Thrill is an accredited provider of professionally facilitated Canberra Team Building Activities, Staff Training Packages and Canberra Corporate Events for all Business teams. Including the Australian Defence Force, Canberra University and Government Departments throughout the ACT.

With over 26 years experience in exceptional program delivery for staff training and employee interaction. Supplying skilled facilitators and qualified staff delivering a terrific range of engaging, interactive, serious or fun team building activities.

INNOVATIVE STAFF TRAINING with a NEW PERSPECTIVE on CANBERRA creating Collaborative TEAM BUILDING Activities that area rewarding.

Innovative Staff Training and Canberra Team Building ExcellenceOur focus is on Corporate Social Responsibility CSR and Charity Team building programs that make a difference in the Canberra Community. Having conducted over 6,500 government and corporate group events. With more than 250,000 participants we are confident your team of staff will be impressed with the range of and custom designed ACT Thrill team activities.

Facilitating, hosting and delivering exceptional Canberra Based activities, thrilling experiences, entertainment events, building the foundations for new teams. MBTI staff profiling, leadership programs and change management exercises.Canberra Team Building Activities Bonding Australian Defence forces and Government Departments in the ACT

Covid Safe Team Activities for Team Re-Connection and Collaboration in Canberra trusted by 200,000+ customers with over 6,000 business client companies

Canberra organisations and businesses that invest time, finances and resources into their people and staff team building. Benefit from developing their people and united teamwork more effectively, creating a competitive business skills advantage.

Teams are developed to achieve excellent results. However not every team maintains that focus. Successful teams are teams that train and practice their problem sloving skills. Innovate new ideas collaboratively. Building a team culture of excellence. Thrill’s passion is to deliver interactive hands on practical employees training. Outside the box Canberra team building experiences that ensure your teams success and improve business results.

Get Team Building quotes with Free Offers by Thrill eventsWhat Does Thrill Offer in Canberra:

  1. Amazing Race Canberra reward your team with a journey using your teams, navigation ability, mental agility, communication, task cohesion and problem solving skills in an exciting fun journey of discovery.
  2. Canberra Survivor team and corporate challenges are available at all conference and meeting venues; at The Arboretum, Botanic Gardens, within Molongolo Gorge. In Civic, alongside Lake Burley Griffin and all local parks.
  3. Giving Back Philanthropic Charity Team Building 4 Canberra Kids. BMX Bikes, Trikes and Toys for disadvantaged Children.
  4. Treasure Hunt for Westons and Scriveners stoush over the Burley Griffin Holy Grail – reported to be last seen in Civic Square or by Parliment House.
  5. MBTI personality profiling packaged with a series of team development and team management initiatives. To connect and integrate all staff working towards a common goal.
  6. Canberrian Art from indigenious inspirations to teamwork collaborative murals and painting whilst sipping your favourite wine, bentspoke beer or a capital cider.
  7. Trivia, Games, Evening Entertainment, Minute 2 Win It and Canberrian Games days all professionally hosted for superb fun.

THRILL facilitates Government and Australian Defence Force adventure training programs. Achieving teamwork outcomes. Such as hearts and minds working collaboratively.

Custom Built Canberra Team Building Staff Training Workshops Integrating Canberra’s National Museums, Art Spaces, Conference and Unique Gallery Facilities.

Special and Unique Venues utilised by THRILL team building is equipped for staff Connection events in Canberra The Conference and Meeting Capital include

