Survivor team building activities and corporate events by Thrill are brilliant active businesses groups getting outdoors. Enjoy exciting Survivor themed events specifically developed and facilitated to challenge, engage and reward your staff, managers or employees.

Strengthening your team bonds in Sydney to the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Beaches, Brisbane or the stunning Gold Coast beaches.

Re-creating reality TV with your own exclusive event. Did you know that Thrill staff have hosted more Survivor days than Jeff Probst? 1,600+ programs delivered. Here is a taster of the Reality theme that kicked it all off. Focusing on more fun team activities for all groups and abilities.

Out Wit, Out Play and enjoy outdoor team activities with your work colleagues and friends. Participating in the latest Survivor Immunity challenges fix.Survivor events and Team Building activities water exploding bomb with Sling Shot Shooting targets - legal Copyright Thrill events Australia

Thrill provides the most popular and brilliant line up of fun survival activities on training programs.
Designed to engage your staff with EOFY team bonding at any off-site outdoor team building, conferences and corporate days.

Over 1,590+ Survivor events conducted for over 15 years with a Thrilling series of unique ‘survivor’ activities. Professionally coordinated, facilitated and hosted by trained, skilled outdoor education staff trainers and facilitators.

  • Test and strengthen your team bonding resolve
  • Improve teamwork, problem solving and employee relationships
  • Thrill facilitates all corporate groups and business tribes of all abilities to succeed
  • Improve employee Morale, Motivation
  • Create greater staff Engagement, Communication, Collaboration and employee Cohesion

Thrill facilitates rewarding outdoor Survivor experiences. With dynamic custom built challenges designed for all groups abilities to participate. We have 24 years experience in delivering exceptional Outdoor Corporate Challenge Events to all client groups from 10-1,000 staff.

Survivor Events are conducted throughout NSW in Sydney, Blue Mountains and Hunter Valley. In Queensland, Brisbane or on the Gold Coast on exceptional private properties, national parks, council parks, waterways and wild places.

Programs are ideal for team building groups of 15-1,000+ staff, employees, leaders or managers. Facilitating large group events with 100’s-1,000’s of your employees, managers and staff being challenged and rewarded together.

See you at Tribal Council – “its time to vote…” Survivor games in Sydney to Gold Coast and Brisbane for employees to engage on activities where Corporate Events are a Success

Australian survivor series has hit televisions in Sydney with a fantastic cast line up. Does your tribe have what it takes to succeed? Enquire now to find out!

Survivor Christmas Work Party Events from Sydney to the Gold Coast and out in The Australian Bush

Pictured above is Thrill staff conducting a series of Survivor Games and Corporate Challenges in the Komodo Islands, Flores Indonesia. Re-creating, Replica immunity challenges and playing on the previous CBS TV series survivor activities. Speak with us to custom build unique, impressive branding events to suit your business team, behaviours and values.Survivor team building on the beaches near Sydney playing a word puzzle to win immunity

Thrill can incorporate helicopter entry and evacuation, jet skiing, parachuting, mountain biking, horse-riding and 4WD ing our contestants to set locations. Played in Sydney, Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Brisbane and Melbourne. Thrill brings on the wow factor with a range of staff activities; from Tree Mail to Torpedos, Sling Shot Shooting to Raft Building to Tribal Council debrief with rewards.

The Top 10 Survivor Challenge Activities on your Team Building Event with Thrill are:enquiry button thrill team events

  • Meet and Greet Games by Survivor Host.
  • Retrieve Tree Mail and strategise .
  • Perform Tribal Chant or War Cry.
  • Search and Retrieve for a Cache of essentials for survival.
  • Firing at Targets with Slingshots, Spears, Arrows or Rocks.
  • Puzzles to accomplish and test your communication, collaboration and problem solving skills.
  • Obstacle Courses Navigation – Blindfolded as pairs or roped together.
  • Water Challenges to overcome fear with skill – in order to survive.
  • Raft Building or Chariot Building great for the big group events.
  • Tribal Council – Debrief and Voting for the Ultimate Survivor Tribe and Individual.

Custom Built Survivor Games and Outdoor Corporate Challenges to Improve Teamwork Building Employee and Staff Morale
Survivor team immunity challenges and corporate conference groups activity reward Australia wide

Experience counts! With over 1,000 superb survival programs and outdoor team building exercises conducted Australia wide. With 500 of the top companies in Australia. It’s time to book a Thrill experience for quality team building, leadership development and staff training excellence in Team events.

As a bonus receive FREE* corporate event photography and a hand crafted engraved survivor Immunity Idol. Enquire now.


In the survival line up is Bear Grylls style adventures as well as Todd Sampson Thrill BODY HACKING training activities and events. For those companies that are dedicated to increasing their staff problem solving and collaboration capacities. Enjoy Challenges with rewarding outcomes for small business through to large corporate group events.

Contact the Thrill team events to design kick off a new outdoor adventure experiences that will reward your business tribe. Call Now: 02 9630 2222

  • AREAS All Conference Venues in Sydney and Australia Wide
  • Other Locations Manly, Coogee, Bondi, Sydney Olympic Park, Parramatta, North Sydney, Macquarie Park
  • DURATION: 2 to 4 hours. Customised activities to suit required timing.
  • GROUPS / VENUES 10 to 500 Survivor participants. Outdoors at all venues, Everywhere
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