Build a Bike Staff make Team Building Smiles For Kids Charities Gifting to Children

Build a Bike is ideal for staff Team building helping Kids and Children’s charities in 2024 make it a staff connection giving back event.

Enjoy a heart warming CSR Charity giving back to local kids communities, ideal for business, conference and corporate groups focussed on sustainable team events.

Selecting quality team building suppliers that have the right skills to deliver safely, in an industry is an important assessment in your procurement journey.

Be secure with Thrill team events engaging your staff to build quality, assessed and QC inspected BMX  Bikes that are directly gifted to the right kids in need.

Matched with looking cool and bright coloured ASA approved BMX bike helmets.
Your teams are guided and facilitated through a bike assembly process by professional staff that provide detailed mechanical instruction with the right tools.

Skilled bicycle mechanics and insurance for the safety and reassurance of both your groups and the child recipients. Brisbane and Gold Coast staff Team Building Kids BMX stunt Bikes at Conference venues and conferencing break out activities - here are 10 BMX kids bikes built by corporate groups for children charities overlooking Story Bridge, Brisbane.

Inspire more meaningful staff connection activities with the most rewarding Sydney Team Building Activities. That engages, motivates, creating positive staff interaction and smiles. Thrill connects staff inter-relationship communication channels for all corporate groups, businesses and employees, with 100% engagement.

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All Kids Charity Bikes are Triple Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QC and QA’d) Checked before Donating to Charities like Act for Kids, Bridging The Gap, Variety The Children’s Charities

Tested and adjusted to suit the Children receiving your assembled bikes.

Investing in teamwork that makes a difference to your employees whilst helping less fortunate children smile. Bringing kids a greater freedom of being more independent.

Owning their own set of two wheeled freedom. Motivational staff activities by participating in engaging, powerful worthwhile team development and avoiding the boring team bonding cliches.

Thrill has been facilitating Australian business teams to build more than 3,000+ quality children’s bikes.

10 award winning Thrilling Fun Charity Bike team building activities

Experience counts, 20+ years experience in CSR and corporate charitable staff team building philanthropic events to help others.

Encouraging the freedom of more kids riding bikes. In honour of our fellow lost safe cyclist advocate Cameron Frewer.

Who with 4 kids of his own was all about – Changing community values.

Ensuring deserving kids that may be disadvantaged by circumstance have a brighter, independent and stronger future.

KPMG accountancy firm top 4 building bikes in Sydney for Childrens Charity team building with Thrill bike mechanics and conference venue activities athat are professionally facilitated.

Thrill Connects Staff with Excellent Teamwork to Give Back Quality Kids BMX Stunt Bikes and Brings Children a Smile

In Sydney CBD, The Rocks, Parramatta, Macquarie Park.

The Hunter Valley at Conference venues even Winery Cellar Doors.

In Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise.

Also Cairns, Canberra ACT, South Coast and Melbourne.

Most recently in Coogee at Crowne Plaza and Coogee Pavilion.

Thrill has traveled extensively around Australia building safe reliable kids bikes.

With the assistance of corporate teamwork, construction teams, engineers, accountants, sales staff, EA’s, PA’s, CEO’s, CFO’s and passionate advocates in HR that value positive impact group activities.

We love supporting kids charities.

Encouraging Corporate Social Responsibility CSR activities that empower growth. Give the Gift of Giving.

Providing engaging, rewarding team building exercises for all staff and employees learning how to professionally construct bikes, trikes, billy carts and F1 race machines.

Now is the time to plan your next Work Team Event and give generously to those who genuinely appreciate your teamwork. The Kids!

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Build a Bike Charity Variety Cycle with Thrill build a bike for Kids in Sydney Centennial Park start line commence their ride to Melbourne for 100 bike riders raising charity funds.
The Variety Cycle from Sydney to Melbourne was launched with 8 deserving children receiving bikes built by Thrill corporate group client Thomas & Betts. The excited kids got to lead off, riding ahead of the fundraising cyclists at Centennial Park. Right behind the awesome Variety Cycle front rider Francesca and her very proud dad.

