EP Risk Amazing Race Thrill Event at Q Quarantine Station Manly

Congratulations EP Risk your team have registered your arrival and ready for your next amazing race challenge at The Quarantine Q Station Manly.

It’s time create a Video en-route to your next registration checkpoint location.

TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY Based on EP Risk Business Values, Create a 20 to 30 Second VIDEO EnRoute

Create a creative 20-30 second video around the theme of EP RISK Values,

The clearer the message the greater the challenge points.

EP Risk brings a select group of experienced professionals together to guide clients through the process of dealing with contaminated land management.

We require our clients and our staff to embrace our core values as listed below:

  1. Work and Live Safely. Safety is a shared responsibility at work and in the community, respect your own safety and that of others.
  2. Care for the Environment. Enjoy our resources but use them efficiently and leave some for our kids.
  3. Leadership. Make the right decisions, not the easiest or most popular.
  4. Energy. Focus and apply all of your energy into the task at hand.
  5. Experience. Accept the accumulated wisdom from all the problems you’ve faced and use it as a benefit.
  6. Accountability. Take responsibility for the required outcome. Don’t wait for someone else to act.
  7. People. Surround yourself with good people and be generous in your dealings with them. Trust people and their abilities. Encourage a sense of adventure, humour and fun in all the people you touch in your life.
  8. Respect. Respect yourself and act with integrity.
  9. Risk. Embrace Risk that you understand.
  10. Clients. Always deliver what you promised and keep people informed of the progress.

VTREP Gives you 7 great Tips on How to Video using your Smart Phone when on Thrill events!

  1. Lighting – ensure subject is able to be seen clearly
  2. Shoot the Video steadily
  3. Audio – capture the sound without sharp background noises
  4. Get in close to your subject
  5. Always shoot in horizontal format, avoid holding phone vertically
  6. Improve video quality with an app. I suggest practicing the script,
  7. Be prepared. Have 2 rehearsals and then video a 3rd or 4th time to get the video just right. Ensure it captures and fufills the message.


Show Thrill staff your values video on arrival at Google Map Link for points to attributed.

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