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Charity Team Bonding Helping Hampers for Homeless

Facilitating positive charity team building activities in Parramatta made a difference in the lives of 6 homeless men. Mr Lippmann, director of Thrill Team Building activities and events reports on us Helping Others to better equip and Help Themselves.

We love having businesses invest their staff development and training programs into making a positive contributions to their local community.

Helping Hampers Charity Team Building for Homeless by Thrill in Parramatta
Hamper for the Homeless collaboration; Tyco, DHL, EFM teams working collaboratively in a Win Win!

Thrill team building facilitator for the Parramatta and greater west of Sydney region; Michelle Chapman collaborated her ideas and worked in conjunction with Brett Delaney from Tyco International Distribution, Operations Lead, Asia Pacific.

Creating an integration of Tyco partners DHL Logistics and the EFM teams. Procuring quality teamwork support, quality sleeping bags, hygiene items and long life nutritional food hampers. Which were gifted for selected Homeless people in the Parramatta LGA.

Team Building Activities Backpacks and Survival Gear for Homeless This Winter in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

Aims Achieved

  • Collaboration
  • Perspective
  • Staff to Think Outside of Themselves
  • Project planning teamwork that matters
  • employees experience homeless help Logistics
  • Build relationships between business and community
  • Improve staff morale
  • Increase Communication
  • Create Understanding of community needs
  • Help others less fortunate with the tools, equipment to help themselves

Using their planning, logistics skills and ultimately being extremely resourceful. The combined business teams achieved the maximum output within the set time frame within the budget context provided. Staff and employees were guided through a brainstorming, planning session. Breaking up the roles and responsibilities, delegating each task. Developing checklists and holding people accountable for their actions.

Each Homeless Help Pack including sleeping bags, sleeping mats, blankets, warm clothing, reusable water bottles and thermos. Supplementary equipment incorporated torches, tea, coffee, long life milk, socks, cutlery, note pads & pens, pillows, toothbrush, toothpaste, towels & soap – all lovingly packed into a versatile backpack and donated through a local charity.

Review from Parramatta Mission homelessness and Thrill. Michael Mendieata, Director of Development from Parramatta Mission was on hand and grateful to receive the excellent quality Helping Hamper Back building activities events enquiry form

Comments from TYCO, EFM and DHL staff on Thrill Hamper Help Give Back Charity Team Building Activities

“it pulled on our heart strings”

“enabled us to look outside of ourselves and give back to the community”

“called on using our resources, timeliness and organisational skills”

“opened my eyes to how lucky we are”

“feels great to give back and make a difference”.

Thank you to TYCO International, DHL, EFM and Parramatta MISSION for your contribution to helping the Homeless in the Parramatta region.

It is time your business teams, corporate groups, colleagues and employees invested in worthwhile team building activities that provide tangible results for other less fortunate people in our communities.

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