Lip Sync Battles Thrill Interactive Corporate Entertainment Events

Lip-Sync-Battle-FunHosted Lip Sync Battles interactive corporate evening entertainment events are the best fun for groups.  Thrill Activities in Sydney, Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. Exceptional fun interactive, real or pretend singing, evening entertainment for your next Gala dinner, annual conference, comedy night or something different and just for laughs.  

Have your staff and guests enjoying an exciting Lip Synced performance. On stage, on the floor or anywhere, with microphones turned off.

Thrill events sources the sound, music tracks and sets the stage for your corporate entertainment and spectacular events.

Blue Brothers Lip Sync Battle by Thrill team events for groupsWe select your favourite music tracks. Choreograph and train your staff to perform amazing Lip Sync Battles for team building and team bonding.

THRILL’s largest corporate group Lip Sync Battle Gig was during a corporate Christmas Party. Over 700 staff and employees were entertained for hours in Albert Park, Melbourne, to a packed full house dancing screaming for more.

The encores were all super brilliant.lip sync battle corporate evening entertainment activities for functions and events


Call 0459 11 11 29 and discuss your vision and ideas for a custom built end of financial year event celebration to reward your people.

Your staff become the Lip Sync Performers and get the chance to show off their their best music interpretation.

Whilst THRILL hosts and MC’s getting your audience engaged, warming up the crowd and bring the Battle to the stage.

Professionally Hosted MC Lip Sync Battles for Exciting Interactive Events Where Everyone Can Perform Their Best Performance

All guests and teams can easily participate in the fun activities that mime the Lip Sync Sequence. Pre-event preparation is not necessary, just rock up, jazz it down and belt it out. With air guitars jamming in the background. Our massive fun Lip Sync Battle is jam packed full of entertainment, music tracks, a touch of Karaoke and killer moves. Get your best teams to fight it out on stage. Guaranteed to get an applause and standing ovations.

You get to select the staff or employees to be on teams or individual performances. Then have the executives, managers, administration staff. Production crew or invite customer service and guests battle for victory.

Perform songs to the original top hits to any recording. A Music Video or backed by THRILL’s selection of great live bands in all genres. We are ready to deliver your next music inspired battle of the best, corporate event gig in Sydney, Parramatta, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Cairns, Canberra or Melbourne. Get your Fix of Anne Hathaway Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball – scroll to bottom of this page. This is Awesome.

Thrill Presents Lip Sync Battles for Interactive Events enquiry button thrill team events

1.5hrs impromptu to 2-4 hours of creative lip syncing sensational fun, balanced with performers, meals, live, bands music and dance in any location or on our musical performance stages.

Lip Sync Battles Hosted in Sydney, Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise and Melbourne

Included in your Special Event Is

  • Lip Sync Battles
  • Professionally host and MC the evening, presentations, awards, games…
  • Microphones
  • Props
  • PA  and professional Sound Systems
  • Classic hits to Dance to and have everyone get involved, boogie, groove or just bust a move

Lip Sync Ideas and Extras

  • Live Bands
  • Professional Singers
  • Lip Sync  and Karaoke Champions
  • Lighting
  • Celebrities
  • Musical and Mime Performers
  • Themeing
  • Props
  • Staging
  • Choreography
  • Flash Mobs
  • Routines to rehearse or practice prior the big event
  • Videoing and event photography

Abba star Lip Sync Battle by Thrill team events LIP-MAN Thrill Events Professional MC Host and Compere

As a young kid at school having the name LIPMAN, (spelt this way, made the spelling easier and avoided the stutter of Lippmann). I was a target for a bit of bullying, ribbing and ridicule. Look who’s laughing now!

This alternative to karaoke, has a cult following in the US and has become a world wide voice free singing sensation. Lip syncing. There is even an American Spike Show that is exactly in your genre if you love to perform. We supply your staff with Lip Sync battle song ideas there and create the flow of activities over your dinner.

Being a younger sibling to a taller brother. My nickname was, Little Lipman, Lippy The Lion and Hardy Ha Ha! In fact with so much lip and having generously apportioned lip smackers. Anything I whispered in class was easily lip read and got me in trouble. Book Konrad LipMan as your MC Host Spike replacement for a Lip Sync Battle Show in Sydney.

We travel to all Australian conference Centers, Hotels and stages for Great Big Gigs and Thrilling Corporate Events.

Set the Stage, Hit the Music and Enjoy the Celebrations

Cleared space / stage in front of the audience
– so that Thrill can run the games from this position as a focus area.

Sound System with iPod jack connectivity – Thrill can bring in Sound Systems and AV for your events.
– please send images of space set / up area, indicating what Thrill can utilise

Data Projector / Lap Top that we can connect our presentation into.Lip-Sync-Battle-Winners-Queen

Thrill’s Top 20 Lip Sync Battle Music List Suggestions

MUSIC ideas to Lip Sync Battle II
– Priscilla Queen of The Dessert
– Beyonce Single Ladies – Put a Ring On It
– Ganam Style
– Most songs by Queen / Freddie Mercury; We will Rock you, Don’t Stop me know.
– Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars
– Happy – Pharrell Williams
– Michael Jackson – Beat it – Thriller etc,
– Shake it Off – Taylor Swift
– Bee Gees – Staying Alive
– Poker Face – Lady GaGa
– I want to Dance with Somebody – Whitney Houston
– One More Time – Britney Spears
– Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Cyndy Lauper
– Shania Twain – That don’t impress me much
– Aretha Franklin – Respect or THINK (Blues Brothers)
– Kate Perry – Roar
– Shania Twain – That don’t impress me much
– ABBA – Money, Fernando….

MORE Lip Sync Song ideas to Practice and Perform to ;

– Crazy Frog – Axel F (Beverly Hills cop theme)
– Im too Sexy – Right Said Fred
– Hoodu Gurus – What’s My Scene
– Turning Japanese – The Police
– Cotton Eye Joe
– Makarena
– Tina Turner – Nutbush
– Prince – Purple Rain
– Whoop There it is
– Ice Ice Baby
– Play That Funky Music
– Got any Grapes – Duck
– Ketchup Song – Hey Ha –
– Barbie Lets go Party
– HURT Christina Aguilera
– Wind beneath my Wings

– Musicals Gilbert and Sullivan; any and all!
MOULIN ROUGE – we can be heroes, all you need is love!

– FROZEN – Most songs
– Walk Like an Egyptian
– Cant Touch This
– You sexy thing – I believe in Miracles by Hot Chocolate

We suggest to make it spectacular that you have people prepped prior and bring their own props to make it practiced and amazing, i.e. with a bit of Choreography, practice with a group.
A video playing in back ground, or live camera feeds to the big screen edited with preparation clips to get the motivation working brilliantly.

  • Mix n Match Evening Entertainment Event activities.
  • Include Dancing With The Stars, Fun N Thrill Games, Minute 2 Win it, Mini Olympics or Casino Nights
  • Flash Mobs to Participate in or have performed for you
  • Make and Perform in a Movie, Bollywood Spectacular
  • Suited for
    • Gala Dinners
    • Special Functions
    • Team Building Activities
    • Awards Nights
    • Fun Interactive Events
    • Presentations
    • Unique Surprises
    • Sales Team Kick-Offs
    • Fundraisers
    • Networking Events and Evening Entertainment
    • Conference Energisers