Alice In Wonderland is the ideal team development training activity especially designed to have employees, managers and business leaders thinking and communicating differently. Engage thought leaders and staff on a new level with 10 Alice In Wonderland Rooms to explore. Improve team work, collaboration and staff motivation thereby increasing work output and performance.


Challenge Staff, Managers, CEO, CFO’s, Leaders and Employees to Communicate and Think Differently

alice in wonderland new team building activities and ideas to think differently


Think Differently

Mad Hatters!  


Alice in Wonderland –

10 New Team Building Activities facilitated for Teams to communicate differently

Explore universal themes that makes Alice in Wonderland an Amazing Adventure. Thrill transforms your team at conference venues, your offices. Everywhere Australia wide into a magical Alice In Wonderland storybook scene.Each chapter is a unique room and reveals a team development process. That requires a different thinking process. Similar to Edward De Bono’s thinking hats.It’s time to get your leadership team and employees transformed.
Choose your character, enjoy a cup of tea, sample a biscuit or a mushroom if you dare!
Then engage on an enchanted team building journey following the path illuminated by a Cheshire Cat or Rushing Rabbit…..don’t be late!enquiry button thrill team events

Which way will you go?

Call THRILL The Alice In Wonderland Themed Team Building Activities & Event Specialists and bring your own Mad Hatters to the tea party!



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Using an Alice in Wonderland Journey into Personal and Team Development

– select one or many rooms / areas to explore your teams capacity to think differently.

1. Mad Hatters Tea Party
– a sensational team building activity turned upside down into an event that makes High Tea a refreshing Breeze. Extra Cost; With Props – Tea Pots, Teas, Mad Hatters Hats, Rabbit Ears, Clocks and a Throne Chair. Where new ideas are espoused.
2. The Caterpillar’s Mushroom
– Metamorphosis, constant change can be unsettling…..
The luxury of choice vs The Difficulty of Decisions! Change your way of thinking!
3. Cheshire Cat
– Riddles; Solve the mensa styled riddles to move forward through the maze of problems we call life experience to find which direction leaders want to go!
4. Queen Of Hearts
– Leadership, what style of leader or follower are you?
We utilise MBTI personality profiles to provide you with insight, perspective, self awareness and ultimately how you can make the most of your unique traits. Unfamiliar with MBTI – we also offer TMS and DISC personality profiling tools.
5. The Rabbit
– Time Management; a room where time keeps on ticking – “into the future”.
Accomplish all tasks on time to leave.
6. Puzzles
– Work at times can be a meaningless puzzle, with no clear solution. In Alice In Wonderland, the author CS Lewis who was a logician, jokes that life “frustrates expectations, resists interpretation” even when problems appear to be easily solvable.
A series of Puzzles to accomplish. Fun competitions.
7. Resizing
– As with all companies, maintaining a comfortable team size is a challenge.
Sometimes HR loses control over specific sectors which then require re-adjustments.
Enter an Alice In Wonderland room where size and change is inevitable.

Thinking Differently


Which way will you go?

8. Dream
– Relax, meditate, de-stress and unwind as your facilitator takes you on a peaceful mental journey Down The Alice In Wonderland Rabbit Hole.
Teams rejuvenate their ideals.
9. Language
– Playing with linguistic conventions – make us of puns, be “Curiouser and Curiouser!!” Anything is possible when you manipulate language to make it what you mean and don’t be mean when you make it!!!
Alice In Wonderland Team Building Activities – Join the Mad Hatters to Choose which direction – you want to go!
10. Symbols
Often work together holistically to create a particular meaning.
In this room we explore the meanings and contexts of symbols that are utilised in your work environment. Extrapolate – re contextualise and reveal the variants of symbols and how they influence us. Best of all we create symbols to clarify. Now its time to rechannel our energies and emotions.
INCLUSIONS: – Excellent quality Professional staff Host your Mad Hatters Team Building Tea Party
– Maximum participation
– All activities are designed to include & engage everyone.
OUTCOMES: THRILL Alice in Wonderland rooms are exceptional Fun and develop skills in unique ways!- Fun Teamwork is integrated into the design & delivery of every program.

– Engaging proven activities that everyone can participate in.
– Ideal to build up morale, invigorate, reward & motivate teams.
– Overcome Challenges
– Think Differently