Body Percussion Fun Beats Team Building Workshops with Junk Music Creates a Sound Human

Thrill brings the newest team building sounds with Corporate Body Percussion Beats and Event Gigs in town. Getting down, whilst creating amazing sounds with your own body or recycled junk!

Get ready for an energising, exciting team development Percussion Music groove! Where you and your team create sounds and tunes that resonate. From Boxs, Boom Whackers to Pipes and Mouths we have the ability to create, communicate and share incredible, unique sounds. That become an orchestra when facilitated by professional body percussionists. Previous musical experience or drumming skill is not required! We’ll teach you how.

Thrill Presents a superb team interactive music experience. Using body percussion techniques coupled with the enduring power of sound. Wonderful harmonies and melodies that create an inspirational performance.Team Building Body Percussion Recycled Junk Beats and Human Sounds Workshops by Thrill

Learn to use your body to create musical beats, rhythm and percussion. Culminating in communal circle playing body tunes and or singing together.

– It’s time to express yourself, your identity and create loud or soft sounds as a united team!
– Unify teams through the power and beat of feet stamping, hands clapping and chests beating
– Using every type and improvised percusssion or non-instuments and junk that results in a unique team building party rhythm experience or cacophony of harmonised sounds.

Corporate Team Bonding Sound Workshops Beating Rhythms on Recycled Junk Materials is Cool

Experience and get involved to create awesome rhythms on recycled junk. From containers, wooden boxs, crates, plastic bottles, tubing and metal cans. Great for developing creativity, coordination and environmental awareness. Develop a musical flash mob using local junk and your staff or employees innate sense of rhythm.

Offering short, sharp blasts of sound that really inspires a crowd to unique, melodic background music. A fun sing-a-long performance or amazing experience in Body Percussion interactive workshops where everyone gets to bash along on our handheld junk instruments.

Team Building Dangerous Sound combined with recycling junk has never been so much fun!

To create a real buzz at work, think big and run a music sound based staff competition! Let’s give it a catchy title; ‘Incredible Staff Body Percussion’, hold a special launch or rehearsal. Give employees an idea of what’s involved, show a video of a performance from a group like Molodi (above). Offer workshops led by THRILL body percussionists. Panel of judges selects one form from each corporate group to compete in live finals to take place in front of the whole company AGM – amazing fun!

Staff Development and Interaction using Human Body Percussion to Create Unique Sounds or Music to Move teams

Employees, managers, leaders, teachers and staff of all ages, background, age or any level of experience is drawn into the activities! Unite and inspire your staff with the fun of a drum circle. Thrill will provide a unique instrument for every one.
These experiences will put a smile on the face of even your most overworked or reserved staff member.

Sound workshops enables employees to benefit from a unique team building music workshop. Developing the skills and confidence to implement a junk percussion ensemble.

Performances and Interactions are available in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Melbourne. enquiry button thrill team events

The elements that make up a piece of body percussion music are:

  • Melody
  • Harmony
  • Texture
  • Composition
  • Notation
  • Rhythm
  • Tone
  • Colour
  • Form
  • Tempo
  • Pitch
  • Dynamics

Rhythm & Beat How music works; Listen to the ways rhythm, beat and tempo are used
* Activity; Stomp
Create (with a partner or on your own) a composition using rhythm, beat and tempo. You can clap your hands, stomp your feet or tap your desk. Use one of the tempo terms: allegro (quick), lento (slow), presto (very fast).

Thrill sound and body percussion music fun facilitators will guide your staff team building. With a program step by step. To achieve an amazing grand finale of human expressive sounds that can be recorded for prosperity.