Team-Building-Activities-QuoteExperience a Thrill with themed team building activities  adaptable suit every corporate group, business team, leaders, employees and office staff to achieve the outcomes necessary to embark upon 2021.

Get your employees, managers and leaders imaginations fired up with superb training programs that inspire and reward the corporate senses.

5 Thrilling Team Event Themes Especially Designed to Capture The Imagination and Engage Corporate Groups or Staff to Collaborate

#1 AMAZING RACES Amazing Race Sydney team building activity envelope more detailsempowering business teams to engage in competitive activities at iconic destinations around a city, hotel or resort. As a long standing theme, we love how it allows the exploration of Sydney, Parramatta, Gold Coast, revealing secrets with a range of team building styles. Integrated into one powerful amazing team building package.

#2 MINUTE 2 WIN IT Minute-to-Win-It-Team-Building
Is a Seriously great fun way to integrate staff with a series of skills and team Games. Simple yet superb in design for teams. Each challenge is made up from implements found around The Office. Bringing out laughter and skills from the least likely staff.  The Minute To Win team building process is highly acclaimed as incredible high energy fun for all to participate in any time of year.


# 3 THE ITALIAN JOB  The Italian Job corporate events– Beyond the mafia Thrill Italian Jobs are prima themes. You get to drive sports cars, eat wood fired pizza, play soccer, drink fine coffee and become an honoury Italian. The selection of Italian Job activities is adjusted to your $$ investment. 

#4 SURVIVOR; Survivor themed Team Building Australia In our humble opinion Survivor by Thrill is still the best themed outdoor team building program available. Thrill staff have designed a program that is engineered to encourage communication, collaboration and cohesion. Will your tribe outwit, outsmart and out play the immunity challenges. Or will you be the next to go? Lets find out when #TheTribeHasSpoken at Tribal Council.


#5 MISSION mission-impossible themed team building activities enquiryPOSSIBLE
We have endured the Covid19 pandemic, but what have we really learnt and what can we apply to 2021? From James Bond 007 to real Mission Possible Scenarios;  where your business intelligence and team work inter-communication is vital. Collect all the elements and reveal where the antidote is in time before disaster strikes. Your team must succeed.

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