Sales Team Building by Thrill Events are specifically designed to engage, unite, reward and foster healthy communication for Sales Teams. Invest in a sales team event that incorporates exciting high energy activities, brainy (cerebral) applied thinking. Mixed with highly entertaining challenges, charity initiatives and a touch of friendly competition. sales team building activities men flying like superman

Thrill designs each event specific to your sales teams needs. Ensuring that your team is rewarded at the same time as integrating and promoting key vales of your business or organisation.

Thrill reviewed 62 Sales teams Authors from an online blog

url 25th July 2016. From the analytical process we determined the essential elements that sales teams enjoy. Evaluated is a snapshot of sales tips and ideas from leading thought leaders from around the world. team building activities events enquiry form


  1. Guy Kawasak, Author, Venture Capitalist and TechnologistEnchantment is the purest form of sales, changing people’s hearts, minds and actions, providing a vision of what could be. While holding the other person’s best interests at heart.
  2. Yusuf Tayob, Partner & Global Lead – Sales Enablement at Accenture Research by CSO Insights highlights that sales teams must improve through selling solutions, outcomes and buiness value. Suited for teams that focus on: Strategy, Consulting, Digital and Technology in Australia.
  3. Liz Gelb-O’Connor, VP Inside Sales Strategy & Growth at ADP Social selling is for small-business and large-business in all market sectors. Develop training, celebrate successes and share social-selling best practices to build the entire company. Valuable for businesses developing their payroll data systems. ADP provides comprehensive payroll services and human resources management solutions for businesses of all sizes.

The following excerpt is quoted from Mindtools –, 25th July 2016

Eleven Strategies for Motivating and Managing Sales teams

  1. Lead by Example
  2. Develop Staff Emotional Intelligence
  3. Build Great Working Relationships
  4. Understand Your People’s Personalities
  5. Tailor Rewards and Motivators
  6. Set SMART Goals (specific, achievable, realistic, timely)
  7. Create positive Competition
  8. Recognise Achievements of others and yourself
  9. Grant Autonomy
  10. Become a Coach or Mentor
  11. Manage Conflict Appropriately
  12. Provide a Suitable Sustainable Environment

Thrill has worked with over 600 Sales teams, providing professional, outcomes focused structured team building experiences. We custom design events to engage your Salespeople and staff. Utilising activities focused on building cohesive respectful teams. That are fully competent in developing cooperative problem solving skills, sharing resources, communicating more effectively and staying motivated.

What Sales Teams Want versus What Do They Need?

  • Motivated Staff
  • Collaborative team environments
  • Focused on achieving team success
  • Valuing each members strengths
  • Quality communicators who are personable

Thrill Sales Team Builders provides Successful exciting Activities that empower your people team building activities events enquiry form

With over 21 years of experience in running team building activities, Thrill understands the unique nature of each group and what activities and events will bring the best out of your people. A Sales Teams drive, passion for life, innovation and people orientated characters are explored. We unite sales staffr through the specialised activities that include leadership and emotional intelligence coupled with strong interpersonal skills.


Suggested is sending your managers off on a Thrilling Amazing Race with high reward values.

Challenging your team on the Thrill SURVIVOR Experience.

Bringing out the Master Chefs cooking talents and healthy eating through our Master Chef Team Challenge.

Charity Team Building Activities like Building Bikes, Trikes, Billy Karts, Children’s Kitchenettes

Adventures, Thrill Experiences, Rewards…… ask us about taking your team to the next level…

Or experience a professionally Hosted Minute 2 Win It Fun Socialising Event to see who the real winners are.


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