Exceptional BMX Stunt Bikes for Kids Part of The Best 10 Team Development Activities Hitting 10 Staff Engagement Values


  1. Fun Team Building with Ice Breakers and Get To Know You Better Games – Uniting teams to construct a common goal
  2. Problem Solving – resolving which parts are assembled, aligned and tensioned in which order
  3. Communication – ensuring the best tools are utilised in the right location by the right person
  4. Collaboration Exercises – sometimes a significant bike component is held by another team. Or the expertise of brake adjustments and chain tensioning is taught to selected team members who must then share their skills across all bikes. Training others to accomplish the tasks to a specific high standard.
  5. Integration of staff – Not just on one team, but united across the bike production and assembly team line
  6. Project Planning – where to start, timings and accomplishing deadlines
  7. Train and up skill staff – to accomplish results effectively to 96% excellence standard, efficiently
  8. Negotiation – Building teamwork and Smiling because its a meaningful Gift to children
  9. Investing – in our kids future and encouraging healthy active communities
  10. Results 3 kids cycling bikes built for charity team building thrill experiences

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1,000’s of staff and employees benefit from engaging Thrill Build-A-Bike for Children’s Charities Giving Back to Kids in Local Communities


  • Team members learn about each other and themselves in fun games – designed to create equal bike building teams.
  • Activities can lead teams outdoors or be completed entirely indoors – As teams solve clues or complete fun activities.
  • Staff acquire necessary materials and tools to build their kids bike.
  • Groups discover that in order to succeed. – Assisting one another. Performing specific skills to correctly tension; nuts and bolts, adjusting the chain. Ensuing brakes are adjusted effectively and safely.
  • Tyre Pumping race – Pump It UP!!! Wheels aligned and tyre pressures up to specs.
  • Negotiating and swapping bike parts can be incorporated in the design.
  • At the conclusion of the Build a Bike team event bicycle mechanics inspect, teach and assist in adjusting the bikes ready to ride. Build a Bike corporate group and staff team building activities for children's charity with thrill bicycle mechanics

Bike Build Teams present their Quality Control inspected bicycles to children from selected partner Children’s Charities Like Act-4-Kids


  • Act for Kids
  • Bridging The Gap
  • Make A Wish
  • Stuart House
  • Save The Children
  • Starlight Foundation
  • Red Kite
  • Smith Family
  • Salvation Army,
  • Barnardos
  • Camp Quality
  • Red Cross.

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The best fun Team building bikes for kids Charity CSR staff events for the best Sydney team building activities giving back with Corporate Social Responsibility CSR in mind. Suitable for all conference events for groups to help more Children. large corporate group smiles with thrill events.

 Select now as a great End Of Financial Year Celebration or Office Christmas Party where your team becomes Santas helpers!

THRILL selects the most suitable Children’s Charity Partner  Helping Youth that are Disadvantaged in Australia 

Thrill partners with over 15 Australian Children's Charities. From The Salvos to Variety the Childrens Charity, Barnardos, Oz Child, Smith Family, Mission Australia and Act for Kids.

Thrill have  worked with many wonderful Australian Children’s Charities. Selecting a children’s charity partner from the following list is easy.

Tell us which you would like to partner with.

Thrill communicates with local kids charity groups to ensure an excellent match of children and the style of quality bikes  your teams will build.

Ensuring that the kids bikes are received by children who are especially selected. Thrill ensures that all bikes are excellent quality durable bikes. Well built and meet all Product Safety Australian Standards.

  • We supply BMX Bike Mechanics to quality control the staff bike team build production process
  • Professional bicycle tools provided
  • Providing charities and disadvantaged children with excellent quality bikes ready and tested to ride
  • Bikes are selected for their robustness, reliability, ease to adjust
  • Built to last
  • Correctly sized Children’s Bikes Supplied matched to kids from 6-15 years
  • Helmets included; Australian standards approved Multi-Adjustable Children’s Helmets supplied with each bike
  • Include a bike safety skills course
  • + correct bike fit the children with their new bikes & helmets
  • Thrill staff team building philosophy is provide kids with Safe suitable bikes, Mechanically excellent, Quality controlled, Reliable and Thrilling fun to ride by kids who will!

