Thrill has a terrific range of indoor team activities, back up plans and alternative Wet Weather team building activities suited to rain or shine.

When the weather forecasts predict rain on your events, outdoor activities or games from Sydney to The Gold Coast, don’t despair! wet weather team building back up plan activities that enjoy jumping puddles in rain

A few drops of rain will not spoil your Thrill event, conference or team building activities and plans.

Ensure your team exercises and staff training programs have a free back up wet weather plan. Include a Free indoor team building solutions alternative with wet weather plans at no extra cost.

Have you ever planned a team event and watched the forecast like a hawk? Hoping for sunshine and blue skies. Then suddenly begin to panic as rains, winds and cold temperatures may batter your colleagues and best laid plans. Who in turn will hold you responsible for their miseries? FEAR NOT!

Rainy Catastrophic Weather Back Up Planning for Team Building are Included Free with Thrill Events Wet weather winter team building activities forecasts rain with alternatives

Its called a Back Up Wet Weather Action Plan or BUWWAP for short!

Yes. On any Thrill program or event you can on the day elect to change the plan and stay indoors. Cold Wet and Windy Weather for Thrill staff is a breeze. Here is a short list of activities that we facilitate indoors.

Experience the Best 10 Windy or Wet Weather Activities in Sydney, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Southern Highlands and along The Gold Coast

  • Team Construct; simple as it sounds. Your team constructs a 3 dimensional object.enquiry button thrill team events
  • Facilitated indoor Team Building Initiatives and scenarios.
  • Building gifts for Charities such as Toys 4 Kids, Furniture 4 Families and Build a Bike 4 Children.
  • Minute 2 Win it Games that are hilarious fun.
  • CSI or Indoor Mission.
  • Trap A Rat Building Team Work and Group collaboration with Cooperation Skills.
  • Fun n Team Games with Pictionary
  • Giant group Scattegories.
  • Trivia + Action mixed with Spicks n Specs. Don’t get upset – Embrace the opportunity of team building in the rain.
  • Tenzies 10 Team Dice Games each a Minute long
  • Card Games and Board Games with a difference
  • Flash Mobs or Dancing with the stars
  • Escape on an Indoor Treasure Hunt with limited time, can you escape with your work colleagues?
  • Indoor Mini Olympics Office Games.
  • Creative Team Building Art, Modelling, Sculpting, Painting or decorating Christmas
  • Master Chef Style Cooking Experiences with nourishing foods to warm the soul.
  • Enjoy Mulled wine…
  • Pizza Cooking in real restaurants with wood fired ovens.
  • Make your own award winning Movie with Go Pros Silver Hero 4’s and Digital SLR Cameras.

All programs run with an accredited experienced facilitator host. Who loves team building and  have your employees + staff playing games in your offices, conference centers and hotels everywhere.

It’s raining so we Ensure your Conference and meeting activities conducted indoors or outdoors will be a success Team building activities get a quote from Thrill Events

Ensure you communicate this with all the staff prior to the day. An email checklist is essential for conference delegates so that they understand what they might be in for. We supply ponchos and seek shelter wherever available.

Even on outdoor team building activities like Treasure Hunts, Corporate Survivor and Amazing Team Building Races. Rain Hail or Shine thrill will power on through the team exercises to make your event a terrific success.

Call upon the Thrill team building experts with 25 years experience in designing corporate conference group activities in all weather. Keeping everybody entertained.