Toys for Kids Charity Building Team Building Activities Your Staff Make A Difference in Children’s Lives

Toys 4 Kids Charity, connecting Staff, Giving Back Team Building activities for business Corporate Socially Responsible (CSR) staff training.

Gift your Toy Building Teamwork to bring a smile to more children.

Let’s connect your staff with meaningful team activities at your next meeting, conference or staff training program.

Where  the ‘gift of giving’ to disadvantaged kids matters most.

Charity Team Building activities and Events for Kids and adults at Luna Park in Sydney for Christmas staff events

Team building activities and Inspiring Event Ideas. Get a quote from Thrill Events

Staff training, meeting or conference break activities to support and help local children’s charities. Thrill create empowering charity team building events for staff development of values:

  • +ve staff interaction in teams
  • worthy causes
  • heart felt staff training – warmth, empathy and compassion
  • time management
  • project management
  • getting the job done well and getting it done right 1st time
  • communication, cooperation and cohesion to collaboration
  • outstanding community and leadership development
  • corporate citizenship in the community
  • adaptation to unique environments and situations
  • excellence in teamwork helping people

Thrill facilitates charity group events to have your team help, building educational toys for kids of all abilities. Incorporating charity representatives and guest speakers who share passionately their philanthropic work and volunteerism.

Thrill kicks off 2024 Kids Charity Team Building with a powerful Audio-Visual multi media presentation. Along with charity organisation and community grounded guest speakers. Engaging, motivating and inspiring for staff to positively to Act for Kids that may need that extra helping hand.

Committed to Teams Building Dreams, a Thrill Events Journey

Teams building blue Billy Carts and Karts for Fun whilst at heart these are for Kids and Charity Groups

Ideal for groups of 15-500 staff, employees, managers, meetings, conferences, graduates and inspired thought leaders to give back to kids. Let’s make that positive difference in our communities

Most Rewarding and Memorable Staff Training Team Building is Help-4-Kids!

Over 660,000 Australian Children are labelled ‘disadvantaged’ in Australia right now.

Your business staff and employees can make a significant giving back and positive difference. By helping vulnerable kids. Thrill Changes and leads the way we do staff training team building activities.

Investing your staff training directly toward real tangible and valuable goals. Worthwhile outcomes for your company linking to the recipients – awesome happy, local community supported Kids!

Thrill Team Builders supervise the building of quality educational, robust, macro learning Toys-4-Kids.

Professionally facilitated team building of:

  • BMX stunt Bikes with helmets for 5-14 yr children
  • Trikes ‘ n Green Machines – for kids with special needs or disabilities
  • Billy Kart Build – for future adventurers, stunt kids and explorers
  • Master Kids Chef Kitchens
    – with a twinkle in their eye for great food and cooking up a storm
  • Play Houses – where the kids can pretend to be us, role modelling adults!
  • Awesome Kids Cubby Houses – to escape and imagine more…
  • Please call m 0459 1111 29 to discuss CSR team building helping kids options projects to get your staff more involved in.

Inspire Kids Imaginations to build a future that Supports them to Soar! Team building activities and Inspiring Event Ideas. Get a quote from Thrill Events

Thrill designs and implements charity team development programs facilitated in Sydney, Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains, Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise and Brisbane.

Exceptional – exciting rewarding fun group events that unite your people to a common good cause.

Whether your business team has 10 or 1,000 delegates conferencing – Thrill team events has your impactful positive amazing team experience ready to roll out. Inspiring music backing tracks. Professional hosts and skilled, qualified building staff on hand. Guiding the Kids Charity team build process. Complimented with professional and local charity speakers. Speaking and sharing from the heart.

Thrill sprinkles a magic formula of fun team activities that engages staff to collaborate, communicate and cooperate effectively.


Your staff create a toy factory, building together to support disadvantaged children. Whilst implementing and learning the process of problem solving skills, interacting and integrating with others in your business.

Philanthropic event teams receiving their rewards for building Toys 4 Kids in Sydney Olympic Park - The most engaging team building challenges perceptions and informs corporate groups decision making when it comes to selecting investing in their community engagement staff training.

Team building activities and Inspiring Event Ideas. Get a quote from Thrill Events

Thrill Events guarantees providing excellent quality educational resources to children. Ideal Toys 4 Kids team building initiative for all businesses, organisations and corporate groups to accomplish throughout Australia.

Rewarding kids, making them feel extra special, appreciated and recognised, this EOFY or help at a vulnerable time this Christmas.

We will have your employees smiling and staff being happy connected.

Barnardo's have your teams building together collaboratively and show you believe in children“We just wanted to say another MASSIVE thank you for yesterday! It was so lovely to meet you and the THRILL team”.
Warm regards, Charlotte Goodall
Corporate and Staff Engagement Manager. BARNARDOS


Most popular and Effective CSR Investment in a Toy Factory to Help Kids Donated to Children’s Charities Oz Child, Variety, Act For Kids, Bridging The Gap and Barnardos


How is it done?

Thrill facilitator welcomes your teams and introduces the reasons why your staff commitment to Charity Team Building is valuable.

