Thrill Build a Bike Factory 4 Kids will have your Teams Building for Children’s Charities like Act For Kids and Oz Child or Smith Family and Barnardos brighter future. Increase staff morale with engaging team activities that help kids less fortunate.

This Bike Build team event is great for large scale conferences, AGMS, Awards ceremony with guest speakers and performances. Coupled with a moving Audio-Visual Presentation demonstration on the difference a bike can make to a child’s life. With 100’s of staff being engaged simultaneously. Uplifting music compilation and games, competitions to keep delegates 100% engaged and focused on achievement.

With the help of Australian businesses and corporations. Thrill has now built over 2,500+ cool BMX bikes for our future – the Aussie kids. We partner your employees and staff with selected Australian kids charity groups that love the independence of receiving two wheeled freedom. Winning smile of Westpac graduates team building bike charity CSR activity with Thrill events at Luna Park conference venue in North Sydney

Lets demonstrate the value of quality corporate events with the production of quality BMX bikes. Quality Controlled by friendly facilitators and skilled bicycle mechanics.

18 reasons that makes Thrill an exceptional Bike Building Event Team Development Solution for your next Staff Off Site Meeting, Team Day or Conference Break:

  1. Passion to help others in need. Demonstrating CSR and corporate empathy for local communities.
  2. Look after the legal liability from your company’s Bike Building and Charity Supporting Activities
  3. Provides real quality and robust bikes that Aussie kids are proud of and use. Ready to take on the local BMX track, skate park or hang out with their mates. Build jumps, play outdoors. Kids on bikes have great fun providing kids freedom wheels of independence…. Team building activities and Inspiring Event Ideas. Get a quote from Thrill Events
  4. Employ professional engaging friendly  facilitators and coordinators that lead your groups charity building project. Skilled Bike Mechanics come in to complete a final check over adjustment and any repairs required to ensure excellent quality safe bikes are presented to the children and charities.
  5. Supply Quality Controlled and inspected bikes that meet all Australian Standards Approval ratings as well as supplied with a fitted adjustable children’s bicycle helmet.
  6. Building Fit For Purpose quality bicycles targeted for kids that will ride the bikes.Teams building bikes for childrens charity Act For Kids in Brisbane and Gold Coast by Thrill team events Konrad Lippmann
  7. Focusing on the Child as recipients being able and taught how to ride safely
  8. Going beyond the conference event and team building activity after-glow
  9. Delivering the bikes; matching the kids, setting up correct seat heights, brake lever positions.
  10. Demonstrate and practice correct helmet fitting
  11. Teaching skills and tricks for riding bikes with flair and independence. The freedom of two wheels is magic for a child. It grows their confidence and abilities to tackle life.
  12. Avoid being tricked into cheap corporate team building solutions – providing 1/2 the toy story. Invest in fully proven Charity Team Building programs that have the necessary insurances to cover what you build. Kids bike building mechanic for hire for corporate events and team bike building activities
  13. Provide FREE* demonstration model bike to compliment the team building gift to kids charities
  14. A Professional Thrill Host is always there to meet, greet and facilitate the smooth running and coordination of all group charity building events.
  15. Thrill are Passionate bike riders, cyclists, mountain bikers that are connected to 1,000’s of other riders. Every year we seek to increase the people riding in our communities.
  16. Advocates and ambassadors for sustainable transport , lobbying and building safer cycling communities.
  17. Thrill staff have hosted 7 BNSW Spring Cycles with over 10,000 recreational cyclists, kids, families, mothers, fathers and friends. Taking part in the Gear Up Girl Rides with over 1,100 ladies cycling in 2018 and 2019.
  18. Supply of professional Bike Mechanic to check all the bikes built. Make adjustments, fine tune, QA and QC every kids bike component; from handlebars to brakes, headsets, chain and tyre pressures.
kids receive bikes from staff team building activities in a hands on bike factory fun event to gift bicycles to aussie kids
So Cool Bikes – best engineering for Australian kids to become our next champion cyclists and sustainable transport operators – bike riders!

Your Business and Conference Teams Assemble Quality Australian Standards Approved Balance and BMX Bikes 4 a Child or Children Charity Partner – Its all about Connecting and Creating Smiles

Engage in teamwork that delivers great results for this End Of Financial Year (EOFY) or create meaningful fun Christmas Team Celebrations for your team to donate kids bicycles.

Set aside your End Of Financial Year to invest in worthwhile Charity Team Building Activities or Christmas Events. That are a unique present for disadvantaged kids.

enquiry button thrill team eventsBecome a santa’s helper and help brighten Children’s lives. Being rewarded in the  knowledge that you are investing your team building activities funds into a child’s future.

By supporting young Australians access to cycling stars like Kathy Watts, Anna Meares and Tour De France Winner Cadel Evans. It has the ability to communicate strong positive messages to your staff, employees, workers and colleagues.

Employ their energies, skills and efforts to make a positive difference in local communities.

Thrill loves building bikes with a team of staff specialists in bicycle mechanics and bike building for corporate groups nationwide.

BIKE NEWS: 1m Matters! Giving distance and respect for Kids Cycling.

Build Staff Teamwork with the Tykes for Bikes this End Of Financial Year Help Employee Training Days Gift a Brighter Sustainable Future Transport for Australian Kids

We match kids of all ages with appropriately built bikes by corporate groups. Professionally guided in the building process with the bicycles triple checked before being ridden.

Lets unite corporate business through excellent teamwork to achieve success. The Bike for Tyke factory activities can be set up as a fun production line or as a competitive corporate team challenge. custom-built-teams

Support us in helping to build over 1,000 more kids riding bikes in Sydney, The Gold Coast, Melbourne and Brisbane before 2020.

Thrill Custom Builds a terrific range of CSR Charity Team building and team development exercises that really engage staff to participate and learn from the experiences. CSR corporate events are available in all locations, in your offices, at conference venues or at our facilities, Australia wide.

Encouragement; Now It’s Christmas and EOFY time forward to Gift your team building teamwork to kids who deserve a decent investment of our skills and given a fair go.

*** Free bike/s provided when program is secured with more than 9 bikes. Each 10th Bike is gifted by Thrill Events team for Free.

  • LOCATIONS Mobilke to all locations. Indoors or outdoor venues in Sydney - Gold Coast - Australia Wide
  • VENUES All Conference Venues, Hotels, Offices, Local Bike Shops and Warehouses.
  • DURATION Select 2 to 4 hours. Custom Built. Meeting your timing requirements.
  • GROUPS From 10 to 1,000 people. Large corporate group events to celebrate children being more active.