Team Building Activities Needs Analysis for Improved Team Performance

Thrill staff based on a free Team Building needs analysis will custom build your team building activities.

Please email details for developing an accurate team event quote.

We will assist in determining which program is the best match for your staff and organisation.

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Select from quality team building activities, team bonding, staff training, leadership training or team development programs.

Thrill Team Building Needs Analysis may reveal areas that require focus, reflection, reward or improvement.

  • does your team lack staff motivation
  • want better staff retention
  • need to create improved inter personal staff relationships
  • open lines of staff communication
  • providing positive staff feedback
  • discuss disharmony
  • staff conflict resolution solutions
  • improve collaboration
  • create networks and cross referencing working in silos
  • cross functional teamwork
  • staff better understanding each other
  • having fun and being happy at work
  • positive communication
  • improving employee moral
  • increase staff health and wellbeing
  • need fun staff activities and games to break the ice
  • quality accredited personality profiling
  • improve teamwork
  • develop strong leadership skills
  • foster +ve staff culture
  • leadership exercises
  •  staff and team initiatives
  • exciting conferences
  • rewarding staff adventures
  • staff incentives and experiences
  • amazing corporate events!

Thrill opens the opportunity for teams to operate more efficiently, effectively, openly and informatively.

To provide your company with an effective team building or staff event quote that meets your needs.

Please complete and scan/photograph then email the Business team needs analysis to

You will receive an initial professional quote, free of charge.

Providing you with exceptional ideas to get your team building off the ground.
Conferences, corporate group entertainment and activities off the ground.

Corporate Conferences and Team Building Analysis Questionnaire to Custom Build a Professional Team Development Program

Helping EA’s, PA’s HR, CEO’s and groups develop their team building ideas into reality is in THRILL staff’s DNA. Complete our FREE team development building Needs Analysis. Within 24hrs receive an exceptional proposal and quote. For group activities and corporate training Australia wide.



Enjoy the level of customer service your business deserves. Providing exceptional activities and team building concepts that are professionally developed. Engaging and valuable assets in a corporate teams training profile.

Tell us what you require. We are happy to guide you through a selection of realistic ideas. Backed with a decision making process that doesn’t break the budget.

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Talk with the Thrill team and gain a perspective on the successes of other companies. By completing the attached Needs Analysis. You will find it easier to develop your conference themes. Book suitable conference venues and get the best value whilst not losing on quality.

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