Project Pipelines Team Construct for Successful Staff Team Building

Team Construct Project Pipelines are Professionally Facilitated Team Building Staff Training Exercises and Team Initiatives by Thrill for successful teamwork.

If staff Connection, Collaboration and Cohesion are on your teams Checklist. Then Thrill Project Pipelines is a powerful staff connection team building program choice.

Excellent for Problem solving, Project Planning and Teamwork that achieves Success!


Team Construct is a powerful staff connection project management and leadership development activity.

Professionally facilitated to improve communication, collaboration, cohesion, trust, employee morale and project management effectiveness.

Project pipelines, team building initiative activities for staff successThrill is serious about making staff training fun whilst delivering on results. Working better together.  

Building teamwork with your staff, employees and people requires an excellent foundation and planning.

Combining the skills of management, engineering and leadership. Finishing with an incredible sales team pitch.

Its time to Thrill your team training with 100% staff engagement achieving results.

Change your team building focus to create an effective, collaborative, cohesive, excellent communicating, results focused team.

It won’t be easy team building, however Team Construct will challenge your employees, managers and leaders. By accomplishing a well defined cohesive staff training program.

Engineering improvements within teamwork, communication and problem solving skills collaboratively.

Let us know the staff issues and areas to address within your business.

Thrill Team Project Pipelines session backed with staff training exercises. Unites staff to participate and witness excellent results.

Thrill team coaching principles utilises Construction methodology.

Designing teams building projects and processes as a united construct, always with the ultimate one common goal in mind.

Improve your teams problem solving, communication and collaboration skills by designing and then building;

  • Bridges to link the business to the people and clients or customers
  • Build a Pyramid- The Egyptians succeeded with limited resources. Will your team learn to build an exceptional pyramid.
  • Construct A Structure incorporating your business values and company branding messages.
  • Construct A Tower – project your business vision forward and upward to gain momentum and demonstrate that setting high goals can be achieved
  • Build A Raft – Building real rafts that can carry your group across water for survival
  • Build a House – We have built Tiny homes and structures of a home.
  • Construct Logo – Thrill materials can include shapes and implements that re-create or highlight your business or corporate branding messages.
  • Teams Building Toys to be donated and gifted to Kids Charities
  • Build an Ark to rescue your people and your business assets

We build varied team development projects together – On Time and On Budget. Predominantly corporate but also for all client groups.

Any object or shape can be built when your staff have a vision and belief that together they can accomplish exceptional results.



Construct High Performance and Effective Staff Teamwork

Thrill Team Construct achieves teamworking results utilsing engaging team building activities.

From ice-breakers get to know your staff better games to an immersive building experience.

A series of initiatives and building exercises that are professionally facilitated help to achieve desired outcomes.

Your staff are coached using effective principles to accomplish tasks, designs and systems efficiently and effectively.

Achieving a united approach to building corporate teams.

Realistically and metaphorically.

Professional Facilitators, Guiding Staff Collaboration – Problem Solving

pyramid-team-building-branding-exercise with Vodafone by Thrill team builders of corporate groups in Sydney

Staff Problem Solve Together To Achieve Excellent Results Consistently

Its as easy as 1-2-3 to employ Thrill’s professional team building facilitators.

With experience in delivering small and large scale quality corporate indoor and outdoor team development. Thrill team building construct and pipeline projects can be conducted indoors or outdoors in any conference space or venue.

We have facilitated project pipelines within historic trust venues, private rainforest properties with waterfalls to explore. Ascend or descend mountains and prepare your staff to succeed in every challenges.

Employees engage in the materials collection phase of the building project. Then plan, collaborate and design the construction of a selected feature, vision or provided design.

Completing a series of fun challenges of activities to receive  the necessary equipment and resources to build with. All activities are conducted surrounding a central construction site.

Choose your Site. Indoors, Outdoors, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Central Coast, ACT, Blue Mountains, we coach teams all across Australia. Then Project planners are elected and utilise acquired assets and resources to begin the construction phase.

The success in such a project lies in the creation and building of a dynamic structure, symbolising your organisations values and vision. Utilising its greatest asset – your employees, their human capital and their ability to succeed.


Team Building Facilitators Utilise Team Construct for Professional development of a Positive Team and Staff Culture

We love Designing and coaching corporate groups, business teams and managers looking to working more collaboratively. Having their team unite and achieving the bigger picture.

  • From 8 delegates or small leadership teams of over 1,000 staff project team building at the same time.
  • Working on essential components to achieve over arching collaborative goals.
  • Medium to large Corporate events with worthwhile staff interaction and construction exercises
  • Improve Project Management
  • Focus on the skills of others
  • Create Synergy
  • Put into practice On-site or off-site team training by Thrill team development facilitators

United effort supports accomplishing major projects

  • Building Children’s playgrounds
  • Repairing flooded houses
  • Building furniture for families in need
  • Building Bikes for Children’s Charities
  • Planting Trees and working on environmental improvements
  • Working on local Community Projects – Sydney – Hunter Valley – Gold Coast
  • Ask Thrill staff on how we can compliment your existing staff training programs. enquiry button thrill team events

Professionally trained and qualified Facilitators instruct the team training exercises. Supplying all resources tools, equipment, materials. We have fully mobile, indoor and outdoor team development exercises across Australia. From 1hr to full day programs.

