Thrill sand sculpting and sand castle building activities and events everywhere man. Along East Australian Coast Beaches from Sydney to Wollongong, to the Sunshine and Gold Coasts. Down the Great Ocean Road and up to Cairns.

Enjoy a series of fun beach games. Played as Surf wave breakers (ice breakers) before we have you digging into the sands, creating awesome sand sculptures or building incredible sand castles and fortresses.

Thrill team building facilitators are talented sand sculptors who train your staff in the secrets of creating a sculpture you can selfie pose with and be proud of.

Dive into an interactive demonstration of sand sculpting techniques and skills shaping of the sands.Crocodile sand sculpture on Bondi Beach Sydney's Thrill team events

Thrill provides all the sculpting tools tips and techniques.

It’s immense fun as a  beach sandy outdoors beach event or corporate teamwork challenge. Easy as child’s play.

Creating extraordinary Sand Sculptures through to wow factor corporate beach events where sponsors, marketing and branding all come into play.

Thrill professional sand sculptors can make and design incredible, impressive sculptured sand masterpieces to view and be inspired as your group arrives.

Experience the fine Art of Sand Sculpting Enjoying the best Fun Beach Team Activities in Sydney or along The East Coast to The Gold Coast

Thrill takes your team through the skills of developing unique and shapely sculptures. Creating a vision, mixing the sands to develop the right texture and consistency. Building the form work and base structure which your teams vision will take shape.

This outdoor creative team building activity incorporates business values, planning, creativity and brilliant execution. Facilitated is the teams project of;

Firstly visualising the end result then developing the form. Finally incorporating features to ultimately present a spectacular end result.Sand Sculpting Wedding Cake Island with fun Thrill team building activities on Sydney's Coogee Beach with games

10 Techniques for Building Brilliant Beach Sand Sculptures that will Thrill your team event

  1. Formulate an image, sketch in the sand or plan your design.
  2. Gather the sand. Packing, pounding and compacting the sand. Use extra water to drain through the sand and bond the sandy quartz grains.
    The squarer the sand, the better the bond as the quarts crystals are less like to slide by one another. Mixing sand with an environmentally safe binder like flour can make it stick better. Don’t cheat and use cement powder on the beach.
  3. Make the form-work 20-30% larger than the intended sculpture. That way you can shave off the excess. Eventually revealing your final design with minimal collapse.
  4. Use a spatula, your hands or any implement like kitchen tools or invest in sculpting tools.
  5. Now start cutting away the excess of your design from the top. Working down gradually and carefully. Compact and moisten loose areas before they crumble away.
  6. Position yourself and accurately refine your shaping, holes and key features.
  7. Brush away unnecessary sand and clean the design, contrasting the surrounds.
  8. A great tip is to slightly undercut and create a relief. This way providing a better 3D form to be admired.
    Like a shark rising from the ocean depths. Or in this teams case a Darth Vader rising from the sands at Balmoral Beach in a Star Wars theme.
  9. Fill in any holes for safety so passers by admiring your work don’t trip into an abyss.
  10. Admire your sculpture with others and photograph and share your creation. Allow kids to ride, jump and play with your temporary masterpiece. Don’t forget to post
    the image to Thrill team events facebook pages.
  11. Top it off with a rewarding refreshing celebratory drink to toast your success.

Creative Ideas List for Groups, Artists and Teams Building Sculpt with Sand on Sydney Beaches Or Along the East Coast of Australia

Team building activities unique sand sculpture of Darth Vader at Balmoral Beach Sydney

  • Large marine animals and sea creatures like Sharks, Whales, Turtles, Dolphins, Seals, Octopus, Crocodiles and Dugongs.
  • Fun sculptures such as Mermaids, Unicorns, Monsters, Mythical Creatures and Cakes that you can decorate.
  • Visually exciting motifs, business logos and brands are terrific for corporate groups to demonstrate their achievements.
  • Common items like a couch, handbag, chair or a car that are an anomaly to the beach landscape.
  • Funny caricatures of yourself, politicians, animals like ducks, platypus even riding horses.
  • The more interactive your sculpture the better.
  • Try an aeroplane, boat or pirate ship that you or kids can climb into and imagine you are on the 7 seas being a pirate walking the plank or sailing to exotic destinations!
  • Sand Castles – yep, they’re still the best, dripping wet sand into spires. Takes you back to your childhood.
  • Remember that just getting into it. Starting and giving it a go will bring out great results and personal satisfaction of an enjoyable job well done.
  • Be amazed at the transition of a value, theme or idea.

Amazing Sand Sculptures can be effectively created with a well functioning team of people collaborating. Creating a synergy of ideas into a symbol of success. Presentations of your Sand Sculpture can be served up with celebratory champagne and nibbles at the sand bar.

Thrill events look forward to professionally facilitating Sculpting, Art, Games, Sports, Beach Volleyball or any team building activity on all beaches along the East Coast of Australia:

  • Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Coffs Harbour, St Kilda, Great Ocean Road Beaches
  • Balmoral and Chinamans Beach
  • Bondi Beach
  • Tamarama or Bronte Beach
  • Coogee Beach
  • Maroubra Beach
  • Manly Beach – Queenscliff, Whale, Steyne, Collaroy, Long Reef, Warriewood, Mona Vale and Newport Beach
  • All Northern Beaches through to Palm Beach
  • Terrigal, Avoca, Umina and Ettalong Beaches
  • Byron Bay to Brunswick Heads and Tweed Heads
  • Gold Coast; Kirra, Burleigh, Miami, Main Beach
  • Surfers Paradise
  • Sunshine Coast beaches
    Any surf break or location with sand along the East Coast of Australia.