Building Cubby houses for children and charity centers challenge is a rewarding corporate socially and community aware team building activity for groups of 10 staff to 1,000’s of employees. Imagine your next board or team meeting being inside a special cubby house!

Teams are challenged to assemble quality Cubby Houses built with the sustainable materials, kits and tools including professional supervision and facilitation. Unique staff training ideas and inspiration from Thrill team events – builders of teams.

Cubby house building for families, children and charities with imaginative colourful decorations, painting and playing for staff training
  1. The Cubby Challenge process starts with a playground series of games. Transporting employees back to a time in the memories mind, that they may have loved or absolutely despised. School memories can stir up vivid recollections and also bring about commonality between disparate staff. Why? Because we all experienced school, learning and playing in various ways. When these stories are shared, as employees are building, a shared value, understanding and connection between staff is created. Teams bond in positive ways when the right facilitation and process, which we call scaffolding and frameworks is put in place.
  2. Each team appoints their leader to become their cubby house construction site manager and temporarily wears the construction and maintenance hard hat. Collaboratively directing, in a children’s methodology of building, which means playing fun and imaginative games along the way.
  3. Watch and witness Thrill’s powerful and moving multi-media presentation on children the effects of becoming a parental child. Where their ability to find a safe haven home whilst experiencing imaginative play is severely compromised by issues such as poverty and domestic violence. Here there is a sliver lining. Demonstrating that people, businesses and corporations that invest in caring for families, grow a more fufilling community.
  4. Building their gifts of a safe kids cubby home; following instructions or going out on a limb and assembling all the components in their own style. Constructed of weather resistant treated pine wood. Eco-friendly paint. Your cubby house will stand the test of time. Safe and maintenance free. When it comes to imaginative games, this house offers a perfect place for the playtime.
  5. Repairs, corrections, safety, quality control and quality assurance with house inspectors from competing teams checking on the build.
  6. The best part and the reason we started to engage your staff. Gifting the imaginative play houses to children! Yippppeeeeee yyyyaaaaaaaahhhh haaaaaaaaa….
Family receiving their Thrill team building activity play cubby house in Sydney

IMAGINATIVE PLAY transforms us. No tricks, no bullying, no rules and no guidance. A natural curiousity evolves as your skilled Thrill team builder facilitator guides the assemblage experience. Is the house team building a competition? Yes we love fun friendly competition. We are socially conditioned to compete. But in this building process. It is about everyone doing their best and contributing to make all the cubby houses brilliant for kids and families to receive a special gift.

How many families require a helping hand in Australia ?
The evidence collected by the Smith Family (a Thrill Children’s Charity Partner) shows that more than:
* 1.1 million Australian children and young people are living in poverty.
* 30% of disadvantaged children have not completed year 12 schooling.
* Disadvantaged students are on average 2-3 behind in reading and maths by the time they are 15 years old.
* 206,836 disadvantaged children and their families received support through Smith Family Charity programs. * 19,735 students were sponsored through Learning For Life sponsorships. * 96% of kids improved their reading age by participating in Student2Student reading programs facilitated by Smith Family.

What makes the valuable, unique Team Development Staff Training Proposition, Cubby Building, become an Investment?

Sharing people’s stories (story telling and story showing) with others. Opens the doors and windows to who we really are. What goes in, comes out. Invest respect and trust for non standard unpackaged training in your team. Allowing staff appropriate space to collaborate, share and play.

Resulting in positive inter-staff connections. Creating happy employees connected with their work and feeling good. Inspired self confidence by having the support of others in their business. Re-invested back into your business.

The success cherry and icing on the cake – top of the team bonding. Is that your crew of cubby house workers gets to see, feel and learns; from not only witnessing. But by making a difference to the bigger picture. Creating awareness of those less fortunate in our community and how we can help. Issues of women, men and children suffering from domestic violence. Neglected children. Families scraping by living under the poverty line.

Staff helping others is rewarding for others it creates a greater sense of self worth. Self confidence and raises self esteem. Preparing us for life’s battles and journey. The premise is that; when we are stronger we are better able to assist others. Companies, businesses, corporates and thought leaders are strong we are stronger as teams working on a common goal.

Let’s share this amazing, fun engineering and creative imaginative team building activity. Create long lasting joy for others. By gifting your staff training and leadership skills development to families and children that can do with your helping hands.

Where do the built and wonderfully decorated Cubby Houses for good causes go?

Kids Cubby Houses are relocated and re-homed to specific children centers and un-identified docs and facs families.

Castle cubby houses built by business and corporate group teams for safe homes and families experiencing domestic violence

Where can Cubby Houses be built?

No council approvals are required for building cubby houses. They can be built and moved by Thrill. We have teams building cubbies and forts of all styles and sorts. Indoors in board meetings, conference venues, hidden spaces, office spaces, warehouses, sports halls and schools.

Also outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine of local parks. Or direct where the houses will be donated and gifted. We will invite the charities, kids and recipients of the cubby housing to come a long to “play-test” and receive your handy work gifts and decorated donations.

The ‘safe houses for kids’ Thrill team event can be modified to become a high-profile fundraising event. Where competing building teams battle for the coveted title of Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra or Melbourne’s ultimate team ‘Safe Houses’ champion of children’s charities. Become a valued children’s champion and join our cubby crews.

Developing a child’s Imagination is important. Allowing us to see the world in various ways.

Love daydreaming? So do we. The crew at suggest that cubbies need not be a house. They can be a school, a bus, shops, hospital, vet and pet clinic (maybe not a corporate office like in the Apprentice).

A place in which a child is interested, like theatre. Cubbies are best for developing imaginative skills that automatically lead to language and social skill development. Helping kids to practice different behaviors. Your cubbies can be the best Castles, Beach Shacks, School Room, Hospital, Vet, Restaurant, Kitchen, Play Room, Sports Store, Drinks and Lemonade Stand.

The common theme is that cubbies “allow children to play at being adults. Thrill allows adults to play at being kids”. – Konrad Lippmann CEO THRILL

Investing in Team Building Programs That Make A Difference. It does help create a positive workplace culture.
The Cubby Meeting offers team building activities for adults and youth. Collaborate with Thrill. In creating a cubby building workshop for at-risk families of domestic violence. Cubbies are provided to families in need of assistance, support and care.

Please contact Thrill philanthropic events for more information. 02 9630 2222