Thrill Team Activities List of What to Bring

You are about to embark upon a team building activity or THRILL event that is active and will excite the senses. Like all great events, it’s best to be prepared. Here’s something we have prepared earlier… so you won’t be stranded in the wild.

Preparation List

  • Timing – arrive 5-10 minutes prior to scheduled briefing time, to get set and meet with your team.
  • Active Clothing in layers so you can get around to destinations or participate in activities comfortably.
  • Shoes that are sensible for activities. Ones that enclose your feet, you can walk and run around in without getting blisters. No high Heels due to WHS.
  • Travel Light. What you bring is what you’ll carry.  Suggested bring a back pack or satchel to carry all your gear in, or leave it behind.
  • Smart Phone. You can google maps, clues, phone a friend or even contact the coordinator if your team is geographically embarrassed.
  • Hydration 600ml water is recommended. Most Thrill amazing races finish at a venue with drinks, so you won’t perish.
  • Snacks like a muesli or fruit bar. Healthy or fruit option is best to sustain, refuel the body from the slain brain strain drain.
  • Money is always a good thing to bring on an Amazing Race. You never know if your team will become super competitive and decide taxis, ferry, boats or bribes will ensure excellent results.
  • Personal medication – If you have an illness, ailment or disability let Thrill staff know at the briefing and they will provide best options to include you as much as possible.
  • Sun Protection – Slip, Slop, Slap, wear a hat and sunglasses.
  • In wet weather we proceed. Please bring your own suitable wet weather gear. Thrill supplies disposable ponchos. Seeking Shelter where necessary.
  • Any current Covid safety PPE requirements.

Extra Ideas

Lady packing for team building activities
Preparing for a team building amazing race? Don’t be left in the Wild. Here is a simple checklist.
  • Fancy Dress – get dressed up in your team colours and matching themes with suitable bling and accessorise yourself to get bonus points. It’s part of the fun.
  • Team Name – make up an awesome team name that is quirky but not to risque or passe. Use a notable character to set the scene.
  • Go to the toilet prior to setting off on an amazing race or Thrill event – teams get agitated waiting for toilet breaks.
  • Maps not necessary – we want you to communicate and be resourceful along the journey.
  • Smile – our activities and events are all about having fun with a touch of friendly competition.