Discover more with 100+ exciting fun Treasure hunt team building activities, company events and conference Escapes by Thrill events. Suitable for all business and corporate groups in The Rocks, Sydney to Manly, Canberra and beyond the Gold Coast beaches.

Thrill team custom builds your treasure hunt. Tailored to discover real treasures in any location or conference meeting venue. Within Sydney The Rocks, on Cockatoo Island, in the Blue Mountains on the beaches or around Hunter Valley Wine Country. Whilst in the Southern Highlands, explore Berrima, Berry, Bundanoon or Bowral.  We guarantee a fun filled team building journey with bountiful treasures and excellent fun for all groups!Treasure Hunt team Building jumping aboard the Thrill ship docked in The Rocks, Sydney

Everything for your quality team building treasure hunt is packaged and supplied. Discovering and resolving mysteries that lead to a real treasure chest.

Can your crew open the real Treasure Chests and secure the bounty in time?

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  • Traditional clues and paper based in Person face to face hunts with
  • Treasure maps to plot, plan and execute your journey
  • Pirates and Captains Hats to wear for your leaders
  • Pirating Bandanas colour coded to distinguish ya crew
  • Fun Thrill Captains – rollicking teams along
  • Scavenger Hunts for fast and low cost team activities
  • Engraved Holy Grail Champions and Legends Trophy
  • Locked in real Treasure Chests to open
  • Unlocking collaboration in a clever twist finale
  • Cool iconic location Clues and sites to visit
  • Problem solving as a team
  • Maps X marks the spot and the bounty stash
  • Wet weather ponchos if it’s raining cats n dogs
  • Develop leadership, negotiation skills
  • team work by problem solving together
  • Experience fun solutions
  • A series of clever clues and true mystery’s in each location to discover

10 of the Most Popular Treasure Hunt Activities for Office Staff in Sydney is The Rocks Discovery, Escape Cockatoo Island, Manly Beach Mayhem, Darling Harbour Hunts and Botanic Gardens Secrets

Thrill treasure hunt team building groups steals the pirate treasure chest out the front of the Rocks, Sydney pubs

Walk the plank and escape directly from your office. Celebrate in Engaging fun scavenger hunts, bound to bring laughter to your business or corporate crew.

Book now for New Year Corporate Team Building or corporate team celebrations and receive Free event photography as a bonus, me treasures.

  • The Rocks Sydney Treasure Hunting
    Full of Historic Pub charm from The Argyle to The Australian Hotel or Glenmore. Then to Harbourview, The Lord Nelson or Hero Of Waterloo. Beware you may be arrested with more fun team activities to escape the Secret Lane Ways alleys of the Push by the Suez Canal.
  • Sydney CBD Treasure Hunts can be on Foot or over the water on Water Taxis to Sydney Harbour Islands; Clark Island, Shark Island or Cockatoo Island! Even better we whisk you on a ferry cruise to Luna Park – just for fun.
  • Sydney Discovery Rocks where we journey to First Fleet Park, The Argyle stores, Captain Bligh, The Overseas Passenger Terminal for a James Squire 509 lashes. Or das deutsches Bavarian Beer. Convicts guarded by The Rocks Discovery Museum and Art Gallery. Stopping in at Celebrity Vogue Photography. See if you can find Ken Done near Billich house. Investigate Cadmans Cottage, The Argyle Cut are all within easy walking distance of clues in concrete at Museum of Contemporary Art…
  • Darling Harbour Dash Treasure Hunts for corporate teams to play by CBA and ICC. Revolve Darling Quarter. Include King Street Wharf, Cockle Bay, a real madame Taussaudes and Wildlife World. In the drink at the Aquarium! Stop off at terrific bars for a celebration hydration pale ale or wine taste test stop.
  • Escape Cockatoo Treasure Island Hunts. Don’t be so reckless – Catching the Ferry from Circular Quay. Conference and enjoy the Bar on Cockatoo Island. Thrill activates your Mission, Quests and clever clue Mysteries to discover more. In Turbine Halls or the Convicts quarters by the Mould Loft and Bilolea House. Splendid Views of Sydney Harbour Bridge and secret underground tunnels to explore more on Cockatoo.
  • Gold Coast Treasure Hunts from Surfers Paradise, Sheraton Grand Mirage to Star Casino and beyond Broadbeach to the Hilton, QT, Dorsett, The Crowne Plaza and Sofitel hotels.
    • A Thrill #2 mystery mix is superb for team bonding – easy clues – fun interactions
      And a mystery 9-11 letter word is revealed as Thrill selects the most suitable activities en-hunt-route to a real treasure chest. Grand finale opening lock and key!
      visit Ripleys believe it or not 
      a giant of man towers above the rest 
      what is his height?  
      activity - get an unbelievable Photo with him - in Xchange for a letter clue 
      Main Beach - check out the Meter Maids assisting drivers by paying parking meters 
      upon the life saving statue you’ll find your next letter and clue 
      Activity - complete a good deed for the local community 
      Cavill Ave - visit a bar to taste and inspect a drink / stop 
      Hard Rock Cafe  - musician and musical clue 
      Next Grade package 
      # 3 Thrill team building Treasure Hunt sensation
      Looks like this - me hearties and clevers