Each team completes a series of fun team initiative and inter-communication activities in order to acquire the Toys 4 Kids resources needed.

Part by part, to build selected excellent quality and educational Kid’s Toys.

Instructions and directions are provided. Not guess work or smashing it out as fast as possible – Thrill takes CARE.

Professional build as part of an experienced team that has all the logistics and equipment in  place to smoothly deploy all quality hand and power-tools.

Imagination soars as Corporate Socially Responsible Teams making and building Toys 4 Kids that are:- educational, cross functional, anti-bias, Australian Standards Approved and great fun for kids to safely play with.

Assembling Together – Now that’s great staff Teamwork with 100% satisfaction results!

Thrill offer a comprehensive mobile team building services for all staff, employees and corporate groups.

Team building activities and Inspiring Event Ideas. Get a quote from Thrill Events

Thrill team construction assembling and building Toys 4 Kids can be conducted in any

  • offices
  • board rooms
  • conference venues
  • function centers
  • hotels
  • resorts
  • outdoors space – local parks, picnic shelters
  • or at selected Thrill Kids charity partners centers

RIDBC receiving educational children’s toys built by Unitron, facilitated by THRILL in North Rocks, Sydney.

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Ideal for teams building Toys for Children’s Charities throughout the year EOFY and in time for Christmas. Our community and CSR programs are designed to encourage corporate teams, businesses and companies to build their teamwork skills. Whilst building quality toys for worthy causes like special kids and local children’s charities.

Staff and Employees Open Their Hearts and Minds Relive Being a Child Creating an Imaginative Toy Story Wonderland


In 2023 Thrill Events in Sydney, The Gold Coast and Brisbane have doubled our capacity for providing charity team building games. Blending staff training activities that truly benefit disadvantaged Australian kids.


  • Soft Plush Toys to love and cuddle. We provide the templates and have teams, sew, stitch, thread the fabrics to bring to life a new toy!
  • Cubby House Building for kids to play and imagine in. Thrill has 3 new Children’s Playground projects that would love you to build them a Cubby Houses in Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane!
  • Kitchen Play Sets for young kids to Master Chef an Alice In Wonderland Tea Party or to Rule the Kitchen without getting under parent’s feet.
  • Kid’s Wheel Barrow & Wagons to cart along a child’s prized possessions, whilst growing their imaginations through play.
  • Billy Carts to race around on and play with team mates. Our new team building activities line up of BILLY KART team building in Sydney! For lower cost team development and leadership activities our Green Machine trike build is amazing fun.
  • Doll’s Houses to decorate, furnish and remodel and role play life activities.
  • Kid’s IKEA Furniture including Beds, Drawers, Cupboards, study or play Tables and colourful Chairs to decorate and liven up bedrooms.
  • Rocking Horses thrilling fun to ride before the Melbourne Cup!
  • Cars
  • Chariots
  • Billy Carts
  • Ride on Toys
  • Accessible and modified Toys to benefit kids with disabilities.Teams building bikes with thrill events for business Charity team bonding activities in Sydney with Corporate Social Responsibility CSR outcomes
  • Balance Bikes or BMX Bikes – built for a full team building skills session where the kids enter to receive the bikes built by your teams. A rewarding heartfelt experience.
  • Toy Boxes and
  • Kids Treasure Chests to store children’s secret treasures.
  • Swing Sets. Play and sports equipment to engage children actively with healthy macro kinesthetic learning games and group activities.
  • Children’s Play Grounds.Yes we have even built playgrounds with our corporate teams from the foundation up. Developing wonderful play environments for local disadvantaged communities and child care centers. santas helpers elves team building ideas for corporate events staff training and development charity give back investments

    Team building activities and Inspiring Event Ideas. Get a quote from Thrill Events

Gift Disadvantaged Children Toys with Thrill Events Charity Partners Gifting to Kids your Staff Engagement Activities

Who are the Children’s Charities Thrill Events PL Toys 4 Kids Projects Partners With:

Thrill staff are parents, renovators, builders, mechanics and innovators that facilitate terrific learning experiences. We are often able to have the kids arrive to receive the kid’s toys your teams built. Or ensure the delivery of Toys with special crafted, personalised message cards created by your team.

“Suitable for corporate groups & business teams making a difference to local communities”

Invest in responsible team development or conference activities where your event budget is wisely spent on worthwhile causes. Creating an investment into the future of Australian children. Excellent teamwork development program for community minded corporate groups and teams.

From 10-100′s of participants Australia wide. Many hands will make light work and achieve great results showing Australian Kids that we appreciate them.

Facilitated charity team development programs supporting Kids includes

  • Professional Hosts / Coordinator / Facilitators
  • THRILL team building activities staff instructing
  • Professional trades person directing the teams building play equipment projects
  • Quality building tools, equipment and all materials to build terrific kids toys
  • Exceptional series of activities balanced with new skills & fun engagement


Toys 4 Kids Education Program Duration 1-3hrsenquiry button for the best Thrill team events

From 1 hour for a fast impact kid’s toys team building session. To half day Santa and elves work shops in time for Christmas Presents to be delivered to Children’s Charities in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Typically Toys 4 Kids CSR team building activities workshops are approx 3 hours. Customised to suit your needs and work commitments linked your preferred partner charity.

