10 Corporate Socially Responsible CSR Environmental team building activity projects for corporate groups to participate in Sydney, Coffs Harbour, The Gold Coast. custom designed, professionally facilitated, to make a difference by Thrill events. Implementing multi-skilled teamwork exercises that benefit local communities to create eco friendly sustainable environments.enquiry button thrill team events


Engage Your Staff and Employees Select 1of 10 Hands On Environmental Team Building Activity Projects that are a Wild CSR Adventure environmental team building activities for corporate groups balancing world development with environment

  1. Land Care projects in Sydney, Central Coast and South Coast NSW or Gold Coast hinterland and rainforests in Queensland.
  2. Coast Care projects along the beaches in Sydney, North to the Gold Coast and along the South Coast. Clean our Beaches.
  3. River Care along The Parramatta, Georges and Hawkesbury Rivers, Hunter River to Myall Lakes including all water catchments in and around Sydney.
  4. Plant a Tree as part of a Corporates Care Project with ongoing activations. Thrill facilitates in conjunction with local councils, companies, private land owners and local communities. corporate tree planting teams enjoy a thrill event for improving local environments
  5. Bush Regeneration projects. Unite staff, employees and managers with relevant environmental facts, before increasing native animal wildlife corridors, nesting homes and improving passive recreation areas.
  6. Recycling Projects from the office to work, play and back again. We communicate great ideas that increase our ability to interact with environments sustainably. Visit recycling centers in Sydney and The Gold Coast to witness the dramatic change of reclaiming waste. Then build a Cubby House to be donated to a children’s charity with the Recycled / Reused materials.
  7. Planet Ark styled team building activity integration projects that make a positive impact on the environment.
  8. Build a Native Animal Nesting Box for your next team development, learning, meeting, off-site, conference or team building exercise.
  9. Raft Building and paddle along rivers and Lakes to help eradicate invasive weed species that are choking and killing our waterways.
  10. Water Works Charity Team Building Water Activity where your team builds a water filtration system designed to be integrated into a village community in Africa or remote communities in Australia.

We have over 10 great ways for corporate groups to give back and give a helping hand to improvement the local environment.

“Help us to promote corporate teams, local businesses and companies to invest their team training, leadership development and team building exercises into worthwhile community projects”.

One of the greatest effect would be to have Parramatta River Swimable. We need your business teamwork to make light work of troubled areas. From bush regeneration, clean up campaigns and removal of invasive weed species.making Sydney and Parramatta River clean through team building activities that are socially responsible with support of busineses and corporate groups

Imagine your raft team building fun team white water regatta, kayaking or canoe tour taking a little time out to accomplish cleaning local waterways.

Sustainable Team Development for Corporate Group Events , Conferences or Off-site Meeting Activities that Improve Our EnvironmentsWater works charity team building csr activities provide clean water to African villages and remote Australian communities by corporate groups



Apply Project Management skills in a real life learning activity training program that provides terrific ways to develop Managers to lead effectively.

Thrill implements environmental team building as in-situ at your offices or conference venues to meeting off-sites throughout all locations. We value your team development to be directed into worthwhile projects. Enhancing a business team learn new skills, further develop existing relationships and improve collaborative team work.

Thrill offers environmentally conscious business leaders and corporate groups, an opportunity to have their training solutions focused around real projects. Where current environmental issues affect local communities.

Teaming up with Land Care, Coast Care, Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife NPWS, Local Councils, Sydney City Council,nest box team building activties for Australian native animals Blue Mountains Council, Parramatta Council and The National Trust. To provide quality long term results by utilising your Team Building activities to sustain the environment.

Opportunity for businesses to invest in improving local environmental problems – Become the Solution!

With your teamwork and support, together we can make significant improvement.

Team Building Focuses on the Processes and has your staff involved in:

  • project planning
  • working collaboratively
  • team development
  • delegating responsibility
  • managing time
  • committing resources and
  • communicating effectively

There will be a great deal of fun exploring new opportunities and time allocated to review the activities results. Translating the learning into the workplace by our accredited facilitators that are passionate about the environment.

Please contact Thrill to discuss your aims and how your business can make a positive impact on the environment in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and The Gold Coast home of the Commonwealth Games 2018 hinterland. 02 29630 2222

  • LOCATION All Locations from Indoor Conference Venues to Outdoor Experiences. From Sydney to Surfers Paradise on The Gold Coast. National Parks and Council Parks everywhere.
  • All Locations and Bushland areas Any land that needs a helping hand to sustain people and the environment.
  • DURATION: 2-3hrs or full day team programs integrated into staff training. We match your teams timing availability.
  • GROUPS 10 to 100's of Employees and Staff.