Body Hacking Team Development Activities for Business Staff To Adapt to Change Like Todd Sampson

Thrill Body Hack staff training and is designed to train the Brain while accomplishing Intelligent Fitness Activities.

+ve Mental Agility balanced with Brain Plasticity.

Facilitated by instructors and professionals that get your leaders, managers and staff learning, adaptive and responsive.

It’s time to test your teams. brain-based-fitness-team-development training for staff by Thrill events instructorsBuilding their resilience with team development training programs for leaders and staff that want more. Thrill supplies extraordinary experiences that change the way your staff think act and be trained in business.

It’s time not just to observe professionals and experts in their arena. But to meet them; emulate their skills, practice performance enhancing techniques and become them.

Thrill is on a quest to bring the science of human potential with mind hacks and body hacking to teams to achieve more and beyond their current limited levels.

We collaborate with you in custom designing Body Hack activities, Unique Training Events. Conference Breaks and Mind Training for all businesses and groups across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, The Gold Coast and Canberra.

It’s time to change and participate in corporate events that engage and inspire people. Speak with us to design the changes you are aiming at.

Thrill Trains Your Staff To Succeed with a Series of Body Hack Challenges Transforming Corporations, Managers, Sales Staff and Employees into Confident Collaborative Leaders

Let us teach you and master the mind tricks to re-engage the mid to learn, retain and recall information that you have absorbed. More readily, more accurately and more efficiently.

Understand the problems now Focus on Solutions. Being effective at work. It’s not about working harder. It is about utilising the available time. As life is too short. We need to make the most of our assets. Your people and their talents.

Tapping the potential of employees and training the brain whilst improving the bodies fitness. You can body hack too.

Combining a series of unique and new team building activities and ideas formulated from games, puzzles, science, human survival. Art and fun play into a series of challenges that will put your staff in the drivers seat.

Remember Todd Sampsons 1st season of the Body Hack series. If not – here’s a refresher!

Thrill Body Hack Skills Training extends your Employees and Leaders limits to reach their Untapped Potential, Inspiring Creativity Experientially increasing Self Confidence brain-based-fitness-team-development training for staff by Thrill events instructorsand Success In Life

Take on The JOURNEY

  • Element of Surprise activities where it is a matter of survival to react appropriately
  • A series of Team activities that hack into their brains think tank
  • Break out of assumptions – challenging their own locus of control.
  • Confront a Professional Fighter in a real boxing ring
  • Face Mixed martial artists and combat your way with techniques to defend and attack
  • Immerse yourselves in the life of a Fire Fighter training.
  • Search and rescue whilst eliminating dangers
  • Co Pilot aero planes, helicopters or experience Flight simulations and Simulators.
  • Become an Adventurer; exploring wild areas, navigating cross country and surviving remote areas
  • Plunge into the lives of an Australian Surf Life Saver – CPR
  • See what life is like saving lives on the streets of Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne as a Paramedic support person
  • Complete hot laps with a professionally trained Racing Car Driver, then drive yours or our racing cars on the race track
  • Enjoy circus and trapeze we will train you with skilled Acrobatics or become a Circus Performer
  • Explore an ocean underwater world as a recovery Diver
  • Delve into your inner creativity as a Creative Artist Painting or Sculptor with our Art Therapists
  • Inspire healthy eating and cooking skills with exceptional high energy low calories foods
  • compete against a real Chef in a Master Chef or MKR Cook Off Challenge
  • Put yourselves in the shoes of a Police Officer dealing with real situations
  • Emulate French Legionnaires / SAS / Riot Squad…
  • Spend a day in the army, navy or air-force and go behind the scenes to understand the training implemented in Australian Defence forces

Start Immediately – Make an Brain Changing Enquiry to engage your team to a healthier, happier more harmonious work teamworks environment step into a boxing ring to fight against a professional what does the flight fright response do to you

Speak with Konrad Lippmann director of Thrill team training. Qualified BA Human Movement + Graduate Diploma of Education. He is solutions focused. Aiming to kick start your staff training and corporate teamwork Body Hack Challenge program.

Or have Todd Sampson, professional speaker train and engage your staff at your next conference. Corporate event, meeting, off-site planning session, AGM, end of financial year EOFY event or leadership training session.

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