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Invest in CSR Teamwork that Succeeds in improving peoples lives this end of year function.

Brighten the life of a Child, the Homeless or disadvantaged Families.
Give the Gift of Giving your support generously.


A definition of CSR:

– By ‘CSR’ we mean Corporate Social Responsibility. It refers to the responsibility of an organisation for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment, through transparent and ethical behaviour. In your organisation it may be called corporate responsibility, sustainability or another term.


Corporate Socially Responsible CSR team building activities

Select from a range of CSR Team development programs that Thrill facilitates and coordinates.

  1. Building Toys 4 Kids
  2. Bike Factory building Bikes and Trikes for Tykes supporting disadvantaged children become more independent in our local communities
  3. Cooking For Homeless and Charity Groups through Sydney
  4. Furniture 4 Families where your investment in quality furniture items can help those affected by domestic violence
  5. Helping Hands by constructing and assembling prosthetic hands that are then sent to victims of land mines or the loss of their hands
  6. Building Kids Kitchens that stimulates the growth and imaginations to become the next master chefenquiry button thrill team events
  7. Water Works where your assembly of a water purification plant that is then sent to Africa will provide a small village clean, healthy, filtered water systems
  8. Team Building Green Machines,
  9. Billy Karts Derbies and fun Buggies for kids of all abilities to play with

Advise your preferred Charity partner recipient or have Thrill match a suitable charity partner. Your business can build, teamwork, morale and make a positive difference to the lives of local communities.

Thrill has an extensive range of Charity team building activity options to select from.

Call 02 9630 2222 to discuss custom built ideas and how your organisation can make a difference.

Please visit our Charity Team Building Activities page to view more details and make a suitable selection.