Michelle or more commonly known as “Mish” is one of Thrill’s lead Facilitators & experiential educators.

Thrill Team Building Facilitator and Corporate Events Coordinator

  • Over 12 years extensive experience in leading teams to be more effective and efficient within both Corporate & Commonwealth Government departments.
  • Specialist in Human Resource Management, Learning & Development, Corporate Leadership, Conflict & Cultural Change.
  • 10 years Facilitator of corporate team building activities, experiential learning and leadership programs.
  • Mish’s passion is people, ensuring a unique and vibrant approach to improving and fine tuning team performance.
  • MBTI accredited practitioner – working with peoples strengths and bringing teams together, developing an effective team culture.
  • Training provider and attention to detail to get the job done exceptionally well every time.
  • Mish is a Resident Artist, Choreographer, Dancer, Music Technician, Master Chef Cook and Instructor of team development programs.
  • Dog lover and trainer to Morpheus (our loved hound on the trail of many great team building events).
  • Skilled at providing inspiration, energy, creating successful team building activities and events for all corporate groups.
  • Qualifications:
    Dip Human Resource Management; TAA/TAE
    Accredited and practicing: MBTI Certified Practitioner
    MBTI Conflict Management