  • NGA – National Gallery of Art 
  • NMA the National Museum of Australia NMA. Where Thrill facilitates technological team building training with robotic and AI systems. Uniting teams to be effective and efficient.
  • The National Arboretum and within the stunning Margaret Whitlam Pavillion with Ginger Catering. Brilliant for native habitat, building nesting boxes. Fantastic for Survivor Team Development integrating staff with RAIN BRAIN, HACK and SWOT training principles.
  • At the Australian National University ANU
  • Questacon Myth busters. The National Science and Technology Center. At Questacon Thrill integrates science with collaborative technological science based team building on a quest for success. Your teams will venture through specific exhibits on a quest. Then conduct science experiments to prove theories or debunk myths.
  • Canberra Airport Conference space for Team Management Systems TMS
  • Black Mountain Tower still stands tall for an ideal team meeting venue, ideal to develop a corporate vision beyond 2021
  • GEOCON is our #1 go to company for building new venues and company spaces.
  • Canberra National Convention Centre
  • Kingston
  • Stromlo Observatory – amazing space Thrill team building looking beyond the mountain biking trails and handlebar cafe.
  • Cliftons Canberra for Thrilling meetings, conferences and staff training that achieves exciting and memorable results.
  • QT Canberra for an uplifting staff team building activities experience
  • Hotel Kurrajong
  • Hyatt Hotel
  • Rydges Capital Hill
  • Crowne Plaza Canberra modern and well equipped staff training facility for a range of delegates.
  • Novotel Canberra Conferences
  • Peppers Gallery Hotel 
  • Mantra MacArthur Hotel
  • Air BnB Luxury venues and whole house hire
  • Unique Venues for meetings at the Glass House and Old Powerhouse and Bus Depot
  • Thrill conference team and business event planners can coordinate all aspects of your next capital ACT Canberra conference, team bonding or delegate activities and venue management.

Thrill identifies your companies needs to design custom built team development workshop and retreats for you and your colleagues. We facilitate team, development with a professionalism and add fun, enjoyment, flavour and team challenges that unite staff.

We design custom built staff training Corporate retreat workshops range from 1 day conference workshop presentations to multi-day team building packages.

Held at your location of choice or ours. Thrill tailored Canberra Team Building Training workshops has been used by hundreds of clients including:

QANTAS, McDonalds, Westpac Bank, Bendigo Bank, Medtronic, Community organisations and large government departments.

Canberra Team Development Workshop Topics Cover:

  • Staff Coaching Skills
  • Coaching Conversations
  • Collaboration
  • Communication Skills
  • Personality Profiling and Team Profiles
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership
  • Personal Principles
  • PAC Understanding yourself using Transactional Analysis
  • Human Needs
  • Empowering Questions
  • Opportunity identification
  • Self Reflection
  • Self Responsibility
  • Developing Teams
  • Circles of Influence
  • Praise and Encouragement
  • Recognising and Utilising Peoples Strengths
  • Self Awareness
  • Success
  • Managing Change
  • How to Create a Happy and Fun Workplace

Defence staff training and team building programs in Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane

Developing Teams

Team building and team development are essential tools in all people oriented environments. Helping people to understand the differences in personality, ensures personal development. All people want a positive workplace where communication, leadership skills and the ability to work collaboratively to problem solve and achieve goals is at its heart. In essence, team building increases motivation, builds the morale, strengthens commitment and improved work results.

To achieve better results for your Canberra business work team – contact THRILL Facilitator; MBTI staff trainer

Personality Profiling with MBTI accredited staff training facilitator Michelle Chapman.

or Team Management Systems accredited facilitator Konrad Lippmann on

m 0459 1111 29 to start your free team skills assessment and staff needs analysis.

Thrill facilitates a Series of ADFA and Canberra Government Departments for Staff Development MBTI profiling and Change Management

Team building for government departments is a significant factor in improving staff efficiencies. Interaction between employees and are important if you wish to extract the best out of your workforce. Canberra Team building in an office fosters better, more honest and open communication. 

Why do Government Departments require effective, energised, motivational Team Building?

  • Implement the Three C’s; Communication, Collaboration and building Community
  • getting to know each other better through interactive games and initiatives
  • break the monotony of task driven office environment by playing to learn
  • think laterally “outside of the box” thinking
  • sharing personal experiences to engage people
  • self realisation
  • learning more about others they work with
  • self development
  • creating efficient processes and systems
  • providing successive positive interactions within teams
  • challenge decision making processes ie: “making fast decisions”
  • increased effectiveness and team efficiency
  • take responsibility for own behaviours and decisions
  • greater awareness of skills and talents of teams
  • tactile hands on experiences putting team development theory into practice
  • taking that practice back into work environment
  • rewarding government employees for good work and excellent job done
  • encourage personal ownership
  • improvement of attitudes
  • focus that the sum is greater than the parts
  • challenge the status-quo
  • Resolve Conflict, mis-communication
  • Increase value and feeling of worth within thei Department utilising Leadership Development
  • Getting to Know one another better and reaching out to help support co-workers and other departments