Find Yourselves Solving Mysteries Based True Stories as Team Of Sherlock Holmes Detectives

Collect and problem solve your teams hunting clues. Escape convict cuffs.

Sample historic Rocks pubs like The Lord Nelson, The Australian, The Glenmore, The Orient, Fortune of War, Irish Mercantile and The Harbourview Hotels.

We create shared treasured moments as bonding teams. Escape corporate stress with a team building activity romp.
Or just stroll through The Rocks, Sydney and Gold Coast uncovering secreted treasures.

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Collaboration, Teamwork, Problem Solving Team Building Activities to Discover Real Treasure Chests

Ideal for 10 treasure hunters and up to 1,000 Pirates and aspiring Jack Sparrows or come clean with no theme. Perfect for conference groups, corporate team building and social groups. The activities are highly contagious fun, low in physicality and suitable for all skill levels.

Thrill takes discovering your teams talents to a new level. Interested in being Pirates? Its time to book searching for a lost Holy Grail or finding Santa. If you share our love of Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom style movies. Then our treasure hunts are for you.

Team Treasure Hunt Themes for All Occasions, Great for EA’s and PA’s Event Conference Planning

  • Pirate Treasure Hunts with Ahoy me Captains Tri-Corn hats, cutlasses and pirating bandanas
  • Christmas Team Building Events; Search for Santa Treasure Hunt
    Gather your elves and discover hidden gifts along Santa’s trail.
  • Convict Escape Treasure Hunts – Get dressed down for the occasion, in convict clobber
  • Captains Haul and Bounty in a Real Locked and secured Treasure Chest
  • Historic Tall Ships and Sailing Treasure Hunts on Sydney Harbour
  • Water Taxi Treasure Hunt Islands exploring the coves and inlets of Sydney Harbour
  • Sydney Harbour Island Hunts
  • Escape Cockatoo Treasure Island Exploring underground dogleg tunnels and convict cells
  • Mermaid underwater snorkelling or dive the waters off Sydney Harbour and Manly in search of treasures
  • Hunter Valley Treasure Hunts, Discovering wine related treasure amongst the vineyards
  • Coogee Beach experiences. Combined with sand sculpting on the beach and visiting the Bali remembrance sculpture on Dolphin Point.
  • Bondi Beach activities. Takes in budgie Smugglers Cove, Speedos, Nicks Bar n Grill, Deep Fried Ice Cream, Bondi Ice Bergs and Sculptures by The Sea.
  • Many Beach events from the Sebel, Manly Novotel or Quarantine Q Station, Spring Cove and Northern Beaches
  • Melbourne jaunts, revealing the hidden treasures lost in the city
  • Davey Jones’ locker for seriously lost souls to be found

Treasure Hunts on Manly Beach, Bondi Beach, Coogee Beach, Terrigal Beach and Main  Beach Gold Coast Surfers Paradise