Designed to integrate Team Management Systems TMS or Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator MBTI training exercises.

Thrill facilitates and coaches teams in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, The Gold Coast and The Central Coast. In Canberra and throughout mining areas.

All locations across Australia. Thrill constructs a customised plan for your next onsite or off-site corporate activity.

Specialists for facilitating in Sydney and Melbourne with structured staff training workshops delivered in all Conference Centers, Hotels, Venues and Properties.

Case Study of Coffey GeoSciences Team Construct Team Development Coffey-Engineering-Project-Team-BuildingDay

160 Coffey Geoscience Delegates enjoyed the fun, action, challenges, creativity of Team Building Construct in Sydney. The journey of building a unique symbolic staff identity structure was successfully accomplished.

The initial design by the first group of engineers was gradually modified in a series of Thrill team activities. The final construction was far different from the initial concepts. But had moved along the planning process where alternative ideas and concepts were shared, before production and project construction phases begun. Coffey employees and managers embodied the learnings from the sequence of experiential team building activities into 1 structure of strength. Representing their business values.

References from Defence Housing Australia DHA – Thrill Gets Team Building Results  Defence-Housing-Team-Building

DHA is Defence Housing, a Government Authority who participated in a large 100+ group team development activity to Build a House and then move it. The construction exercises included; strategic direction, orienteering and navigation techniques to retrieve and collect vital building and construction equipment. Their House Building was a huge team building success. Providing all DHA Government employees a sense of accomplishment and the satisfaction of demonstrating that their input makes a positive difference.

How Thrill Staff Facilitate and Construct Team Development For Management Pipeline Project Planning That Works


Professional facilitation coaches that have experience in delivering large-scale quality events. Utilising the assets and materials purchased or gained through the whole teams participation.

Points, Money or Resources are allocated based upon groups effective Leadership, Motivation, Skill, Communication, Problem Solving Abilities and Identification of their individual Talents.

Points or currency are awarded for success and performance. These are then traded for assets and materials to create the Build. A central team construction foundation site is set out. Activity stations that are designed to elicit business challenges surround the construction site. These are selected to complement your theme, vision or mission. The number of activities and rotations of sub teams vary according to group size and duration required. Each group will have time to accomplish the initiative activities, focusing on fun or more serious challenges. Before rotating to move onto the next activity.

Sub groups elect one construction designer and one builder (identified by construction helmets) to enter the central construction site and work cooperatively with other teams designers and builders. Initially collecting materials and designing their unique symbol, logo, transport or structure with the materials produced by their total team’s efforts.  Once all activities are completed all team members support the final construction, managed by the final set of designers.Teams building a bridge for improved communication and staff training in collaboration at Manly in Sydney

Team Building Project Pipeline Construction

Select 3-5 for a program or Mix and Match from the following team building activity ideas selection.

1. Poles Apart; Team members sign their name on sheet laid in a toxic zone without stepping into the area.
2. Target Ball or Sling Shot Shooting. As 3 people per a team hold the Wild Fire Sling Shots, aim and fire at team targets.
3. Mojo; Fun team linking – jumping through hoops literally without breaking team links.
4. Mindfield; Team Members are sent on a dangerous mission to clear a mindfield. Their communication systems have broken down and must formulate another method to communicate effectively with their leadership team.

Clearing the thermonuclear detonating devices scattered in the mine-field within set time could prove a challenge.
5. Nuclear Hazard;
A leaking nuclear waste drum has been encountered which requires decanting into a safety container utilising only ropes. Team members collaboratively work in syncronisation whilst keeping clear of the nuclear leakage zone.
6. Puzzles; Solve the systems of puzzle boards into the correct shapes, colour coordinates and words to succeed.

EXTRA Staff Team Initiative Activities can be included:

  • Spiders Web
  • Mind Field
  • Toxic Hazard
  • CSI
  • Marbles to Madness
  • Electric Fence
  • Rettel
  • Search-Retrieve
  • Navi-Gate
  • Mission Possible
  • Escape
  • Amazing Races
  • Treasure Hunts
  • Mission Possible
  • Team CSI

Thrill designs and incorporate any activities you desire to accomplish your team building goals. Navigate to team building challenge locations. Complete strategic leadership activity missions. The final structure embodies the spirit of achievement and is a symbol of united team achievement. Scores are highlighted, prizes presented for accomplishment and speeches of acceptance. Upon completion of the team construct, a smoke bomb or other device can be ignited, signaling success.

Links to Alternative Group Building Activities, Projects and Charity Team Building Staff Training helping others Ideas

To realise the results of excellent teamwork and performance improvements that can be achieved. Please call or complete the Thrill contact form for us to provide a free team assessment and quote.



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