Manly Q Station 16 Team Building Activities to Escape Quarantine Conferencing in Sydney

16 Team Building Activities at The Q Station Manly Quarantine Station conference venue for team bonding and team development by the Thrill staff professionals.

Experience spectacular views out over the heads and into Sydney Harbour from Q Station beach or Boiler House whilst conferencing, meeting or being accommodated.

Empowering teamwork activities facilitated by accredited staff to engage your staff, delegates and guests staying at all Manly Q Station team building, conference energisers and accommodation venues with:

  1. Manly Q station SURVIVOR
    Accomplish survivor themed challenges. Participate indoor and outdoor activities. Be rewarded with immunity Idols, fire sling shots, complete puzzles, vote at tribal council by the Boiler House.
  2. The Station Beach Sand Sculpting 
    Thrill future sand sculpturists take your teamwork through the techniques of creating amazing sand sculptures on the beach. Take photos to share of your creations. Before time and Sydney harbour tides wash away your amazing creations.
  3. Manly Q creative experiences and artworks ART WORKS.
    Be inspired and view the history of people from around the world landing in Sydney. Their symbols of hope and freedom. The curses of plaques and viruses. Together your team will create their own symbols and a plaque that represents their united presence.
  4. Q Station Manly Beach Games and Beach Olympics
    Play Beach Volleyball competitions or select superb fun Hawaiian themed Games played next to the Boiler House Manly.Manly Beach activities and events for groups to play at The Q Station for conferences and team building staff development
  5. My i Q Station manly Treasure Hunts to Escape Quarantine
    Custom built amazing races. Treasure Hunting whilst collecting clues to reveal the next destination and secret word that reveals the treasure Chest bounty. Reveals true and tall tales from Sydney Ghost ships and marooned staff seeking escape
  6. Murder we wrote, spoke and acted out at The Q Station with critical care and CSI investigations
    Unique murder mysteries that will make you scream when finding out who dunnit!
  7. Manly Boiler House Cocktail Making Experiments for Beer, Cider and devine Wine Tastings
    The best cocktails made and enjoyed by you. Terrific for themed events and special rewards. Let us take you to the Manly wine bar. Or Thrill brings the wine, beer, cider, spirits to your accommodation / conference venue. Explore your indulge your senses with a professional wine tasting selection.
  8. Manly Minute 2 Win It Q Games
    Conferencing at Manly – Thrill has a series of hosted games to play. Enjoy interactive fun evening of activities that will test your skills and have your staff laughing together. Combine Minute To Win It hosted events with Trivia, Spicks and Specks or Giant Teamworks Pictionary.
  9. Kayaking from the Q Station Manly or Stand Up Paddle Boarding Fun ‘n Games
    Paddling The inner Manly Cove – make it an Epic crossing of the ditch from Manly Wharf to the Q Station and return form the haunted headlands of North Head.
  10. Q Station Raft Building Castaway
    If the kayaks and paddle boards are not your sece then, Building Rafts and paddle like a castaway with a mandatory mascot like Wilson.
  11. Ship Wrecked and Lost at North Head
    The Q Station is the ultimate backdrop for Ship wrecked and Lost themed team activities. Search for hidden caches, memorabilia and clues. Resolve true stories, murders, mysteries and more.
  12. Amazing Q Station Manly Races Corporate-Yoga-Stretch-Conferences at Manly and Q station
    Explore and discover the Q station grounds on your very own special amazing race around Quarantine Station and North Head Manly. 9-14 activities in a series of unique team challenges that will have your team thrilled.
  13. Master Chef Cooking in a My Q Kitchen Rules 
    BBQ super school cooking local produce on the beach on the sand or Indoors around The Boiler Room. Aromas and great taste only steps away from your conference rooms.
  14. Q Station Creative Art Expression Session Session and Manly Paint n Sparkling Sips
    Teams get to explore and paint their artistic expressions or wild impressions. Painting on the Spring Cove Docks On the hilltop overlooking Sydney Heads and Manly Cove. Mix up the paints, pallets and colour with wonderful wines, sparkling drinks, wicked cocktails.
  15. Graffiti art attack
    Release your inner vandal to commit crime upon canvas and display your teams graffiti talents. Painting canvases, team connection murals and the masterpiece grand heist collage. Framed with the Bigger picture!
  16. Be Social Responsibility whilst staying at the Q with Charity Building helping Far West
    Get your teams corporate social responsibility caps on. CSR and Charity Building Toys for Kids, Bushfire relief and Native Animal Care with Thrill is ideal to incorporate into your off site meeting and conference programs. Or Coast care and protecting local Fairy Penguin and Long Nosed Bandicoot habitats.

Team Events, accommodation packages, conference packages, staff training for business and corporate groups at Manly Quarantine Station

Have Thrill staff professionally coordinate, organise and host your entire Q station Manly Conference package. Complete with Hosts who are talented event coordinators. Ensuring the smooth running of your next employee conference escape in Sydney or group event. We enjoy developing and creating custom built bespoke events for all business teams and incentive groups.

Transport options to Manly from Circular Quay or Sydney Offices to the Q Station include

  • Tall ship sailing experience across Sydney Harbour
  • Ferry to manly Wharf and guided interpretative Bushwalk to access the Quarantine Station
  • Yachts sailing down the Harbour, docking directly on the historic Spring Cove Jetty
  • Kayaks and SUPS to paddle across the bays, beaches and inlets surrounding Manly
  • Sea Plane, Kombi Capers and Coaches to Transport Your Staff to their ultimate work off-site
  • Hummers / Harley Davidsons / Helicopters or Uber and Taxis

If you have as yet not experienced conferencing at the Q-Station Manly. Now is the time to be amazed at what a haunted unique Australian quarantine historic venue can reveal.

Looking for the Manly Fairy Penguins; Commonly known as Little Penguins. yes they surround the natural areas of Q station – due to the protected nature of the National Park there.

One of our most popular programs at manly Q station is teams building native nesting boxes.

Scientific name: Eudyptula minor – is an endangered population, that colonises the Manly foreshores.
They can be located, observed and learnt about by following this link.

It’s time to make that sea into a Q change! Please Call us at Thrill m: 0459 1111 29 to ask and answer more Q’s!