Skate Boards for Kids Charities

Skate Board Meetings Build with Corporate Staff or Business Conference Groups Helps Youth Off Streets Charities

Team Building Skateboards activities are a cool medium to large group CSR give back, helping youth in the community with socially responsible, motivational staff conference activities.

Hers is a Cool Australian skate board charity building event, hosted by the Thrill team.

Influential and impactful program for all the right reasons. Have Thrill Youth Off The Streets inspirational speakers and young presenters inspire your staff with motivational talks, sharing their stories.

Teams of 2-4 Building awesome colourful, cool wide deck skateboards as a collaboration project for large group wonderful team building activity shared experience.

Connecting your staff and employees with a message, vision or concept vehicle that moves your event. From boring to engaged inspirational conference content that makes a local difference.

Outcome: 100% Staff Engagement. Simultaneously.
Why: Building Skate Boards to Be Donated to Children’s Charities and Youth Off Streets – Reduce obesity, get kids active, improve teenagers mental well -being and provide further opportunities for life long education.
Numbers: 20 up to 5,000 delegates.
Duration: 1-3hrs
Locations: Everywhere
Venues: Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Event Halls, Expos, Seminars, Hotels, Office Board Rooms or Outdoors and awesome Skate Parks around Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, Aukland and Melbourne.

INSIGHTS and WISE WORDS Utilised to Create a Skating Culture:
“Sports, structured play and skate boarding actually helps kids keep engaged in a positive way. Shouldn’t we all be focusing our time, attention and resources to support the kids and the organisations who are doing good things?” Renata Simril.

“Inspire and get engaged with urban youth culture, which can be really transformative”. Garth Ross – Community Engagement.

Skate parks are places for multi-cultural people to integrate. You’ll have the tools, innovative ideas, looking for ways to solve problems, skills that everyone in this room has” Neftalie Williams BA Communications; MPD Public Diplomacy.

Step 1 On-Skate Boarding to Quote and Book Thrill Charity Team Building Events Setting Up Engaging Board Meetings To Get the Deck Skin Trimmed

Thrill team will arrive with a multi – media, visually impacting, educational presentation. Showing what your team board building efforts will achieve. No holds barred, we show the plight of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane’s kids on the streets. Facts and figures, as well as youth culture and situations they face that are hard to ignore.

Building skate decks together, we can make a difference. Thrill events provides a unique connection to today’s youth through the provision of large scale events where superb and cool skateboards are created. Following Thrill’s facilitators and MC Hosts step by step, to make your team building outcomes more effective and superb fun!

Team building activities and Inspiring Event Ideas. Get a quote from Thrill Events
Thrill team connection and staff connectivity conferences

Our mates at the Skate Board Warehouse have provided the instructions.

Place your deck on a flat surface so the nose and tail ends are facing up and the graphic on the bottom of the deck is facing down. Peel off the grip tape backing and place the grip tape on the deck. Press down so it lays flat.
Run a screwdriver or file along the edges of the board to trace an outline of the deck. This will serve as a guide when you’re ready to cut. Hold a razor at 45 degrees, make a small incision, and trim the excess grip tape, following the outline of the deck. Sand down the edges of the grip tape to smooth any rough or lifted portions that could peel up.

Step 2: Connecting Staff Bringing their Skills to Mount the Trucks to the Skate Deck

Board room team building conference skate boards for youth charity help in Sydney and Gold Coast

As your conference talk goes live. Thrill sets up the scene and takes control of a new direction. Well beyond common or boring team building exercises. Thrill will live up to its name and excite your staff, employees, managers and delegates to commit and get involved.

Energising beats, uplifting music backing tracks and a series of challenges to create and build the best skate boards. To an exceptional degree of workmanship that is 100% powerful in metaphors as well as superb for staff engagement.

Next: Locate the mounting holes, then use the bolts or a screwdriver to punch holes downward through the grip tape. Place bolts through the holes in the deck. If you’re installing risers, start by fitting those onto the bolts. If not, slip the baseplate onto the bolts.

Hold the hardware in place while you attach one truck at a time. Make sure your two trucks are facing each othe.
ie; both kingpins are facing in. Fasten the nuts over the trucks using your skate tool or socket wrench. Use a skate tool to tighten the heads of the bolts in an “X” pattern. Repeat on the other side.
Woowhaaa – we’re nearly there – awesome.

Step 3: Install Wheel Bearings and Attach Wheels to Trucks Get Your Skates on to Finish and QC

Remove axle nuts and speed washers. Place bearing on the axle and press the wheel over the bearing until you feel the bearing slide into the center of the wheel. Then insert the bearing spacer inside the wheel from the opposite side. If you hear a popping sound when you press the wheel onto the bearing it means the bearing is fully in. Do this for all four wheels. Place one speed washer on the axle of the skateboard truck. If you’re using a spacer, put it on the axle next. If not, install the wheel onto the axle, followed by the second washer. With your skate tool or wrench, fasten the nut until there is no play—the wheel should be able to spin freely. Make sure your wheel is level—if it lays at an angle, it means your bearings aren’t fully in.

Step 4: Test Practice Your Skateboard, Then Gift The Skateboard to Youth Off The Streets or Other Deserving Children’s Charities

Check to make sure grip tape and screws are even. The heads of your screws should be flush with the grip tape. If they aren’t flush, give them a few more turns, but don’t crack the deck. Make sure your trucks are firmly secured to your deck. The baseplate shouldn’t move at all. Stand on your board and rock back and forth. Test the tightness of the trucks and make sure the wheels can spin freely. If you can’t turn or carve, turn the nut of your kingpin counterclockwise. If you can’t coast for very long or feel resistance when pushing, loosen your wheels.

Once everything looks and feels good, you’re done! It’s time to hit the streets and enjoy your brand new skateboard!

OK the skate boards are complete – cooly sign the boards and gift the proceeds to youth off the streets and other selected children’s charities.

Quick debrief, some photo opportunities and if you’re keen we can have some professional skater dudes or kids perform amazing skateboard tricks.

You may even have a few in your group that are keen to Ollie too.

SKATE BOARD all the RAGE for Youth On and Off The Streets!
Build Skate Boards learn a Trick or 2 then gift awesome skate boards to dis-advantaged youth

Team Building Skateboards is a Covid Safe Large Group CSR gift of giving socially responsible and motivational staff activity. Cool Australian skate board charity building events by the Thrill team. Influential and impactful program for all the right reasons.

Inspirational speakers and presenters inspire your staff with motivational talks, sharing their stories. Building awesome skateboards as a collaborative large groups team building activities experience face to face or virtual and on-line.

Connecting your staff and employees with a connected message, vision or concept vehicle of your event.


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