Red Wagon Kids Charity Team Building Events

THRILL Build RED WAGONS for Children’s Charities is an intelligent and wonderful corporate socially responsible collaborative team building activity this Christmas.

Groups are divided into teams/bike to participate in fun Red Wagon building activities. Wagon Wheel Rolling relays get teams competing in exciting fun!

Each team completes a series of fun team activities in order to assemble the wagon, part by part. With the guidance of professional THRILL wagon mechanics and facilitating staff.

Build Red Wagons that’s Great 2 Donate 4 Children’s Charities – be Santa this Christmas

Programs can include collecting bike parts to accomplish the ultimate goal or at a set venue as part of a function.Corporate teams building red wagons for Christmas teambuilding helping Santa with kids charity hampers

  • Each stage of the WAGON Build is demonstrated.
  • Creative Cards & Personalised messages by teams incorporated.
  • The final minutes are of united teamwork;
  • Quality Controlling the WAGONS, fine tuning all componentry
  • achieve 96% or better
  • ensuring confidence in providing safe, reliable wagons

Suggested is your employees and staff can supply hampers to fill the Red Wagons!

The best part – Gifting the WAGONS your staff have built to local kids charity. 

Thrill is proud to facilitate with local charities and communities involvement.

Such as Mission Australia, Oz Child, Barnardos, Act for Kids, Smith Family, St Vincents De Paul, Salvation Army and many more. enquiry button thrill team events

From 2hrs to 3hrs timing.

  • Select a Charity to attend or donate the green machines.
  • THRILL will ensure delivery of Toys with special crafted personalised gift cards created by your team.
  • Professional Coordinator / Facilitator, THRILL building staff instruct activities.
  • Quality building tools, equipment and all materials to engage and involve everyone.
  • Exceptional series of building related activities balanced with new skills & fun engagement.

2 Styles of wagons can be built:

  1. + BASIC metal RED WAGONS
  2.  QUALITY RED WAGONS Sturdy, rubber tyres, wooden crate  

Note: Children’s charity can be selected by your corporate team or MISSION Australia and ACT FOR KIDS. Thrill will arrange their attendance to receive the Red Wagons and have them Delivered.