Tree Tops Ropes Course Team Building Activities and Staff Training for Groups Inspired by Adventure

Thrill facilitates Ropes Course Team Building, Staff and team development training activities in Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Southern Highlands and the Gold Coast.

Facilitating experiential leadership exercises and team reward programs by professional, trained ropes course adventure facilitators. Experience the Thrill of High Ropes Challenges where real risk is managed and perceived risk, allows personal development.

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Raising The Bar for Business Teams ; Unite, Connect, Get Out and Get Up on exciting Tree Top challenges adventures!

Thrill will take your business, leadership team, staff or corporate group off the ground with a series of  Ropes Course Challenges. These are safe (with harnesses and helmets) yet physically challenging outdoor team building initiative activities.  Ropes Course beneath the Tree Tops ladies staff and employee group bonding on adventure team building activities in Sydney

Thrill team Designs Unique Corporate Experiences on Outdoor Adventure STaff Training Days that enhance and develop:

  • Employee staff relationships
  • Leadership skills
  • Reward employees
  • Improve inter Communication
  • Increase and enrich lives
  • Personal achievements
  • Self Esteem, Self Reliance and Team Support –
  • Connect and develop Trust
  • Inspire and share Confidence
  • Support one another

We give your staff access to the best eco zipline experiences. The fastest and longest flying foxs of all Tree Tops in and surrounding Sydney.

Ideal for all business groups from 10-200 staff. Imagine taking in the stunning views of Sydney Harbour whilst harnessed from a 3,000kg safety line at Wild Ropes at Taronga Zoo Trees Adventures. Challenge your teams to accomplish greatness at Tree Tops Adventure Parks around the Hunter Valley wine country region.

We conduct off site meetings, conference break activities and professional Leadership development in the Southern Highlands or The Blue Mountains.

Inspire, support and motivate your team by reaching out further, extending and testing your abilities. Encouraging each other to achieve more. Increasing your teams capacity to cope with change, then celebrating the success of achievement.enquiry button thrill team

Get High on a Ropes Adventure Challenge Activity Professionally Facilitated Team Development Conference Escape for Groups of 10-200 Staff

Enabling employees to stretch their limitations and practice the components that build people in an encouraging environment. Enhancing a businesses culture with worthwhile team building program goals. That are a hands on active learning processes.

Our adventure playground team building programs help over come challenges and facing fears. Keeping your communication effective in times of stress. We apply risk management systems to make Ropes Course experiences safe for all participants. As well as alternative activities that include people with a fear of heights or mobility constraints.

Zip Line Flying Fox personal achievement for staff training with adventure Ropes Course elements

Client References:
Integration Consultant from F4F Agriculture writes

“The Program was great and everyone enjoyed it thoroughly. The team building facilitator – Mish from Thrill. Was a great support and helped the team get together really well. She managed an increase of team involvement and made a point to pay attention to each and everyone. When all hopes were lost in completing some of the most challenging obstacles. She was very energetic and positive which helped boost the confidence levels of my staff”. Azeena Musa

Excitement, invigoration, challenge and a great sense of personal achievement are just some of the rewarding outcomes to be gained. The programs are tailored to achieving your desired business objectives and outcomes.

Want to improve your teamwork or need more trust in the team? Does your team require more motivation, a morale boost or something that will unite them? We have the solutions, tools and answers to many teamwork issues. A Ropes Course Environment may be just the right team activity if well facilitated. A well structured, sequentionally developed, professionally facilitated challenge achieves great results. We develop adventure training for all groups from 5 managers to large corporate group activity events of up to 500 staff.

The best Team Building Ideas Occur off the ground and into the Trees with TeamWork Results

Thrill Ropes Course team building facilitators adapt activities, initiatives and scenarios according to the abilities, interests, skills, needs, timing and physical abilities of all participants.

We are flexible with time constraints and conditions of program or linked with other activities to achieve desired results.

  • Thrill Way of the Warrior Corporate Challenges
  • Obstacle Courses built and developed in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne
  • Events like Tough Mudder, Mud Runs, Warrior Dash and Spartan style events
  • Obstacle course corporate team race training provided
  • Team Eco Challenges with orienteering and navigation
  • Survivor Events
  • Amazing Races can all be set up and customised to match any area

Included in a High Ropes Course Team EventSureteco team building training leadershio teams on Sydney Tree Top High Ropes Course with Thrill facilitators capturing the action

  • Access to excellent quality accredited and inspected Ropes Course Facilities around Sydney and Gold Coast
  • All equipment for initiative and adventure activities
  • Ropes course safety systems including Harnesses and Helmets
  • Professional Facilitator to coach your team

Get Team Building quotes with Free Offers by Thrill eventsOur professional facilitators discuss your objectives. We then develop your program content to match interests and outcomes to be achieved.

Thrill are specialists in training corporate groups and teams to accomplish their goals both physically and mentally. Cross training with Ropes Course corporate training techniques.

Outcomes that your people, staff and employees aim to achieve more

Thrill focuses on the achievement both personally and as a united team working together to accomplish an aerial ropes tree top adventure. We incorporate Collaboration, Communication and Cohesion to lift team members with positive encouragement, relevant skills, leadership and coaching. Cooperation of the whole team towards a common goal whilst being considerate of individuals concerns of well being and safety. Applying emotional intelligence to perceived risk situations.

We work towards Self Actualisation by increasing self esteem and self concept of your staff and employees. Harnessing the energies. Creating a supportive environment for each other and allowing the support from colleagues and work mates which in turn inspires respect and often increased trust. Team work is required to achieve these goals.

