Connect your team creatively with THRILL CREATIVE art experiences of painting, mosaics or sculpting, inspires staff connection, collaboration, thinking differently, creating or painting a future vision.

Choose individual canvases or larger scale murals to capture the big picture masterpieces. Facilitated follow our artists or expressive free form art and creative experiences.  Thrill events mobile services come direct to your office or in a Thrilling art studio nearby.

Paint n Sip is a great way to enjoy a relaxing drink whilst painting and talking (communication).  Your group is guided through an immersive art-session. Some call this art therapy as we are mindful that each person has unique creative capabilities which we tap into. activities, whilst socialising, and networking creative activities.

Ideal for staff to explore their creativity. Divergent thinking for CEO’s, Managers and all employees. Share a unique teamwork process. Observe ideas from a creative mindset and perspective. Conference meetings will never look the same again. Integrate Thrill’s artists with a wild at art experience injected into your companies re-connecting staff activities.

THRILL Creates Large corporate group Creative events of 15-1,000’s of  staff at your chosen locations. Painting, Graffiti, Sculpting, participating in a grand picture simultaneously. Zoomed and media streamed. Images shared live across the world in real time to any country.

Experience Creativity anywhere, anytime. Thrill creative artist facilitators work alongside your HR or L&D team. Implementing new ways to explore a concept, brand or vision. In a thrilling fun 1-3hr team creative arts experience workshop.

Select any style of artistic activities from painting canvases. As a team or individual canvases. To sculpting sculptures from clay to hard rock chiselling out your inner Michael Angelo. Sip a Drink and Paint – relax any inhibitions to creating a design or follow our art facilitators in real time in person or on-line.

No previous art experience or skills are necessary. Just enthusiasm and energy to explore your hidden abilities and raw or refined talents. Take home your masterpieces hand made by you and your colleagues. Thrill Creative packages include all materials, tutors and a celebration drink* to get you connected with your inner artiste!

Inspired Range of Creative Artworks for Groups and Teamwork art ideas from Large Big Picture Murals to Sip ‘n Paint Explore the Power of Imagery and Expressing Communication Creativelyenquiry button thrill team events

  • Art Rageous – fun artworks generated from Throwing Paints to represent frustration, stress release or chaos to detailed brush strokes that evoke meaning and patience.
  • Painting – all sizes of canvases from A4 to building walls.
  • Master Piece – Combining multiple Canvases painted by teams to present the larger picture.
  • The Big Picture  and massive Thrilling Mural Art works on office walls to connect staff and employees with their space
  • Sculpting with clay, stone or wood
  • Video Making and Editing

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