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Reward Your Staff with Hands Experiences Building Bikes 4 Tykes and Kids Bikes Factory for Staff Connection On or Off Site Corporate Events

Invest in worthwhile activities that are suitable for:

  • Philanthropic community minded corporate groups and businesses
  • Transforming the way that businesses think about work
  • Experiencing the value of teamwork, collaboration and customer focused results
  • Small or large corporate group events and activities from 10-1,000 staff at all meetings, events and conferences Australia Wide.
  • Boosting companies PR by giving back to the community in an appropriate manner Winning smile of Westpac Bank graduates team building bmx stunt bikes for childrens charities with great kids bikes at Luna Park North Sydney

Corporate Charity Building Bikes Conference Event Client Testimonial by RB

rb company team development day completing corporate team building activities with ThrillCorporate Business Team Leaders Reckitt Benckiser (RB).

Reports on their Build a Bike Charity Team Building event at Lilianfels in the Blue Mountains with Thrill team events.

“We carefully focused their energies to complete 5 bikes. Then directly donating the gorgeous finished products to Lifestart Children’s Charity. The feedback from the event was tremendous”.

RB Rated the team building an overall rating of 100%.

Level of Satisfaction: 100%

Quality of Thrill coordinators: 100% Thrill Mechanical and

Support Staff: 100%

 “This program was very inspiring, the team were only advised the purpose of the team building 1 hour before kickoff and were keen to get into the spirit of doing something for charity. The most rewarding was knowing the bikes were going to be given to kids with disabilities.
The card making was an extra incentive as it put the marketing team into a very competitive mood, wanting to outdo one another. The bike race at the end was the icing on the cake. It warmed everyone up and we became one team in the end with a common goal, have fun!”

Why did you choose this team building exercise for your team? “Something different from the usual events we have done in the past, and the end result was giving to a charity, something tangible that we could all see and feel at the end of the day”.

Did Thrill facilitators and staff meet and exceed your requirements? “Most Definitely”.

Which part of the Build A Bike Team Building Program was your teams favourite, Why?

“The finished product and the competitive edge to see who won with the best assembled bike”.

Supporting Children’s Charities Australia wide enquiry button thrill team events

Bikes are built by business and corporate teams in a quality driven facilitated process by THRILL team events professional and qualified staff.

A sequence of activities ensure that the exercise is engaging  your staff and suited to all participants regardless of skill level.

The program is designed to increase awareness of children’s charities. From the children’s needs, cycle advocacy, building local communities and teaching the skills. To putting together the mechanical components collaboratively from scratch.

Providing teams real life practical skills to a professional set standard of product delivery.

There has never been a better time to build a bike as a gift for a deserving child.

Promoting ecologically friendly transport and a sustainable healthy lifestyles for growing kids.

Build your companies image through socially responsible corporate events! 

That make a child’s day and who just wants a bicycle to ride!

WIN – WIN – everyone Wins in this team building scenario.

Experience fun activities either indoors and outdoors throughout Australia whilst building quality bikes for a worthy cause.

The children’s bikes are of high quality and proudly assembled by teams under the supervision of our bicycle mechanics and facilitators who teach teams the skills of assembling the flat packed parts into excellent and safe bikes ready to ride away.

A 3 step inspection process of the bikes, making final adjustments before the bikes are received by the children.

When the kids cannot make the time or venue. We ensure the bikes are donated or delivered with your business representative present.

Building Bikes for Tykes is suitable for Team Building Activities and Events, Conferences & CSR programs.

  • As a team building activity for community minded corporate and business groups
  • Ideal for both small and large corporate group events and activities.
  • From small sub teams of 2-6 working on each bike
  • 10 – 1,000’s of participants all building bikes at the same time as a bicycle factory assembly event.
  • Our largest Build a Bike for Children Charities has been with CBA at Luna Park Sydney.
  • 1,100 staff in 100+ teams assembling 110+ bikes.
  • All trucked to Dubbo for Indigenous Kids.

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Boost your staff training value by ‘paying it forward’! 

Many children would love to receive the bike your business builds.

Plan a fun end of financial year corporate group celebration that provides functional team building.

That have the tykes riding with a smile whilst your group smiles knowing that you’ve made a terrific charitable donation.

THRILL’s largest team building bikes corporate CBA group of over 1,000 CBA staff.

Building 80 children’s BMX bikes in Sydney at Luna Park as a Team Building Exercise & staff reward.

For a leading Australian Bank – CBA in 2hrs.

Every bike was triple tested and quality control inspected before being trucked to Barnardo’s – The Children’s Charity, to regional locations like Dubbo.

Once at the Barnardos regional centers.

Local indigenous kids are presented with their bikes and Australian approved standards helmets.

