Working with Wood Team Building Activities in Sydney, Gold Coast, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley

Thrill fresh team building ideas for staff engagement and team development workshops from a walk in the forest to teamwork on the wood workshop floor. teams building wood sense surfboard projects

We have a Sydney and Gold Coast based woodworking firm branching out, starting their new arm of a thriving business.

Offering new and unique kind of team building activities. Hands on the tools experiential learning experiences for corporate groups learning more about the customer service experience.

Working with Wood is Terrific for Teams,  Provides Hands On Experiential Activities That Bond your Staff

The intention is to use woodworking as a base for building events.

Together we have created several enjoyable wood work projects, which would allow people of all genders, ages and skill levels to complete within 1.5-3 hours.

Staff are able to take their tangible wood construct results back to their homes or offices to display and utilise.

The team building with wood workshops would be conducted within the real factory premises 10 minutes from Sydney CBD. All participants get to use a wide variety of woodworking tools and machinery within the factory, under professional supervision.

We believe wood making projects balanced with the type of activity planned. Are radically different from other team building activities. These are of great interest to corporate groups, staff, clients and customers.


  • Teams get a great sense of achievement when they see how raw materials turn into useful products by their own hands
  • Push participants out of their comfort zone
  • People are given chance to try their hand in something new
  • The environment is totally different from corporate ‘white collar’ surroundings
  • It is an activity that delivers tangible results
  • Teams will be able hold their achievements in their own hands at the end of the workshop
  • Participants receive a long lasting ‘reference point’
  • Learning and taking with them new life long skills
  • Being empowered what they made during the workshop and display it proudly in the office or home

Decompressing Business People with Team Building Wood Senseteams-wood-work-frame

The kinds of items that can be made are only limited by time and imagination. Depending on the original brief. You the customer can discuss with us and setup different projects such as;

  • furniture for families
  • nesting boxes for native animals
  • coffee tables
  • chairs
  • entertainment units
  • wine barrels
  • picture frames for a team photo
  • wooden educational toys for disadvantaged kids
  • building surfboards
  • conference boardroom tables

The reason why we approach your business team in this matter is because we believe our projects would make a great addition to an existing portfolio of team building activities. We are looking to establish a partnership with your teams. Whereby we provide the activity. Guiding teams through the technical wood aspects. Providing materials, tools and workshop with a team meeting planning area on premises.

Our wood working facilitators are trade trained and have great personal people skills. Your team receives an exceptional constructive staff training workshop.

We would love to hear your feedback.

Please Take the opportunity to meet and talk with THRILL to explore new Sydney team building and Gold Coast Team Bonding ideas further.