Thrill-MBTI-Accredited-Faciltators-Staff-Training at all conference venues and meetings to better understand our personality, communication with others, insight and teamwork. MBTI staff training workshops in Sydney and Gold Coast with Myers Briggs Undertanding the MBTI and personality profiling tools for Staff Training by Thrill

Improve Staff Team Cohesion In The Office Utilising MBTI Personality Profiling 4 stage INTJ or ISFJ

Staff connection workshops complimented with Myers Briggs MBTI 4 stages to enhance employees self awareness and abilities to communicate, collaborate and problem solve cohesively with other staff. 

Professionally Thrill facilitated MBTI personality profiling service in office work spaces, conferences venues and off-site meetings combined with experiential activities to practice off-line.

Complete the Thrill online MBTI module. Then link MBTI experiential team building activities to improve, empower and have staff better understand one another. Staff Team Building Billy Karts for Children Charity events in Sydney

Thrill team development staff training has your business Team development package plans covered. Ready to engage, connect and unite all staff and employees.

Discover powerful experiential team connection activities and get your office staff performance to be more engaged and productive.

Simple, quick and easy team connection workshop formats. With practical initiative experiential practical teamwork initiative activities to highlight reinforce learnings.

Designed to engage staff Communicating. Staff Collaborating, being Motivated, re-Freshed, Re-Energised and working Cohesively.

It’s time to get your work team connected and performing better together back in the office. Let’s get started by getting employees, managers and business leaders to understand their own individual personality MBTI preferences for how they work. Then how they impact. Or get along famously with others in the office. 

Thrill facilitators empower your teams to engage with each other in the way which they prefer. Paving the way for excellent communication channels by unlocking the mystery of mis-communication, mis-understandings, butting heads and conflict.

Your team will receive comprehensive individual MBTI staff profiles. PLUS a Professional workshop for a more thorough and on-going resource to understanding their personal contributions and, or impacts within the team.

4 staff workshop package levels are available. Team connection and development workshops, are suitable for all business teams and companies looking to re-connect after ‘Iso’ isolation. Lets skip working, virtually or in silos.  2024 means reconnecting professionally and working united and smarter. Meeting people to work together, Thrill makes meetings matter more with team and staff interaction activities. That unite and connect in meaningful ways.

Use MBTI Team Performance to Better Understand Employees Selecting from 4 Team Development Staff Workshops

Each of the 4 staff training MBTI packages includes:

  • Individual MBTI Profile report for each participant
  • 2-2.5hr MBTI Group Workshop for up to 15 participants (call 0459 11 11 29 for tailored activities and larger groups)
  • 1.5-2hrs teamwork experiential activities
  • MBTI Workshop Intro To Type workbook
  • Customised experiential activities facilitated by qualified instructor to practice new found skills


staff training personality profiling with experiential team activities for MBTI team development with quality Sydney team Building activities

Staff often exclaim whilst reading their description of type. That it is a unique experience, as the description describes them better than they have ever felt understood. Now it’s time to understand your profile and how to best utilise ‘flex’ your preferences. Cross pollination between business units. How do I find my place in this work organisation. Nuances in working directly with other staff.

Package Level One: “Thrill Team Development – Insight”                                 

This package is designed for starting your team journey into Personality Profiling. An entry level into personality from a personal perspective. 
Suitable for organisations looking to layer multiple workshops over a series of weeks.  (includes 6-page individual interpretive report) 

Package Level Two: “Thrill Team Development – Organisation Focus”           

Excellent build on for teams who have some experience with Personality Profiling tools and personal insight.  Package Level 2, includes how “Type” plays out within organisations, including work style, preferences at work, Communication Style and problem solving approach.

(includes comprehensive 10 page individual interpretive report for organisations) 

Package Level Three: “Thrill Team Development – Personal Impact”             

Perfect balance of personal and workplace insight.  For teams who have working experience with Personalty Profiling, and focussing on their personal and team development strategies. 

(Includes comprehensive 26 page insight into individuals type, work style, communication style, decision making style, leadership style, conflict style, dealing with stress, and approach to change.)

Package Level Four: “Thrill Team Development – Give me Insight” 

Deep dive into Personalities.  Package Level Four uncovers Personality nuances facets.  Discover individual type preferences and how the same MBTI Type, can present differently.  Providing more in depth detail of each of the preference pairs, and why some types with the same preference may need different things.

(Includes individual interpretive report Step II with type facets)

Thrill team buildfing staff Enquiry for quotes

All Package Levels are for teams looking to:

  • Challenging organisations bottom line approach.
  • Abandon deviating habits to create excellent routine and idea generation.
  • Address employee staff personal needs to create an understanding work environment.
  • Reinforce team dynamic, strengths, blind spots
  • Improve communication, listening skills, EI and empathy.
  • Build a strong foundation for teams at all levels, management, leadership.

For more information about which team connection workshop is right for your organisational behaviour and staff issues.

Please call to speak with THRILL’s friendly, accredited, skilled, experienced and qualified staff training MBTI facilitator and staff re-connection expert Michelle Chapman m: 0459 111 129

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