Winning huge SMILES all round! Thrill bike build team building charity give back services for Events

Bikes can be donated to local Children’s Charities with children in attendance to receive the bikes

Please help build and put a smile on a child’s face while assembling an impressive kids bike. The bike giveaway presentation with children present is sensationally rewarding.

THRILL will organise a children’s charity in attendance or you can select your own charity partner.

Partner with local children’s charities

Building Bikes as a team building exercise can be fast, but is best as a 3hr team development program.

We recommend 1 hour minimum.

Mixed with fun games to create energy and get pumping with excitement!

We ensure successful and professionally delivered activities that deliver quality standards and safe bikes for children. Build-a-Bike Charity Staff Team Building Donation to Mission Australia by Thrill team building events

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Available at all locations with fully mobile bike build services throughout AustraliaTHEISS-Team-Building

  • Sydney at all offices,
  • Sydney ICC International Conference Convention and conference Centers and
  • Hotels from The Hilton to
  • The Four Seasons, Stamford and Novotel Darling Harbour.
  • Brisbane Conference and Function Centers, Offices and South Bank
  • Gold Coast Charity Team Building events available at
  • Sheraton Mirage Hotel, Gold Coast resorts.
  • Voco and QT hotels.
  • ACT Canberra National Convention Center NCCC,
  • Novotel, Mantra, Crowne Plaza,
  • QT, Quest and Mercure.
  • Hunter Valley at
  • Cypress Lakes,
  • Sebel Kirkton Park,
  • Chateau Elan,
  • Hunter Resort,
  • Peppers Spicers Resort 
  • Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley Conference Center
  • Blue Mountains
  • Fairmont Resort, Lilianfels, Echoes,
  • Carrington, Hydro Magestic, Mountain Heritage Lodge
  • Southern Highlands
  • Craigieburn, Centennial Winery,
  • Peppers Manor House and Milton Park Bowral

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Previous Bike Building Clients Accomplished 500+ Corporate Socially Responsible CSR Team Building Activities with Thrill Events 


Develop community team building events with the a passionate professional team. The Corporate Socially Responsible (CSR) activities ensure that Children’s charity organisations are supported. The real benefit is felt immediately. As businesses, managers and employees receive meaningful activities that are outcome focused and professionally run.

Corporate Groups to Give Generously in 2023 100 THEISS staff Building Bikes for Children’s Charity with THRILL at Darling Harbour Novotel, Sydney.

THEISS graduates experienced the fun side of Philanthropic CSR team building experiences.

With playing team games to get to know each other better.

Then building the bikes collaboratively.

Resulting in presenting 12 local disadvantaged Sydney kids a brand new BMX stunt bike to ride.

Konrad Lippmann facilitated building more bikes for the Smith family at Taronga Zoo.

CBA built a set of children’s bikes for Stuart House at Sydney’s Novotel.

Employers Mutual Built thrilling kids bikes in their Newcastle and Sydney Offices for Barnardos, The Children’s Charity. Thrill team rides Australia's biggest build a bike at Sydney Olympic Park

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Charity Bikes For Tykes and Kids Bike Building factory fun – Team Building Activities that make a really, wheely makes a difference!

  1. Select the timing & location. A minimum time is 2hr’s to assemble and present bikes
  2. Nominate Children’s Charity & Age
  3. Each quality bike is provided with an Australians Standards Approved Helmet

Bikes are delivered to your selected charity organisation, where teams can present the bikes or have Children receive the gifted bikes directly as an emotional and rewarding accomplishment.


Matching Corporate Socially Responsible CSR activities with Business Objectives achieving the desired connected staff outcomes

  • Facilitated Brainstorming – how to build the bike
  • Planning and Problem Solving collaboratively
  • Communicating effectively as a team
  • Identifying and utilising the talents and strengths of team members
  • Incorporating and developing unique talents, passions and skills
  • Have teams work together, accomplishing more for the kids in disadvantaged communities
  • Enjoying excellent fun team bonding in a worthwhile charity helping team building process
  • Timing from 2-4hrs to suit your requirements in conference entrees, outdoors or board rooms.

Let’s get your Bike Building for Kids conference and meeting activities Kit started.

Build Kids Bikes For Charity Give Back
Helping a Child Free Quotes or CSR Events Enquiry

Phone m: 0459 1111 29