Thrill Customer Service is Mobile Everywhere to all locations

Toys 4 Kids team building for charity by Thrill is available throughout Australia. NSW, Sydney, Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Melbourne VIC & ACT Canberra. At all conference centers, offices and business locations.

TOYS 4 KIDS Locations are at our Charity Partners Warehouses, Corporate Offices & Available throughout Australia.

Indoors, outdoors, conference venues, hotels, offices. We facilitate a Toys 4 Kids corporate socially responsible program (CSR) at all venues. Providing rewarding workshops that will make a positive difference to your teamwork.

THRILL providing premium Team Building Workshops with aligned corporate social responsibility values. Sustainable activities and materials sourced locally with community and charity involvement.

How are Kids Charity Help Programs Accomplished?

  • Thrill supplies the Professionally developed content and facilitates the program format in a learning environment with all the tools, instruction. Which we call PPP – Projects, Programs and Processes.
  • You select the timing and location. As we are mobile, we travel to all venues, conference centers, hotels and offices.
  • Minimum time is 1.5hrs to assemble and build suitable kids toys.
  • You get to nominate the Children’s Charity and target focus or Age group.
  • Your assembled and QC inspected Toys are delivered to your selected Charity Organisation
  • We can teams can present the toys or have Children receive the gifted toys directly or through a Charity representative
  • These are an emotionally rewarding accomplishment.Team building for children's charity Kitchens to play with Thrill Events by Halation Agency in Sydney with Toys 4 Kids donation and positive community give back impact

    Team building activities and Inspiring Event Ideas. Get a quote from Thrill Events

4 Steps to How to Determine the best outcomes and right fit of team building activities beyond being flat packed

1. Build Toys for Kids: Facilitated, supervised & teams encouraged to achieve quality results.

2. A series of facilitated team building activity challenges to accomplish in order to receive the parts and professional tools necessary to build the toys.
Including making special gift cards for the recipient Children. Incorporating creative concepts that communicate your intent with the children recipients.

3. Non mechanical or Non Physical Team Building Challenges can be incorporated. With puzzles to solve, codes to decipher and secrets to unlock in order to acquire the resources part by part to build the toys.

4. Programs facilitated indoors or outdoors along a journey in order to accomplish the goal. Engaging both mind and corporate body to enjoy worthwhile results with tremendous results.

Achieving Employee Engagement and Staff Morale Improvement Results that we all can Believe In

* Facilitated Brainstorming
* Planning
* Group Problem Solving
* Communicating effectively as a team
* Collaborate efficiently
* Identifying and utilising strengths of various team members
* Incorporating and unique talents, passions and skills of your people
* Have teams work together, accomplishing more for the community in which we live
* Enjoying excellent fun, in a worthwhile intelligent team building process
* Timings from 2-4hrs to suit requirements to fit in with conferences, meetings, networking and events.

Team building activities and Inspiring Event Ideas. Get a quote from Thrill EventsBilly-Cart-Team-Building staff teamwork for Charities with Thrill

Sample The Best Team Building Toys for Children’s Charities in Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast

  • At Thrill we dedicate our time to matching Toys 4 Kids to the children in need.
  • Toys for kids requires a discussion prior to booking as the program is customised and aligned to suit your business goals. Matching toys to what kids really need.
  • Once the details are planned THRILL sources all the materials and matches up the children’s charity and the recipient kids
  • Thrill staff all, have working with Children’s Checks completed and are exemplary in working with children’s groups.
  • Then its onto the Fun Ice Breakers
  • Team members learn about each other and themselves in fun fast-paced games designed to organise your team into toy building groups.
  • Clues and challenges are presented for teams to overcome and collect Toys for Kids Parts.
  • Activities can lead teams outdoors on a journey. Collecting parts as they go. Or in winter or wet weather, complete activities indoors.
  • As teams solve clues or compete, they acquire necessary materials and tools to build their toys.
  • Groups discover that in order to succeed, they are not competing with each other, but to provide a whole range of exceptionally built, quality assured suitable toys.
  • Negotiating to acquire the correct parts can be incorporated in the design.
  • Quality Control QC inspections, modifications, improvements and testing suitability.
  • The final minutes are of focused and united teamwork.
  • Quality Controlling the Kid’s Toys, ensuring terrific build, alignment and adjustments under the guidance of professional staff.
  • Then the magic. Gifting the finished toys directly to the Kids and / or Charity in attendance.
  • Team building activities and Inspiring Event Ideas. Get a quote from Thrill Events

Happy Kids Playground Renovation – Sharing another Success Story

Where the Team Building activities are at selected Childcare Centers that are in desperate need of a renovation. The program includes. Landscaping, Building Swing Sets, assembling Cubby Houses and or Painting. All under the qualified supervision of Professional Trades people and Thrill facilitators.

Contact the Thrill Team that cares about kids development appropriately.

Call: 0459 1111 29

Help Us Help You Help Kids

Toys 4 kids to bring more happiness to more children !