Team Building structural engineering solutions for construction industry and engineers

Engineering Team Projects to Improve Teamwork Performance by Thrill Construction Facilitators

Thrill construct exciting and fun application of teamwork projects, engineered for success. Your staff will be working with kits that build a variety of engineered items from air rockets to solar powered or balloon powered cars. Building structures based on physics principles or working with electric circuits.

During the team building session, Thrill staff training facilitators will guide your team to collaborate their project ideas and :

Setting up and introducing the project in a positive and exciting manner. Ensuring safety systems and procedural policies are followed

Briefly explaining the learning principles involved in the project and session planning. Demonstrating how to construct the project.

Team Building structural engineering solutions for construction industry and engineers

Listening and talking with individual staff to encourage their input, helping and guiding them through the engineering hands on problem solving teamwork projects.

Injecting Energy and enthusiasm to engineers of all disciplines. TEAMBUILD is a construction and building industry activity with an ability to enhance the soft skills of all staff in the construction, engineering and surveying industries.

THRILL-gineers are available for all business, engineering firms, construction, civil and electronic. Facilitating and running staff training workshops for employees. Thrill team engineer projects are available throughout Australia.

Employing excellent presenters from a wide variety of hands on the tools backgrounds. We provide a range of experiences with different groups of staff in educational training settings. Your business has the security and knowledge that Thrill-gineers sessions are purpose built to your requirements, with engineering team building activities that are tried and tested. Speak with us on m 0459 1111 29 to design your next construction staff teambuild.