101 Understanding Team Building Principles Review by Konrad Lippmann of Thrill Events

Thrill 101 course in understanding trends of team building activities development in Australia up to 2023.

Thrill provides an Accelerated course via Route 101 of team building principles or the Psychology of Change (POC) for business teams. What will engage your team, before diving into the creative, physical, cultural or intellectual team building selection process.

Following is an overview and understanding of what to search for when it comes to excellence in team building.

Here you can find a Definition of what are team building activities are. Understanding what will engage your team and taking active steps to engage staff and employees to become a united team is essential!

Definition and Utilisation of Team Building Activities by Their Categories or Increasing Captilisation on Categorisation by Konrad Lippmann

101 of team building ideas at Thrill in Sydney

  1. Physical Fun n Games Team Building also known as Team Bonding
    Thrill’s favourite way to get team events started. Ideal to break the ice, develop rapport and begin play. Get to know one another better. Not too serious! Light impact, physical components benefit and promotes employee personal and mental health. Thrill are successful at reinforcement of +ve company values. Employing the right staff to deliver the activities positively is key. See Thrill team events as an extension of your business. We act as a personal trainer improving and training your business teams, creating the right team culture.
  2. Creative
    Using the imagination, creative skills and expressive talents of a teams energies. This area of team building can be defined as art therapy. Creative team building Painting, Sculpting, Drawing, Cooking, Designing… Tangible results for client groups to utilise and share their talents to create a lasting visual effect.
  3. Intellectual Team Building also termed Team Development and Management Consultation
    Alternatively termed analytical, strategic or change management programs. The majority of serious team building outcomes fall under this genre. Team development programs can achieve real results. Company consulting considers team building issues usually within the broader process of evaluation or business analysis. Here a corporation can gain an independent perspective and systems to change, repair, improve or cull teams.
    Real Team Building or True Teambuilding: should be measurable. Sometimes incorporating SMART and SWOT Analysis. With well defined Goals and proven systems to achieve desired result outcomes. Our programs Improve or strengthen employees inter communication, collaboration and task cohesion. The aims are typically to increase business productivity. We can focus on long term results and improvements ensures effectiveness of learning. We are solutions focused to achieve outstanding educational, experiential, hands on learning outcomes.
  4. Profiling Teams
    Thrill facilitators are accredited and qualified in Team Management Systems (TMS) and Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). These are reliable valid tools to determine the personality profiles of employees, staff and colleagues. We explain and guide your staff through understanding the results. Enhancing the learning process and relevant applications and activities in a team environment. Many an “ahaaa” and “ohh” moments come from linking personality profiles in your team and revealing blind spots.Crash Course in Team Building principles demonstrated with a car crashing

Accelerated 101 Crash Course for Applied Team Building Knowledge

A series of easy to follow guidelines for successful team building, from a document of Team Building Tools.

  • Define the task: effective team building defines goals and tasks as well as a clear set of objectives to achieve.
  • Create a contract: provide teams with a set of rules.
  • Determine consequences.
  • Define roles in the team.
  • Assign responsibilities.
  • Establish deadlines, ensure contribution by all.
  • Ensure documentation of group norms and conduct.
  • Conflict management. It is inevitable at some time, especially in a crisis or looming deadline that conflict arises.
    How it is dealt with is extremely important. Organise a conflict management chart and appoint the mediator.
  • Support interpersonal relationships.
  • Establishing team member roles: who is accountable for what?
  • A checklist and brief job description is essential and should be shared.
  • Meet or interact with the team. Give constructive feedback.
  • Individual accountability
  • Keep a track of team meetings and activities to ensure contribution of team members toward the common goal is realised.

7 Rules to be Communicated for Team Development and Growth Adapted from an Article by Diana and Joseph

  1. Know your team members. How; implement Thrill’s Fun n games, Ice Breakers and Get to Know you Games
  2. Communicate accurately and use I statement and CRC sandwich. How; Facilitated team initiatives.
  3. Accept and support one another. Constructive team building
  4. Check for understanding. Listen, Reflect and then respond. Practice; Chinese whispers.
  5. Share ideas and understanding; Team development activities.
  6. Check for agreement. Active feedback, check alignment with goals. Practice the results.
  7. Resolve conflicts constructively and quickly.

Enough said. Don’t let a problem fester. Make the investment into understanding successful and creating brilliant teamwork.

Regularly training your staff and team to succeed! Call accredited team building trainers with real world experiences that apply to your staff. Let’s start Training your satff.

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