Extra Ropes Adventure Challenge Options

  • Transport to and from all Ropes Course adventure parks;
    in Sydney, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Gold Coast and throughout Australia.
  • Conference facilities and meeting rooms in adjunct to the staff training programs.
  • BBQ ‘s, Drinks and delicious Catering packages available
  • Obstacle Course Training and set up of Events for Multi Sport Challenges at all venues.
  • Adventure Event Photography and Videography
  • Professional Debrief of activities, adventures and scenarios that link to your business values.

Duration of Adventure Ropes Training Activities

Half day of 3-4hrs to full day modules, is ideal as a facilitated team building exercise or adventure activity. Please discuss your timing and staff training needs with our friendly staff. We are flexible to accommodate conferences and large corporate event groups with Covid Safe Practices.

Where are the most Wild High Ropes Course Team Building Locations around Sydney, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley and The Gold Coast?

  • Thrill can bring our Mobile Ropes Courses directly to you, indoors with professional free standing elements.
  • Outdoors at any venue where space allows between structures allows.
  • Building abseils and rap jumping in all cities and regions
  • Gold Coast High Ropes and Canyon Adventures on private property or Thunderbird Adventure Park
  • Sydney Treetops adventure courses with a continuous series of flying foxes and team challenges to achieve
  • Pennant Hills Cumberland State Forest Park – Right next to THRILL HQ.
  • Northern Beaches at Narrabeen with the best fun giant swing releases.
  • Lower Blue Mountains High Ropes at Richmond, Windsor near the Hawkesbury Sebel and Penrith Panthers.
  • Central Coast in the Tree Tops at Yarramalong
  • Hunter Valley High Ropes Minmi near Newcastle
  • Blue Mountains – 3 Challenge Environments to select from
  • Sydney Cumberland State Forest near Pennant Hills and Norwest Castle Hill
  • Sydney Olympic Parks Jungle Safari Fun ropes course
  • Mobile Low Ropes Course team activities
  • Stunt and Marketing Rigging of vertical challenges at Expos, Shows and even Ninja Challenges with Celebrity guests or Inspirational speakers.
  • Spiders web initiatives for old style, hands on team building.
  • Taronga Zoo Wild Ropes, the best way to swing into action a new business plan or create a new team ethos.
  • Vertical and Industrial Access to abseil to descend people off buildings and towers in Sydney, The Gold Coast, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Adventure Team Building Client References

The Mirvac Projects team visited the Central Coast Tree Tops with Thrill. Enjoying an exceptional team building afternoon. Igniting Mirvac team leaders performance. Managers faced and overcoming obstacles whilst harnessing their fears. All Safety requirements were briefed and equipment double checked by team members. The Mirvac team were encouraging, displaying great tenacity, support and trust throughout the program.

“We all thoroughly enjoyed the Ropes Course run by Thrill staff. It was a great team building activity addition, that complimented our Hunter Valley conference brilliantly. Thank you to Konrad Lippmann and the whole team”. Katie O Grady, Manager Mirvac

Team Building Adventures on Flying Fox’s, Zip-Lining Experiences, Giant Swings and Trapezes Experienced Ropes course adventure parks training for staff and employees facilitated by Thrill leadership and team development professionals

Facilitated Low and High Ropes Course Team building activities provides a connection of security through harnesses and ropes. Natural leadership evolves, groups bond as teams, developing and understanding the meaning of cooperation support, first hand. The team building exercises are designed to encourage the development of trust through a united teamwork effort. Ensuring positive results for personal achievement as a team overcoming obstacles. There is the opportunity to focus on leadership skills. Especially when complemented with TMS or MBTI personality profiling tools.

1. LOW ROPES ADVENTURE COURSE Team Building Elements get the team started.

Confidence and trust building complemented by a series of low ropes challenge course element. Excellent for developing cooperation, effective communication, problem solving abilities and teamwork skills. On the low ropes elements teams will challenge themselves on. Nitro Crossings, Prouty’s Landing, Horizontal Log, Portal Hole, Burma Bridge, Swinging Tyres, Tension traverse, Postman’s Walk. Finishing on the uncanny unstable swinging bridge.

2.  TREE TOPS with exciting Team Building Elements to Achieve new heights.

Scale vertically onto the high ropes where real challenges are overcome. A heightened perceived risk is felt by participants, as well as an adrenaline surge. Elements include: Trapeze  or Leap of Faith, a Jacobs Ladder, then onto Burma Bridge and Postman’s walk. More Wild Woozy’s, Tension Traverses and over coming the Berlin Climbing Wall. For the more adventurous. We include Abseiling or finishing on a Thrilling Flying Fox Zip Line.

3.  HIGH ROPES COURSE Facilitated Team Building Thrill fun factor built in.

Scale into tree tops while being harnessed to finish on a thrilling 100m Flying Fox. Providing an excellent highlight of the day. Or select one of our sensational Ropes Course with up to 19 elements inter-linked. From Trapezes, Flying Fox’s, Zip Lines, Leap of Faith, Tarzan Swings and many more adrenaline buzzing activities.

Thrill facilitates professional corporate adventures and adventure training in all locations, Australia wide.

We look forward to harnessing your team with successful outcomes.

Now It’s time to raise the bar. By calling 02 9630 2222 and book a Thrilling Ropes Course adventure.

Ask for a Free Adventure Escape quote and receive free Event Photography to capture and share the experience.