WAHU and Rugby 5 Fives Beach Games Experiences a Thrill Event Case Study on the Northern Beaches Sydney

On Sunday, Thrill team events headed to The Northern Beaches to create and play Wahu beach games with 100’s of children, their parents, friends, families and several key Australian Wallaby players. The Wahu, TLS and Thrill activation on Newport beach was a fantastic success. The public enjoyed playing with some of Wahu’s newest toys. Participating in wild, fun, whacky and laughter filled games that Konrad Lippmann designed. Despite the windy conditions the kids got involved 100%.

Wahu beach branding with Rugby Fives 5's activation with Thrill for children's and adults games
Thrill events CEO Konrad Lippmann presenting Wahu prize packs to the beach games champions!

‘Eyes on the prize’!

CLIENT BRIEF – create and deliver a series of beach games to highlight the amazing range of Wahu Products ready for Christmas stockings. Demonstrate how diverse each of the wahu games and how these sports and games can be imaginatively modified to suit all abilities, group sizes, skills levels and interests. Suitable for both adults and children to participate together and enjoy fun competitions where in this case everyone came out a winner.

CLIENTS: WAHU, RUGBY Australia, TLS all 100% Thrilled!

Michelle Chapman with Australian Rugby League greats Phil Waugh, Dean Munn and Loki Tuqiri on the Northern Beaches Sydney
Michelle Chapman from Thrill events gets to Meet the greatest Wallaby Players. Little did we know that Mish is a huge Rugby Fan and was really impressed by Phil Waugh! Remarking how terrific it is for these players to be so personable.

“we were delighted to have Australian great of rugby come along including Phil Waugh, Dean Munn, Lote Tuqiri, Matt Dunning and more”.

Thrill events coordinator Michelle Chapman is the ultimate fan as she had grown up watching these amazing players demonstrate their skills. Today she got to meet them in person, have a chat and test their skills. We had 30-40 kids line up and throw or fire Wahu Rugby balls straight at them. The challenge was to have Dean Mumm and Phil Waugh catch as many as possible.

Results: 100% engagement with Wahu products, 100% Laughter, 100% safe, 100% was given by to Thrill events to ensure that the product name and positive association with Rugby was delivered.

kids-team-beach-sand-sculpting fun on the beach games with Thrill events
Cheeky Kids getting into the imaginative sand sculpting play on the beaches. Something I’m sure they will relish in future years.

What’s happening Next with Thrill Events in Sydney and Gold Coast

Thrill experienced events team will set up you next beach challenge event along the East Coast of Australia. Visit us on the Gold Coast this Christmas for a series of awesome beach games.