastions QLD Australia

Unfortunately teachers university and practical staff training does not include teamwork, team building or team development. Hence a faculty, school or educational facility often do not have the opportunity to develop their inter-personal professional staff relationships as a united team.

At Thrill Educational team building for teachers; we provide content and collaborative curriculum to connect teachers, principals, vice principals, administration and all sectors of the school. Uniting to achieve more collaboration, improve inter-teacher communication, learning from one-another. Experiencing successful rewarding outcomes. Achieving the goals of building an excellent school culture through teamwork from the top.

Konrad Lippmann Thrill CEO, team building trainer, facilitator of team development programs as well as an experienced teacher. Will design and deliver your schools team building activities. The programs can be conducted on site at your school or off site.

Teachers Learn Teamwork Through Accomplishing Amazing Activities Experientially, Immersively with Thrill at Your School or Off-Site

Taking a break from the traditional team building ice breakers Thrill will breathe new life into a series of exciting teacher relevant activities. Designed to engage the mind, the brain and the body with fresh ideas. New techniques are integrated, rather than taught they are experienced by active participation of the teachers in the program. Traditionally this would be called experiential learning, with Thrill we extend this process to include immersive education principles.

Professionally trained facilitators guide your school staff and teaching staff through a series of team building activities. From KISS (Keep It Simple & Smart) to more complex TIBCPS team initiative based and collaborative problem solving teamwork challenges.

Naturally Thrill ed will incorporate a learner directed approach to facilitation and debriefing the outcomes achieved. Even better how these can be modified and or replicated into the classroom. Thereby increasing the teachers repertoire and skill set. Refreshed, supported by associates and other teaching staff in a united holistic school teaching students together culture and environment.



Teachers #1 team building activity mindfield initiatives and Mission Possible by Thrill Education


Top 10 Thrill Education Teachers Team Building Activities for Groups and Faculties

  1. Amazing Teachers – An amazing race designed for teachers to be immersed into a series of educational team building activities each with their own pros and cons.
  2. Survivor School Teaching Teachers to Survive 2021
  3. – It’s time to play school Survivor, Not just for children. Thrill Education Survivor challenges tribes and teams of teachers to accomplish goals before tribal council de-brief.
  4. Expression Session of Art Therapy and Creativity for Schools and Teachers thrown in the mix – Inspirational, bright and shared painting experiences. Communicate and share a story, then paint wildly or carefully. Attention to detail or cathartic throwing of and random energy release of paints.
  5. School is Cool Building and Making a Difference in the Schools local Community and donating gifts to deserving Children’s Charities
  6. Train the Teacher; Collaborative Initiatives and Communication Blocks
  7. – Training the brain and body of our educators to face and step over the hurdles of being a teacher in NSW or QLD
  8. Immersive Facilitation – Thrill facilitators and MBTI accredited staff trainers take your staff deep into the best activities for teachers to experience the ‘power of play’ by playing.
  9. Experiential Teamwork Fun ‘n Serious learning Games – Learning by doing the hands on, then reflecting on the challenges and experiences
  10. Teachers Support in a Changing World
  11. – Thrill Ed facilitators guide your school staff through a series of initiatives and challenges to succeed. Improving communication and collaboration between departments. Inspiring service deliver of subjects and curriculum to the students.
  12.  School Mind Field Escape – Thrill staff set up a mindfield for the teachers to escape school, escape the students and escape the casualty list of leaving teaching.
  13. Teachers Mission Possible – Test the senses and teamwork in order to succeed in a Mission that is Possible. Challenging team buiding activities and initiatives to complete in a set time frame. Before the school disintegrates.