Reunite your team returning to the office work space. Thrill has your custom exclusive ultimate Team development package plans ready to re engage, reconnect and reunite you staff team. Rediscover team connection and get back in the office productively.

Simple, quick and easy team re connection workshop formats, with practical initiative experiential activities to reinforce learnings. Designed to have staff Communicating. Collaborating, Motivated, Fresh, Re engaged and Cohesive.

It’s time to get your team connected and performing together back in the office. Let’s get started by getting employees, managers and business leaders to know their own individual personality preferences for work. Then how they impact or get along on with others in the office. 

Thrill loves empowering your teams to engage with each other in the way they prefer. 

Paving the way for excellent communication channels by unlocking the mystery of miscommunication, misunderstanding and conflict.

Your team will receive their individual MBTI profiles. Professionally work shopped for a more thorough and useful understanding of their personal contribution or impact within the team.

With 4 package levels available. The team connection and development workshops, is suitable for all business teams and companies looking to re-connect after ‘Iso’ isolation. Lets skip working in silos in 2021 and become more connected beyond the virtual to the new hybrid.

Re-Connect and Inspire & Improve Team Performance by Selecting from 4 Team Development Workshop Packages

Each package includes:

  • Individual MBTI Profile report for each participant
  • 2.5-3hr MBTI Group Workshop for up to 10 participants
  • 1-1.5hr team fun experiential activities, to put new found skills into practice.
  • MBTI Workshop Intro To Type workbook
  • Customised experiential activities facilitated by qualified instructor to practice new found skills

Package One: “Team Development – Insight”                                 

This package is designed for entry level into personality from a personal perspective.  Suitable for organisations looking to layer multiple workshops over a series of weeks.  (includes 6-page individual interpretive report) 

Package Two: “Team Development – Organisation Focus”           

Excellent entry into how “Type” plays out within organisations, including work style, preferences at work, Communication Style and problem solving approach.

(includes 10 page individual interpretive report for organisations) 

Package Three: “Team Development – Personal Impact”             

Perfect balance of personal and workplace insight.

(Includes comprehensive 26 page insight into individuals type, work style, communication style, decision making style, leadership style, conflict style, dealing with stress, and approach to change.)

Package Four: “Team Development – More detail, More Insight” 

For those teams who may already have insight to Type. Discover individual type preferences and facets of each preference, providing more in depth detail of each of the preference pairs, and why some types with the same preference may need different things.

(Includes individual interpretive report step II)

For more information about which team connection workshop is right for your team, call our friendly, accredited, qualified staff training facilitator:
Michelle Chapman t: 02 9630 2222.