Italian Job Events and Team Building Activities designed to Thrill your Staff in Sydney to Gold Coast

The Italian Job events or a series of Italian Themed Team Building Activities are bellisimo that engages staff. We will have your staff rewarded with Italian fun, food and flavour!

Traveling on foot, in sports cars, BMW mini cars, Audi’s.Or a Top gear experience re-enactment in sporty bambino Fiat 500’s. Then horses for courses in Ford Mustangs, Kombis, London Cabs, Ubers or Taxis. Thrill Italian Job with BMW mini coopers in Melbourne and Sydney for corporate group celebrations and team building

Driving or walking around the Italian side of cities In Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to experience authentic Italian Job series of activities to enjoy and accomplish.

Thrill design and Builds Italian style Custom built corporate challenges are ready for your staff incentives and rewards.

Driving or walking around Sydney’s CBD, Inner City, Balmain, Leichardt and Marrickville.

Or south in Victoria through Melbourne’s  Little Italy – Italian strip; Lygon Street, Dundas and St Kilda.

Italian Job styled activities designed to be enjoyed In all Australian locations. pizza making italian job events

Driving Team Building Rewards for Incentive Groups to Celebrate Italian Culture In Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast

Get behind the wheel of a Audi A3, Ford Mustang, Suzuki Swift or fun BMW Mini Cooper. Or access high performance sports cars and mini cars. Thrill sets up authentic Italian Jobs around Sydney, Brisbane, The Gold Coast and Melbourne for corporate groups to enjoy.

Last week we embraced 50 staff from Transport for NSW completing their 12 mini car Italian Job around Newcastle. Read the full Transport for NSW testimonial and team building case study here.

Pictured here is the Envizi Crew enjoying Thrill team building Activities in Sydney to celebrate a successful end of financial year. Competing in awesome Italian Job activities around Sydney.

Parking 9 BMW mini Coopers along the waters edge on Sydney Harbour at Pyrmont had us all gasping for breath! Fortunately the great driving Envizio staff had no incidents – phew!

Thrill has created many exciting and rewarding Italian Jobs for exceptional corporate client groups including Print media firm JET Technologies, AMP, QANTAS, Garnier. enquiry for Thrill team events

Jet’s end of year celebration event had all the classic Italian flavour and touches. Reminiscing on the 1969 Original Italian Job Film with Michael Cain, original Mini Coopers and Benny Hill Hilarity!

Each team known as Squadro sang Three Tenors classics. Sculpted like Michael Angelo. Enjoyed bellisimo Wood Fired Pizza. Ate delicious authentic Italian Sorbet and Gelatos. Then played a serious smiling game of Bocce. Topping it all off in Seven Restaurant, Wentworth Falls with Cinzano – ahhhh prego.

Italians have known for years how to keep the secret of living life to the fullest. My father, a passionate Italian at heart, Austrian born Italian fine bread baker. Always speaking Italian at full dialect and at speed – ‘with the hands’. He was filled with a zest for life, passion and all good things Italian, grazia! We inject our families passion into your Italian Jobs. Designed for you. Now its your teams turn to enjoy, here’s how.

Authentic Italian Job Team Activities for Staff to Engage Their Top GearItalian Job corporate team event with exciting fun rewarding motivational Team Building Activities in Sydney

We are all about authentic participation and involvement. Accumulate as many gold bullion as possible with each successful Italian Job. While experiencing the sounds, sights and tastes of Italian culture in Sydney or Melbourne. From Sydney CBD, Surry Hills, Darlinghurst or Bondi to the Italian quarter on Norton Street in Leichardt. We coordinate corporate events along the Northern Beaches. Down Manly Corso and along Sydney’s waterfront from Balmain to Glebe, Pyrmont and Darling Harbour.

When conferencing in Melbourne and you need exciting team building activities we have you covered. From Victoria Markets, Docklands, Port Melbourne to St Kilda and Dundas. We venture to South Melbourne, taking in the gems of all things good relating to the sweetest Italian Culture on Lygon Street. automotive car team building sales teams thrills

Drive Mini’s, Audi’s, Mustangs or Ferrari’s on Thrill’s Italian Job Team Building Activities

  1. Barista Job making fine Italian Coffee making and Espresso’s
  2. Wood fired Pizza Making Jobs in real Italian restaurants, eating the bellisimo results
  3. Italian Bocce ball games
  4. Gelato’s and ice creams quenelling
  5. Creative art and Sculpting Master Pieces of Leonardo DaVinci and Michaelangelo
  6. Complete a Master Mind Godfather Job
  7. Deliveries to cultural locations like Lygon St Melbourne or in Leichardt, Sydney
  8. Sing Figaro, Figaro, Figaro just like the Three Tenors
  9. Double the stakes with a Casino Roulette, Poker or Black Jack stakes
  10. Over 20 secret recipes and tips including fine chocolate and wine tasting
  11. Mix and Match the 10 best Activities to suit your budget
    Team building choir singing activities by Thrill events for groups and staff engagement or connection
    Choir Team Singing combines cultures
    Transport for NSW selects Thrill team events for their italian job team building in Sydney to Newcastle
    Transport for NSW selected Thrill team events for their italian job team building in Sydney to Newcastle

A thrilling Italian Job can be completed on foot, or in your own Vehicles in Taxis.

Or order The Italian Job Supreme Special in Ford Mustangs, London Taxis, Renault Meganes or BMW Mini Coopers. For the most amazing events with the works. We suggest Cabrios and other Italian stallion sports cars like Ferrari’s.

The team with the most Gold Bullion at the Mini Garage Pitstop wins. Professionally organised.

Facilitated and delivered in theme with excellent fun  challenges and bellisimo rewards.

Format and content is customised to match your teams taste.

We work with you to coordinate all the team building logistics across Australia.

Please speak with The Italian Job events crew – fun activities and event planning masters.

Thrill team events. Call now – 0459 11 11 29