#1 Fun Factor

Just Fun Activities by Thrill events and team building
– Focus is on the fun elements of a team building program or event. Intensity and challenge levels are lower. Facilitation is professional yet minimal. The activities are simplified, easy to achieve and will engage all groups. Enabling participation of all ages and abilities. Rules and structure are minimally enforced, however positive encouragement is 100%. The outcomes are enjoyment, integration, participation, laughter, positive shared experience. Examples are our Fun n Games, Mini Olympics, Fun Factor low cost Amazing Races.

#2 Mystery Mix Mystery Mix Thrill activities

– allows the Thrill team to design an exciting range of activities that are fun with a mix of team building outcomes.
Medium complexity of challenges. Require coordinated teamwork approach.
– Coordinated and run within the budget, location and timing provided.
– We guarantee that with 1,700+ amazing races we deliver an excellent package to motivate your people.


# 3 TEAM Building Sensation Thrill Team Building Sensation Package #3

–  is a high quality proven team building activities program.
Run as an engaging professional event by trained facilitators, hosts and coordinators with exceptional experience. Designed to be enjoyable, intelligent, challenging and rewarding. Greater level of Facilitated, SMART activities. All checkpoints / locations hosted. One of the most rewarding program formats that Thrill develops for business teams, team building. To ensure maximum participation, communication, collaboration, task cohesion, problem solving and accountability. Professionally briefed and debriefed by quality facilitators. Linked to your business values and culture.


#4 Explorer

Explorer activities
– exploring a subject area, your team dynamics, navigating a path to success for business teams. Take your team on a unique Journey physically or mentally to several destinations. Move your conference to an exceptional level of performance.
Utilise or incorporate various forms of transport. Or techniques and methodologies to achieve the results to transfer from one location to the next point of reference. Move the team outside their comfort zones and be challenged to achieve more. This is the ideal level for your teams and people to experience professional team development outcomes. Accomplishing challenges, achieving more and becoming a solutions focused, effective and efficient Team.


#5 Wow Factor Thrill Wow Factor Events level 5

Thrill brings the most amazing components into your team building activities and special events.
Which can include sports cars, jet boats, flights, celebrities and guest speakers. The latest technology and additions from lighting, staging, brand awareness and sound systems to impress your clients, delegates and guests.

Any of the 5 package levels your Business Selects Thrill Guarantees The Activities and Team Building will Be Excellent

Thrill ensure event planning to the highest standards with no events or team building programs missed in over 20 years. We are a dedicated team that strives to make a difference for your teams and people to enjoy. Note when receiving a Thrill quote. Costs are provided on a sliding scale according to duration, timing and number of people intending to participate.