Michelle Chapman Accredited MBTI facilitator Master Class for undertsnading and applying MBTI team training skillsMichelle Chapman from thrill also known as ‘Mish’ is one of the most experienced corporate training facilitators and experiential staff training educators.
A genuine lass that hails from Hunter Valley wine country. Talented with team development outcomes for businesses that focus on building their people.

Dedicated Thrill Employee and Team Development Facilitator with Superb Attention To Detail for all your Staff Training requirements

  • Over 15 years extensive experience in leading teams performance to be more effective and efficient. Training small to medium Businesses, CEO’s, Managers, team Leaders, Corporations and Commonwealth Government departments.
  • Specialist in; Human Resource HR Management, Learning and Development, Corporate Leadership, Staff Skills Training, Leadership, Team development.
  • Emphasis on Improve Communication, Conflict resolution and Business Culture / Cultural change.
  • 10 years+ Facilitator of exceptional corporate team building activities, experiential learning and leadership programs with Thrill team events.
  • Michelle Chapman’s passion is improving peoples understanding of themselves and application. Ensuring a unique, vibrant positive approach to improving employee morale. Whilst carefully fine tuning a teams performance.
  • Mish is a MBTI partner, MBTI accredited practitioner and experiential facilitator. Working with peoples strengths. Bringing teams together to further develop an effective team culture. Her ability to communicate and bring about understanding of the MBTI profiling tool allows clients to improve their teamwork and team harmony.
  • Training provider with exceptional attention to detail to get the job done to an excellent standard every time.
  • Mish is also Resident Artist, Dance and Flash Mob Choreographer, Dancer, Music Technician, Master Chef Cook and Instructor of philanthropic CSR events.
  • A dedicated Dog lover and trainer to Morpheus the Lassie Collie (our loved furry K-9 hound on the trail of many great team building events including Build-a-Dog a home).
  • Skilled at providing inspiration, inputting incredible energy thereby creating successful team building activities and events for all business and corporate groups.Channel 9 Good Morning presenter Stevie Jacobs is Thrilled by Mish, Michelkle Chapman in Sydney Olympic Park
  • Qualifications: accredited Partner with MBTI
    Dip Human Resource Management; TAA/TAE
    Accredited and practicing: MBTI Certified Practitioner
    MBTI Conflict Management