Kite Building and Flying Kites with Thrills Festival of The Winds is a high flying group and winning team building fun experience.
The excitement of building and the grace of flying a kite is an exhilerating team development activity for all groups.
Ideal for meeting venues and conference centers that are on headlands, on the beach or have large open areas, sports fields. Where your staff teamwork results will literally launch into to the skies.

Kite flying and Kite building for teams in Festival Of The Winds by Thrill events

Stages of How To Build and Fly a Kite for Incredible Teamwork to Take Flight into The Skies

1. Meet n Greet by professional team building facilitators and kite flying hosts
2. Kite Stories and Ice Breakers including the evolution of flight from the Wright brothers to amazing aviators who pioneered Australian flight. From Sir Charles Kingsford Smith to Nancy Bird. QANTAS and REX airlines. Along with Dick Smith and other notable Australians who have harnessed their inspiration to reach into the skies.
3. Laying out the materials – #C state of the art – rip stop nylon, per supplied template and measurements
4. Cutting up – creating kite structure ; 1 kite per team of 3-5 participants – teamwork, team spirit and a vision.
5. Taping and folding of materials (Rip Stop Nylon) around the kite structure
6. Finishing – creating designs, flourishes and of course the string/s
7. Flight – demo of skills and then flying of kites
8. Competitions of launch / flight / control and skill
9. Presentation / awards, 10 / 10 for excellence

Suitable for Groups Team Building with 10-1,000 staff and employees in All Locations that are Windy, Wild and Fun!

Ideal for break out session where creativity and skill combined with teamwork results in a successful cohesive and collaborative project. Kite Building and of course flying at the Headlands Hotel is a wild, windy locality. Ideal for letting the dreams and imaginations of your staff soar! Thrill conducts the Kite Team Building Projects as custom built packages. Where your staff and employees collaborate, communicate and collect materials to build the kites. From small kites to large Rakakau Japanese fighting kites that you can decorate with iconic images, branding messages and symbols of your success.

Thrill Kite Building, Kite Decorating and Kite Flying for Team Building activities and corporate or group kite festivals and events

As an addition Thrill team events can include a GEO-teaming experience. Where teams navigate to checkpoints to obtain resources within a set time. All major GEO cache locations must be visited in order to build the kites. This further develops accountability, trust, collective teamwork, collaboration and strategies for effective high performance project management. Along with leadership and problem solving skills.

Kite team development by Thrill team building exciting events for groups with Konrad Lippmann CEO

Kite building starts from the spine up. The space to fly, is essential once the kites have been built and inspected. Thrill will have on hand a demonstrator kite – flying if wind and local conditions permit. Popular locations for Thrill Kite Team Building Festival of The Winds around Sydney. Includes the stunning coastlines of the Eastern Beaches and headlands. Beautiful Bondi Beach conference venues, cool Coogee Beach such as The Crowne Plaza Coogee, windy Headlands Hotel at Austinmer and Thirroul. Alongside the Novotel Wollongong with the best scenery along the coastal sea-bridge road! Just along from Stanwell Tops where Lawrence Hargreaves launched himself into the air and flew beneath 3 stacked box kites in 1894. We salute our aviators from the Wright Brothers to Sir Kingsford Smith, Nancy Bird, QANTAS and Dick Smith – all adventurers fascinated with flight.

Don’t hesitate. Reach out to enquire for Kite Team Building and Kite Flying workshops. Exciting and colourful staff training sessions. Taking to the skies with amazing meetings and corporate events linked to mission statements and a clear 2020 vision.

Skies the limit! Lets look beyond and embrace the wonder of flying kites together.