Conferencing break out and Ice Breaker activities in Manly is a breeze. With staff living 7 miles from Sydney and 1,000 miles from care. Enjoy Sydney’s seaside beach escape. From Manly Wharf, The Skiff Club. Who knows, you may even see fairy Penguins. Our Manly Mayhem ensure excellent team building fun. Whilst developing team skills of cooperation, communication and trust. Ideal to compliment a Manly conference with superb team building exercise activities. Direct from The Manly Sebel and Manly Pacific. Or head out to Manly Quarantine Station (Q station) and the Northern Beaches, Newport Mirage.

Thrill Captains engage teams, providing a fun and flexible program with a dash of piracy on the sands of Manly Beach. Romp through Manly Corso. Visit Manly Aquarium, Manly Wharf and the Manly Bavarian Bier Cafe or for the stylish treasure hunter we offer drinks at the Manly Wine Bar.

2 to 3 hours Exciting Fun Team Escapes to Reward Staff, Employees, Sales and Teams to Escape The Office and Conference Breaks

We are experts in custom designing your team building treasure hunts for any location. Clever and cryptic treasure hunt clues, treasure hunt games, sensational treasure hunt ideas suited to all groups.

An emphasis on the journey discovering what is unique to the area and engaging everyone in your team to collaborate, discover and uncover a treasure. If you are looking for a EOFY team reward, Christmas Celebration, St Patrick’s Day Celebration, Hen’s Celebration or you are looking for a unique corporate or social team building activity customised just for you, Treasure Hunts has the solution.

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Join us in Sydney, The Rocks, Darling Harbour, Manly, Melbourne, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra. We deliver programs everywhere.

The Rocks Team Treasure Hunt or Scavenger Hunt Discovery. Dare to divulge in  a Darling Harbour Dash Treasure Hunt or Scavenger Hunt.

  • Cockatoo Island Treasure Hunt Escape from Cockatoo
  • Sydney Olympic Park Treasure Hunt for Gold
  • Hunter Valley Treasure Hunts complimented with Wine Tasting at Wine Cellar Doors
  • Southern Highlands, Berrima and Bowral Treasure Hunts

Your exclusive event can include a variety of transport options. On terra firma land or across the watery seas. Visiting Sydney’s Islands in style aboard Yellow Water Taxis or Jet Boats.

REFERENCES from Thrill Treasure Hunt and Scavenger Hunts for Corporate Events and Conferences

Uniting Care
“Thanks for the enthusiastic way in which you facilitated our session and for the connections to our work and Journey forward. Your skill was appreciated by the team and we look forward to our next encounter”

Goodman Fielder
“Thank you to the Thrill Team for a fabulous afternoon doing a Treasure Hunt through the Rocks area. We had delegates from nine countries throughout the Asia Pacific region, it was a fabulous way to see Historical Sydney doing something that everyone enjoyed across cultures, even the locals visited places that they had never been to before. Thank you for a fun filled event.”

Macquarie Partners
‘We were very satisfied with the Treasure Hunt program. Many people said ‘I could not have done it on my own’ – a convincing comment that showed it was possible to work through as a team.
The program exercised and improved our team work skills and we had fun while doing so. The excitement of retrieving clues, unscrambling the mystery word and solving the code on the lock. Challenging, achievable and competitive yet fun’. The whole event was great!


“Normally I dread team sports, however thoroughly enjoyed the Thrill Treasure Hunt and got to see parts of the Rocks, gaining an insight into our history”.

Treasure Hunting Fun Events for Large and Corporate Group Activities celebrating finding Sydney

Enjoy Fun Activities for Business Corporate Groups Team Off-Sites in Sydney’s Historic Rocks

Chisel your team’s mark in Sydney’s History. With an exciting and terrific fun team building treasure hunt in The Rocks with a difference. Land based or combined with crossings of Sydney Harbour by water taxi or thrilling jet boats.

Perfect for team building, staff motivation, conference breakers, or to kick off Sydney team celebrations and Christmas party events.

