Board Breaking Through Barriers Motivational Group Events Empowering Staff Facing Fears

Board Breaking through barriers is an inspiring, empowering, motivational, courageous way to kick off 2024 events to energise staff at meetings and conferences for all delegates, Australia Wide.

Thrill Board Breaking Team Energiser Conference GroupThrill events will focus your teams on Mind Set and Goal Setting.

Visioning an amazing future.

Cathartically dealing with the past. 


Or smashing and breaking through barriers to create a better future.

Your business team, delegates, staff and employees are trained in the correct punching skills to smash through the wooden or foam boards.


Thrill is a professional board breaking team event company to focus energy, vision, setting goals, courage to build a positive empowered mind set

Conducting powerful, energetic Board smashing and Fear Break Through that enables Breaking Barrier. Select Thrill wooden board breaking team building activities for amazing Conference Energisers. Or a holistic team development program for leaders guiding their teams to success.



For exciting self development, team events for all groups of 10-1,000 to better connect staff in Sydney, Melbourne, Hunter Valley, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane venues.

Here Thrill corporate client group in Sydney at a conference venue on George Street. Smash through 30 wooden boards with their delegates, setting, visioning and breaking through to achieve their personal goals.


Board Breaking Barriers making decisions on the spot with conviction and comittment by THRILL team events.

 – we love hosting Thrilling events and exclusive activities for you!  

Celebrating 20+ years successful facilitation of 7,000+ business events. 
Over 300,000+ people with top 500 companies.
       – we are confident your business and staff will benefit from Thrill board breaking record services.


Sports Bet Engages Thrill Board Breaking Through Barriers Team whilst Shaq O’Neill Encourages the Australian Team

Participants:  20-1,000 Staff, Employees, Participants and or Delegates 
Maximum participation for everybody

Activity: Board Breaking

Date: Most dates are available

Duration: 1-2.5hr board breaking events

Location: All venues, Indoors or Outdoors

Ideal For: Staff Engagement, Positive empowerment, Achieving Success, Commitment

Professional Thrill Hosts + Professional Board Breaking team of physical trainers

Be bold! Make a decision on the spot!

Thrill staff demonstrate Board Breaking as a spectacle in 4 different techniques 
  1. Staff, delegates or participants break into 2-4 lines to break boards- varying thicknesses and sizes
  2. board breaking Skill and punch is taught
  3. Practice, practice, practice correct punch
  4. line 1 Boards – palm break braced between uprights
  5. line 2 Boards – punch break braced between participants
  6. Encouragement of Thrill staff / trainers 
  7. each person to smash and break the boards to thunderous encouragement applause of colleagues 
Thrill board breaking through barriers is a mobile event service to all conferences, meetings, events and offices. Bringing our inspiring team to motivate yours!
Call now to reserve your Thrill team board breaking barriers conference or event experience in Sydney, Throughout Australia. m: 0459 1111 29