Italian Job team building Sydney corporate event

Corporate Events Italian Job

Experience a Journey where your corporate event team talents and Italian savvy are merged into a fun fusion of the original Italian job. Each Italian Job checkpoint has a unique Italian flavoured activity to accomplish. On Foot in Audis, London Cabs, BMW mini Coopers or as a Passeggio !

Italians have known for years the secret of living life to the fullest. 

Italian Job team building Sydney corporate event


Authentic participation and involvement ensures more gold bullion is accumulated. Along the Journey, experience and immerse in the sounds, sights and tastes of Italian culture.

Sydney – All over including Darling Harbour, the Italian Capital of Norton Street, Leichhardt and Marrickville. In Melbourne – Victoria Markets, St Kilda to Lygon Street. In Brisbane – Gold Coast, even indoors anywhere!

Each Italian Job checkpoint is a mini team building fun challenge from:
*Master Chef wood fired Pizza making to Bocce ball games
*Creative Master Pieces of Leonardo DaVinci and Michaelangelo or
*Singing like Three Tenors and fun Casino Black Jack or roulette to bet.Team building activities and corporate events free offers quote

THRILL Italian Job can be on foot, chauffeured in mini buses, London Cabs, Taxis. Or select the supreme in Audi A3’s, Mini – BMW Coopers, sports cars like Ferraris or other Italian Stallions!

The team with the most Gold Bullion at the end Garage Pitstop Italian Restaurant wins with prizes awarded!

Professionally facilitated, excellent Italian flavour, quality equipment with bellissimo rewards.

Bet all or nothing on your accumulated Bullion to win!

Example Italian Job Corporate Event

Activities to select fromThrill Italian Job Audi sports cars hired

  • Italian Job Briefing
in full fun Italian theme
    From Speaking Italian to Making special deliveries in any location.
  • Receive Route details accessing Italianate locations for Squadro
  • Coffee making / Barista Challenge
  • Master Piece Michael Angela Artworks or Sculpt Sculptures
  • Sing your heart out with a fun Figaro / Feniculi Fenicula Operatic Three Tenors singing performance. Laugh, enjoy gusto Bravado!
  • Eating fine Italian Foods like Proscuitto, Pasta, Sorbet or Gelatos
  • Bocce Ball Toss or Soccer Goal Shoot Out
  • Godfather Mastermind Challenge
  • Wood Fired Pizza Master Chef style making and baking
  • Taste test Italian Wines, Cinzano or Patisseries
  • Casino Activities like Black Jack and Roulette