Team building activities get a quote from Thrill EventsOur professional coordinator briefs your crew to engage in a Sydney Harbour Rocks Treasure Hunt. Start from your Offices, Conference venue, restaurant, cafe, Pub or straight on to The Rocks. Then set off bonding on an exciting quest, challenging resourcefulness and gathering clues to discover the locked Treasure Chest, hidden in the heart of the Rocks.

The Treasure Chest is filled with your engraved Holy Grail trophy and other secret goodies, like chocolates and bounty. Decipher cryptic messages and overcome a variety of fun team challenges, interactive team activities whilst searching for letters, symbols and decoding messages.

Revealing history, mystery and intrigue

  • Discover clues and open a real treasure chest filled with bounty with a clever twist ending.
  • Fun engaging, excellent quality team building activity treasure hunts.
  • Ideal corporate team building experiences.
  • Develop team camaraderie, searching for hidden treasures and hidden Holy Grail.
  • Integrate new teams.
  • Get to know each other better, share the Experience.
  • Motivational team building activities inspiring teams to achieve goals.
  • Professional THRILL team building facilitators with you every step of the way

Team Building Outcomes That Go Beyond the Boardroom

Improved communication, role sharing, develop problem solving skills, increased cooperation. The focus for your team is customised to your requirements. We custom build the content to match your business values, culture and peoples interests.

En-route on your Sydney Rocks Hunt team crews may be bailed up to

  • Escape a convict Chain Gang for a clue or two
  • Investigate historic Rocks buildings and docksides
  • Imbibe & explode myths at Sydney’s historic Rocks pubs: The Australian, The Glenmore, The Fortune of War, The Orient, The Hero Of Waterloo
  • Perform a Shoot-out at The Australian
  • Rock on by The Orient
  • Bribe The Lord Nelson
  • Beware of smugglers and tales of tunnels in the Hero of Waterloo
  • Enjoy the Harbour View hotel and rooftop views from the Glenmore Hotel

Team roles are rotated at each treasure Hunt checkpoint ensuring equal input.
Ultimately a real treasure chest will be found through team tactics of strategy and wits.

Blue Mountains Treasure Hunts from Katoomba, Echo Point and The Fairmont Resort

Hunting for exciting fun and adventurous team activities in the Blue Mountains? Enjoy brilliant breakaway activities on Blue Mountain’s conferences. Filled with exciting fun hunting around Katoomba, Echo Point and Leura.

Kick off the conference blues from Lillianfels, Echoes or The Reopened Historic Hydro Majestic. We have a spectacular treasure trail event on The Fairmont Resort property. Also hunts in Katoomba that depart from The Palaise, The Carrington, Hotel and Mountain Heritage Lodge. We facilitate from any of the exceptional Blue Mountains accommodation and conference venues. Packaging adventures for conference break outs at Lilianfels Resort, Echoes accommodation and The re opened Hydro Magestic. If golf is your handicap, we will include a golfing ambriose or off a handicap.

Melbourne Back Lanes, Alleyways and Gaols

Finding facts in Federation Square. Heading south along The Yarra to Southbank, Docklands and Crown Casino. Or more Melbourne Treasure Hunting in the Treasury Gardens. We even reveal legendary Melbourne Gaol where Ned Kelly was hung contrasted with amazing Graffiti clues in the back alleys.

Talk Like a Pirate Day is in September, Book your Pirate Fun Team Treasure Hunt in Sydney Now

Arghhhh me hearties! September 19th every year is  International ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’. Join pirate pretenders worldwide. In talking, plundering and swashing your buckles, on a great pirate treasure hunts everywhere.

The real secret twist. Once the Thrill secret hidden treasure chest is located. All teams reconvene to have a chance of unlocking the bounty. Which can combined with a celebratory drinks, dinner and awards ceremony. A winning combination.

THRILL provide highly engaging scavenger hunt and treasure hunting activities in all locations. Facilitated by professional team building activities staff. Excellent team development activities and corporate event solutions. Call 0459 1111 29