COMPETITION and Competitive Team Building Activities

Lets get competitive about competition team building activities.

There is  an excellent array of team building activities ideas for sale in the market place.

Create a google search term with the key word team building and over 618,000,000 results (in about 0.56 seconds) are found.

But which program, activity, team building company or facilitator is best suited to accomplish what your business team, work colleagues and staff actually need?

At Thrill we recognise that you’re not a the office staff mind reader.

All too often when you ask employees what they want for team building activity choice the results are unclear or biased.

Based on negative or positive past experiences. Physical or non-physical. Expensive or cheap options.

However one thing remains clear;

Competition is King! Putting the zest of some fun fiery competition into the team building, staff development mix works!

Stimulating the mind and corporate body.

Where can our team Play Competitive Activities coupled with Team Building Resulting to Develop Greater Staff Engagement?

Thrill team events suggestion is to assess your team.

We help your business to Find out “What floats their boat”.

Are they a competitive bunch that love nothing more than giving the activities a red hot go and celebrating that one team or one person better achieves the aims, goals, scores and wins!

If this sounds like your team of die hard workers that want to celebrate whilst challenge each other to see who’s best.

Then send them to us and we will ‘Thrill their socks off’.

Thrill presents a range of experiences that has a clear winner. Gets points and may even have a loser. That’s life.

Here is a Thrilling fun selection of competitive team building that doesn’t break teams.

  • Board Smashing
  • Axe Throwing
  • Amazing Races
  • Survivor Team Events
  • Minute 2 Win It
  • Office Games
  • Corporate Games
  • Bubble Soccer Games,
  • Mini Olympics
  • Thrill Events
  • In fact every activity that Thrill facilitates and conducts can add a competitive challenge and reward.
  • Ideal competitive team activities for Sales Teams, Finance Groups, Insurance Businesses, Pharmaceutical Industries and all Service industries.

We Serve up the Best Team Building Competitions that Engage Staff and Thrill your team

Over 50 ‘never boring team building activities’ to chose from across NSW honing in on Sydney. Through Victoria zoning in on Melbourne, The ACT playing in Canberra and stampeding in Brisbane, Queensland. Raid the opposition. Win at all costs. Never say Die. Yes we will even run a round up a cowboy Rodeo riding bucking bronco to determine true winners.

After all life is to be enjoyed and there is no better way to enjoy life than to taste victory and success!

Competitive Teams


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