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MBTI Personality Profiling Accredited Experiential Staff Training Workshops

Thrill team building facilitates professional, accredited Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI ).

Personality Profiling, Staff and leadership Experiential Training Workshops. 

MBTI can be facilitated virtually or have our accredited facilitators train your staff in person. At all venues and locations. From Sydney, Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

Facilitating a series of engaging staff training activities coupled with the full MBTI personality profiling suite. We integrate self awareness and the management of self.

Thrill accredited MBTI personality and team profile experiential activity facilitators, help your staff and teams communicate more effectively. Breaking down communication barriers, increasing cooperation, collaboration and working more efficiently on project planning together.

Improve staff attitude and Understanding Teamwork solutions are effective when committed to improvements.

Thrill will help put in place staff conflict resolution systems.

Focus on gaining understanding of yourself and further developing as a valued person in a team to achieve business and work goals.

Self awareness and Self Management Staff leadership Team training workshops utiling MBTI personality profiling tools with professional facilitatorsEmpower your staff to communicate openly, working in greater harmony on team projects and in offices more collaboratively.

Thrill Myers Briggs Facilitators provide

  • communication activities
  • collaboration games
  • team building initiatives
  • active listening
  • being supportive
  • problem solving skills
  • teamwork development 
  • working on business projects together with confidence
  • results focused 
  • achievements

Thrill team development facilitators are skilled at identifying key strengths and blind spots of your staff, employees, managers and colleagues.

Our online Myers Briggs profiling tools coupled with fun 100% engagement, experiential initiative experiential MBTI Staff Training Workshops are facilitated throughout all Sydney, The Gold Coast, Brisbane and Melbourne offices, meeting rooms and conference venues.  

A Personality and staff team Profiling Workshop creates a solid foundation for business teams to understand themselves and their work preferences. Opening communication channels with colleagues and peers.

Thrill-MBTI-Accredited-Faciltators-Staff-Training at all conference venues and meetings to better understand our personality, communication with others, insight and teamwork. MBTI staff training workshops in Sydney and Gold Coast with Myers Briggs Undertanding the MBTI and personality profiling tools for Staff Training by Thrill

Gaining more traction in working effectively within their team to achieve project and performance goals. 

Let’s connect with your staff team directly and in person.

Thrill are experienced, accredited and certified Personality Profiling workshop facilitators. Custom building staff training programs.

Utilising MBTI results for team and individual feedback, personal development, leadership training, team-building skills, dealing with conflict, or problem staff better.

Working with CEO’s, CFO’s, HR, Leaders and Managing Directors. A selection of customised and flexible staff training solutions are available at all corporate offices or at our boutique meetings venues.

We Work with the most diverse teams, that may be disaffected, dis-functional, unmotivated or temporary staff.

Choose to have personalised staff training sessions in private or as a unified, united team.Staff Connection for team building facilitated MBTI personality and team profiling tools to build team leadership skills and understand yourself better

Improve your teams self awareness as well as gaining insight and understanding of each other. 

Team performance and leadership growth is accomplished through facilitated activities, reinforcing the MBTI results. 

Make room for staff connection as we emerge from Covid times and grow high gain performance and solution focussed teams.

Using the MBTI®  proven profiling tool, coupled with practical hands on activities delivered by Thrill Facilitators. Providing insights to personalities that build quality staff inter-relationships and improve trust.

MBTI Staff Training Workshops are available and delivered in Sydney venues throughout NSW and Queensland from The Gold Coast to Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.

Mobile staff training services and real outcomes at your staff training, off-sites, conferences, meeting, workshops, workplaces and at your offices. Also offering video-conference options for a virtual covid safe workshop delivery. Get Team Building quotes with Free Offers by Thrill events

Professionally Facilitated MBTI Staff Training Workshops in Sydney, Hunter Valley, Brisbane and Gold Coast 

Thrill provides access to an easy online MBTI questionnaire (completed in your private time – free of distraction), identifying your preferences.  Once the questionnaire is completed Thrill accredited MBTI Practioner, Michelle Chapman, reviews and discusses with you explaining results. Identifying strengths and blind spots of each profile preferences. Michelle’s delivery of MBTI services are interactive and highlights ways in which information can be utilised practically back in the workplace.

Thrill team building corporate clients share,

“Michelle Chapman is highly experienced in coaching and offering MBTI advice. We also appreciated her energy and neutrality.  Everyone felt comfortable to share and we had an open conversation about how different types respond. Michelle gave very constructive advice.  As a team, we built excellent trust throughout the session.” K. Tsang – Cathay Pacific

MBTI Personality coaching and staff workshop self awareness training sessions Sydney

Create exciting dynamic self aware skilled teams using Thrill MBTI workshops throughout all Sydney – Brisbane Meeting and Conference Venues

Make a markedly improved workplace difference. Thrill MBTI ® staff training workshops Sydney are engaging and fun learning experiences. Customised to your team scope or brief. Ideal corporate business groups task performance. We implement fun teamwork activities as well as creating relevant scenarios to practice skills for your team to enjoy working more connected and better together.

MBTI, helps you understand how your team deals with Change using experiential learning and leadership development Activities

Work, Staff, Employees, Conflict and Change is inevitable.  Sometimes small, others significant business changes. Office v’s remote work spaces, merging of teams, starting a new team or even reconnecting or recovering teams from covid times.

MBTI facilitator Michelle Chapman can help unlock the personality profile mystery so you and your team understand personal impact and responses.

Individual Leadership and Team Development, improving Staff Communication and Project Performance

Increase business productivity now by investing in your staff training to help understanding personalities, attitudes and self awareness.

MBTI + FUN n GAMES – Example

Active, healthy GET to KNOW YOU GAMES to build your teams.

For corporate parties, Events, Socialising, Conferences, Meetings, Presentations, Incentives and Rewards.

Professional THRILL games master staff encourages your people to join in for enjoyment, participation and sheer fun!

For all participants of all abilities everywhere.
Locations: Indoors, Outdoors, Offices & Conference Centers everywhere. Providing a series of interactive games from their bag of tricks. 

Inspiring teams with a multitude of fun team activities ready to follow a set game plan. Rewarding series of activities paced to your group.

Participants can join in as desired or set up serious fun to give it 100%!
Low to Medium physical impact with a High fun and engagement factor. Fun low physicality games ie:

 MOTIVATORS / Fun n Games: in an ever increasing world record time.
1. Impulse/ Gotch-Ya / Balls may Fly / Flip the Chook
I-E, Intro – Extro and SN Sensing / Intution
2. Strawberries and Cream,
– highlights preference pairs; Mixing 2 preferences Judging – Perceiving
3. Mojo Fun – Using Hula Hoops teams step through the hoops
4. Puzzle Relay – collect all pieces and accomplish the puzzle

5. Impulse- a team where concentration and reflexes succeed

6. Team up Tag –  fun tag team link up and build up the energy
7. Human Knots  – unbind yourself, Judging / Perceiving
8. Ultimate Games – a series of games contests or All Aboard / Biff the Boss / Dice Games..

– Music, Fun n Games / MBTI skills
– Team colour coded Bandanas
– Exceptional themed Fun n Games reflecting MBTI
– Talented THRILL games and MBTI master

To Connect and Contact professional accredited MBTI facilitator Michelle Chapman in NSW, Sydney, Hunter Valley, Brisbane or on the Gold Coast on please call m: 0459 11 11 29.

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