The Scandal Breaking The News

Thrill team events have developed a new event where your team becomes journalists and reporters searching for news worthy stories in Sydney, Brisbane of Melbourne.

Thrill Actors will intercepted your delegates whilst performing on the streets, their story and version of events.

Your team get to watch their incredible actual live street improvisation performances, then interview the actors individually. Three performances performed in 1 hour where your staff search out the locations of where the news breaks 1st.

Delegates receive a tip off from an insider revealing the locations and timings of the performances.

You race to the action in taxis, uber riding bikes or on foot. Grab your smart phones, recorders and cameras to capture the action as it unfolds.

Each location act reveals more of the scandal, story and intrigue. Based on plausible true story lines.

Thrill hypothetically manufactures, researches real stories and custom builds content to suit each clients scenario. From breaking out of conferences to special staff, media training events or creating a vast interest to large groups. Where the final story and media captured is shared or goes viral.

Training Your Staff to Write Media Content Becoming Journalistic Investigators based on Actors Live Performing Street Performances

Once the three acts have been witnessed and your team has interviewed each of the actors its time to write and publish the story!

Prizes will be given to;

  • Best Headline Capturing the Essence of the Story or Scandal
  • #1 Image
  • #1 Video 10 second grab
  • #1 Story reflecting the accuracy and truth based on real eveidence

Sample Media Headline Stories conducted include:

  • Shifty Building Developments in Sydney, Brisbane, The Gold Coast and Melbourne
  • Scandals in Sport like AFL, NRL, Rugby League, Tennis and Cricket inside Match Fixing
  • Celebrities caught in the act
  • Espionage, IT, Finance
  • Local and Unique Business Events

Our investigative team will create the story line, rehearse the actors and select the best locations for which your scenario is carried out. Contact Thrill events coordinator Konrad Lippmann to develop your Media training – Capturing Headline Scandal Breaking the News story for team building, training and developing your staff to write intriguing scandulous content! Its time to create your own story.

Thrill works with your staff by facilitating the team building charities providing 10 new help disadvantaged youth Australian kids Charities.

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