Suntory ZUBROWKA Vodka Brand Experience Hunter Valley

Brand experience with Zubrowka Vodka team in the Hunter Valley
ZUBROWKA Bar Tender Team Cheers!

The Thrill Brief: Ignite a Branding Experience with exceptional Team Building Activities. As a fun session indoors and outdoors in The Hunter Valley. Incorporating an Amazing Race with Zubrowka Bison Grass Polish Vodka for Australia’s most talented mixologists and bar tenders. Love it! Off to work we went. Designing and creating a range of activities that demonstrated the qualities and talents of the contestants.

SUNTORY ZUBROWKA Brand Experience Team Building Event Case Study thrill team building activities and corporate events quote

THRILL SOLUTION: Custom designed Amazing Race at Cicada House Milbroke property in the Hunter Valley. Cooking with infused Zubrowka Vodka challenges. Bison Grass Challenges, Mental Test, Cooperation, Strategy and Suntory reknown Swagger fun incorporated!


“Hi Konrad, Just a big big BIG thank you to you and Mish for Monday’s Suntory events. Our team had an incredible time, they retold many parts of the day’s events throughout dinner and said it was the most fun they have ever done with team building exercises ‘that wasn’t lame and actually fun’. I can’t thank you enough for the day’s events, the prep and the time you spent looking after us!” Cheers, Sanae Edwards; Club SUNTORY (AUST) pty ptd Events Officer


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